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Master Bathroom Renovation Revealed

30 Jul

Buenos Dias Blog World!!

ToooooDAY is the DAY!! Baby Boosh’s due date ❤ (he is still happily baking as of this morning) & the Master Bathroom Renovation =  A SUCCESS STORY & completed just in time!!

If you will remember from last weeks post, I wasn’t so sure if my last minute master bath reno project that I pulled the trigger on at 32 weeks pregnant was panning out to be such a great pinvestigation after all… up until 3 days ago there was no functioning bathtub or shower, but at a minimum I did at least have a pot to piss in, lol!

In summary, my failed zika virus poo pooed Hawaiian  babymoon trip turned  babymoon+staycation Master Bathroom Oasis project ended up being a FABULOUS hormonally induced last minute decision!

SIDE NOTE: I’m not going to lie, baby boy has been very good to his momma thus far during pregnancy, heck my vision even IMPROVED, so although I may seem like a crazy ambitious pregnant girl  it’s most likely because this whole pregnancy thing has been the easy part=) I would probably NOT recommend taking on a renovation (even if you are hiring somebody like I did–ya, I’m not this handy peeps) into your 3rd trimester, living in a dust-filled disaster zone if your body does not do pregnancy/ raging hormones well…


Brown, Bulkhead, Brass and Seashell Sinks, Oooh My!

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The Master Bath Oasis Retreat

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Want MORE Deets on the Design Elements?

accent tile, fixtures, faucets, flooring, tub, counter top, wall color, etc…

Just leave me a comment and I would be happy to answer/assist =) =) Now that I will be on maternity leave, I have decided to dabble in design consulting from the couch, ha! Just kidding, but I would be happy to help!

Happy Renovating &

Stay Tuned for the Arrival of Baby Boosh!!!

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