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10 New Years Decor Ideas

22 Dec


Gooood Morning!

I know Christmas is just around the corner (yay!!) and plans have been set in stone since like  August (at least mine have because nurses have to make their holiday schedule way too far in advance) but, what is your GP > game plan> for New Years?

Whether your ringing in the new year with family, friends, a night out on the town or a house partay, you still want to be somewhat festive right?!?!  >>> Well, you  might be thinking between  all the  pumpkin,  turkey and Christmas tree action  you don’t have any time, energy or money left for the New Year,  but this year you can make it happen!! =)

Check out  these fun, easy, inexpensive ideas that even utilize some of your Christmas decor!

1) All that GLITTERS isn’t going to cost you GOLD

This craft can be used in two different ways. First, you can use some left over wine bottles from the holidays (don’t you just loove recycling!!=), cover them  in modge podge, roll in the glitter of your choice, tie some balloons to the bottle and use them as table center pieces. Or buy the  champagne of your choice (remember, does not have to be fancy cause the labels are covered in glitter) glitter the bottle up and then serve at midnight!!

from Girls of T.O

2) Balloons and bubbly

We have to love balloons because they are cheap, fun, and really add some depth and texture to the festivities. Blow up some balloons, tape them behind your bubbly table in a whimsical pattern and VOILA!

more ideas from TopDreamer

3) Glassware [or plasticware] Arrangement

Depending on what you already have lying around the house, the good news about glass is that it all matches =). And if you don’t have a lot of glassware (or perhaps nervous about some rowdy friends) bust out or buy some plasticware!

Make an arrangement for the: bar, mantle, table ect.

Add: champagne, Christmas ball ornaments, beads, crystals, Christmas light (the list goes on)

from Homedit

4) Good ole Martha Stewart Streamers!

from Martha Stewart

5) Custom count-down Flutes

Martha has some self-stick numbers to create special countdown flutes for your guests! I mean, the 10 second countdown is pretty much the highlight of the party, right? Peel the stickers off after the fact or use plastic flutes. If you can’t find Martha’s special stickers, i’m some glitter tulip paint would probably do the trick!

from Martha Stewart

6) Create a signature drink for the night!

Fill some flutes with pink cotton candy and slowly pour champagne over it>> Talk about a fun, festive, bubbly drink!

from More Cheaper

7) Christmas turned NYE Chandelier

Take that star from the top of the tree, grab some extra lights and hang the silver/gold  ball ornaments from the chandelier to make festive light feature

from Bright Bold & Beautiful

8) Photo op back drop

Create a fun photo op back drop (or any back drop for that matter) with a white sheet and some Christmas lights.

from Wedding Bee

9) Time for a Treat

Bake a circular cake with 12 cupcakes to go around and create a midnight treat by adding a clock face and numbers! You can never go wrong with cake at a party

from Acasarella

10) Gold dipped Balloons

Once again, balloons are an inexpensive way to add some fun to the party. You can also have a ton of balloons blown up with helium to cover the ceiling so guest get to make their way through festive streamers that hang long below.

from Balloon Time

Cheer to the New Year!


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