Easy Pound Cake Recipe

16 Aug

Quick, Tasty, Pound Cake Recipe

(The recipe below is for Banana Pound Cake, but the different flavor variations are below)

Preheat Oven to 350 F
Ingredients for Cake
1 pkg yellow cake mix
1 small box instant banana cream pudding
3/4 cup oil
3 eggs
1 cup sprite (make sure it is regular sprite, no diet business =)
1 soft brown banana
Directions: Mix all ingredients into bowl and blend. Grease pan, pour batter into pan, bake for 40 minutes. Let cool for approximately 20-30 minutes before flipping over on a platter to ice.
Ingredients for icing
1 cup power sugar
2 tbs of water
Directions: whisk together well. After cake is cooled and flipped over onto platter, drizzle over cake.
VARIATIONS: (swap out cake mix and instant pudding from original recipe above)
Lemon Pound Cake
white cake mix
instant lemon pudding
1-2 tbs of lemon juice in icing substituted for the water
Vanilla Pound Cake
White Cake mix
instant vanilla pudding
Chocolate Pound Cake
Chocolate cake mix
instant chocolate pudding
Pineapple Pound Cake
Pineapple Cake Mix (Up-side-down Pineapple cake mix)
vanilla instant pudding
add 1 small can crushed pineapple into cake mixture
I hope you enjoy this quick and easy tasty treat!!
Please let me know if you come up with any additional flavor combos!!
Happy Baking!!
Kelley B =)

The Move… Hello Colorado=)

9 Aug

Hi fam & friends!

I know its been a while since I have posted,  so here are some updates in our life and the world of pinvestigating (now including  places )!


Exactly a week ago yesterday, the hubs and I set off on a permanent road trip to Colorado Springs!! We decided on this just 5 days prior when I officially signed and accepted a job there. We rented a place site unseen from pics on the internet and it turned out well (soo far anyways =).. Crazy you may call us,  but you only live once! In the week that we have been in The Springs, here are some things we have done and discovered outside of unpacking

  1. At an altitude of 6,035, the struggle for some good ole O2 is real, however this makes The Springs the perfect local for the flagship US Olympic Training Center. The lack of 02 in comparison to Houston isn’t really an issue just walking around (unless going up an excessive incline or mucho stairs), but boy do I get winded much quicker running, hiking or mountain biking.  I also crave water like nobody’s business.
  2. We live near Garden of the Gods, recently ranked t No. 1 park (eh hem, great for walking mom when you decide to visit!!) in the country, ahead of New York’s Central Park (No. 2) and Chicago’s Millennium Park (No. 3) per trip advisor =) This is a great place to hike, bike or watch storms come in over the mountains =)1114
  3. The whole fam got haircuts..LOL =) We didn’t plan this on purpose, we all just happened to show up rather disheveled after a 2-day 15 hour drive. Rollie got some-what matted and constipated along the road trip (I’ll spare you the details), I kept getting shocked with the amount of static electricity due to the dry dry air, particularly after doing my long hair and the hubs needed one before we left.


3.  We have deer roam right outside of our balcony.  Ooooh Rollie bear, our big boned, clumsy shitzu is not so sure what to think of these things. He likes to bark at them if he is behind closed balcony walls, but they don’t seemed threatened one bit.


4. There are lots of Microbreweries in the area! We just so happen to visit the Bristol Brewery first which is located in an old school. I liked this place because it was a fun, relaxed atmosphere with great indoor and outdoor activities (game room, shuffle board, bean bags, ect.) and yummy food!

5.  The Mountains make for a great compass that you can see from everywhere, which is perrrfect for those of us who are directionally challenged.  Peace out Tom Tom! 43

6. Saturday we visited Cave of The Winds,  which has lots of fun things to do including: cave tours, Wind Walker ropes course, The Terror-Dactyl ride, the Bat-A-Pult 1200ft zip line, ect. Definitely must check it out if you come to visit us =)

29 2423

7. We  didn’t move a dining room table, so here is our current setup =)


8. We also recently purchased a cheap (like cheapest in the store) ,but oh so comfy for now) couch since we sold our couch before moving. We decided on this route since we only plan on renting our current place for a year and then we are going to sell the thing (if it holds up…we shall see). Once this things gets delivered today, I’ll post some updates later in the week to let you see the beauty =)

9. Apparently the BEST time to visit [us] Colorado Springs is March to May and from September to November.  However, the winter allegedly isn’t too bad either. ” Despite popular belief, Colorado Springs winters aren’t all that frosty when compared to the state’s other cities. In fact, average high temperatures generally hover in the 40s, and less-than-ideal snow conditions (for skiing) redirect winter travelers to major ski towns like Aspen, Telluride and Vail instead” per U.S. News Travel.


Those are all the updates I have for now, but I’ll keep you posted =)


Specs & Sunnies on Sale!! Get the COUPON CODE HERE!!

19 Jun


Gooood Morning Blog World!!

I know, I know, it has been quite a while since I have posted, BUT I got some good news!! I just found a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE dealio at coastal.com=) =) Whether you need some new specs like myself or some sunnies for the sunshiny summer days, this is quite the dealio!  And just in case you were wondering, Coastal and I have nothing going on together,… I really wish we did actually cause I

So if you want that twofer, or perhaps buy a pair for you and one for… oh let’s say FATHER’S DAY,  just got to coastal.com and type in the COUPON CODE TWO4YOU  at checkout !!(some designer frames & exclusions apply)

>>>Did I mention that includes FREE SHIPPING =)

–Keep me posted on what styles you pick out and/or post a picture in the comment section =)

A couple of pairs I picked out in the past….

Derek Cardigan 7012 Blackout


Kam Dhillon 3068 Cathi Havana 

(pictured in my “About” page)

Shine on,

K.B =)

D.I.Y. Personalized Memory Game & My Favorite Nephew turns 1!!!

22 Mar

Good Morning!

My favorite nephew, Maxwell, is turning one! (tomorrow =) =)!!



So exciting and yet even though he is rather advanced for his age (literally the kid started walking at 9 months–crazyness) he obviously is not able to say too many words quite yet…  However, I would not put it past him to start learning more words and names sooner than most, so I thought I would make him a personalized Memory Game with pictures of the family to help him learn the most important peeps =)

Not only is a personalized memory game a great way for youngsters to familiarize themselves with family, it’s made with love  and affordable. Another bonus in my situation, the Memory Game was one of my sister’s favorite games growing up so it will be fun for the both of them =)

jamie & kel 3

Ready to make your own Personalized Memory Game? Check out the attachment below with instructions and pictures!

What you will need:

8.5 x 11 scrapbook paper (one fancy side, one white side). The pieces of paper depends on the amount of memory cards to be made. Four 3.5 x 3.5 individual cards fit on one sheet (or two matching pairs)

-family photos saved onto you computer


printer with ink (colored or black and white ink depending on preference)

-laminating paper (amount depends on # of memory cards in the game)


D.I.Y Memory Game Instructions


Memory Game Labels

Final Product

 game 3

game 4

game 5

game 6

Want More Maxwell pics, duh =) Check out his partay!

maxwell collage


Want more crafting action?!  Check out my sister’s blog at C.R.A.F.T!

Happy Gifting & Happy Happy Birthday Boy Max!!!

Kelley =)

Avocado Chicken Salad> only 4 ingredients!

7 Mar

chicken salad


Buenos Dias Blog World!!

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted, but man has this last semester of grad school has been kicking my butt…  Any who, I wanted to share one of my recently discovered recipes that is  quick, easy and a healthy lunch or din din option!! Avocado Chicken Salad without MAYO is legit! I found this recipe on good ole pininterest from the Six Sister’s Stuff blog and definitely have to say this is a pINVESTIGATION success! Of course, I had to add a couple of my favorite goodies to the recipe =)


-2 cups of shredded chicken (I used the pre-cooked rotisserie)

– 1 large avocado (obviously take out the seed)

-1/4 cup diced up cilantro (remove from stalk)

-salt and pepper to taste

OPTIONAL>> I added some purple grape halves & walnuts to the mix =) =)

As you can see pictured above, I ate my avo chicken salad with some Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins  instead of bread from the original recipe=)

Oh and if you have leftovers like I did, the key to storing this yummy treat without the avo turning poopy brown is to place the leftovers in a air-tight mason jar>>> mine stayed nice and green for 5 day =)

Happy Saturday!

Kelley B =)

ps. if you have a similar recipe or one that you think is tastier (or even suggestions on extras I should add), please leave me a link in the comment section =)



Lemon Artichoke Salmon

7 Feb



Another Pinvestigation success recipe that was discovered at The Healthy Maven. Although we can’t always trust everything we see pinned on pininterest, you are good to go with this meal (even with all my substitutions I had to make). The only thing I would of done is add some more artichoke hearts, but only because i looove them =) I also had to cook the salmon for about 23-25 minutes, but obviously cook time will depend on the thickness of your fillets.


  • 2 salmon fillets or about 1/2 lbs of  wild caught salmon<< so yummy when wild!
  • 1 Tbs olive oil (to be honest, i’m not into dirtying up utensils when it comes to stuff like olive oil.. I just swirled some into the bowl
  • lemon juice  (i just squeezed a lemon over my fresh fillet then cut up the remainder into some circular slices to place on top of fillet while baking
  • 1 Tbs white wine vinegar (I only had regular white vinegar, whoops>> still yummy)
  • 2 green onions chopped up (save some greens to sprinkle on top when serving!)
  • 1 garlic clove or minced (saldly, I didn’t realized I was out of garlic, so I had to sub in some garlic powder
  • 3 artichoke hearts, chopped (I used canned)
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1.  Combine olive oil, lemon, vinegar, onions, garlic and artichoke into a bowl, then stir.
  2. Place fish fillets on an individual piece of foil  large enough to create a bowl shape around them ( preferably on a baking dish to catch any leakage), dash with salt & pepper to taste and distribute your olive oil marinade equally over each
  3. Close foil packet, place in fridge, let marinate for 1 hr (I was pretty hungry, so I only waited 30 minutes, but it was still yummy)
  4. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  5. Open foil packets so top of fillets are exposed in oven & bake salmon packets that are in the baking dish   for 15 mins or until inside is no longer pink (mine took around 23 – 25 minutes)
  6. Remove from oven and garnish with remaining green onions. Serve warm & Enjoy!!

psst. (don’t forget to take off the fish skin if you bought wild caught salmon =)

I hope you enjoy this dish and let me know yours thoughts!

Happy Cooking,

Kelley B.


Paint Your Builder-Grade Kitchen Cabinets DIY Style! >>>My Kitchen Makeover<<<

20 Jan

Kitchen Makeover 1

The finishing touches on my kitchen remodel finally happened today and I’m sooo excited, just in time before school starts too =) =)

        Are you ready to see how you can transform you builder-grade kitchen cabinets into custom ones?!?  Let me just go ahead and say, the husband and I started this project late friday night (mind you I worked 7pm-7am that friday and saturday night in the E.R) and did not finish until late monday night.  We worked like maniacs, but you must allow for sanding, priming, dry time, double coats, custom beadboard and cut out action sooooo…. it’s definitely a bit of a project BUT TOTALLY DO-ABLE!!! Things started progressing much quicker too once I discovered the BEST PROFESSIONAL CABINET PAINTING TOOL !!

What you need to your Paint Builder-grade Wooden Kitchen cabinets and Wooden Kitchen Table

kitchen unfinished

Whizz 4 inch mini foam roller (one for every paint color and/or person helping) I used two! = THE BEST PROFFESIONAL CABINET PAINTING TOOL!!

Mouse Sander w/ sander pads to fit the mouse ( I borrowed this so there was not cost here, thanks Kim!!)

Zinsser Bull’s Eye 1-2-3- Primer for all surfaces: I bought tinted gray primer since I was painting my cabinets black

Valspar Duramax Paint + Primer (Interior) >>>( in whatever colors you are choosing to paint your cabinets, so I purchased black and white. I only used 1/2 gallon of black for my entire kitchen including the table. I bought a quart of white paint for my island and of course had lots of left over! I loved working with this paint because it covered well and  I felt that it did not splatter near as much as paints I have used in the past (aka, thicker and easier to paint with)

Two-inch Natural Bristle angle paint brush (for the nooks and crannies)

–paint drop cloth (psst. I literally used left over christmas paper =) =)

–screwdriver and/or drill (for removing and hanging cabinets)

-towels (paper, microfiber, whatev) These are for wiping off the cabinets after you sand them!


blue painter’s tape: I was just very careful when painting the edges of my built-in cabinets in the kitchen, but if you are new to painting I would suggest taping off the edges so your kitchen walls don’t end up the same color as your new cabinets

Beadboard: if you want beadboard on the ends of your cabinets and islands to make them look custom<<< makes a HUGE difference >> this really makes your cabinets and island look custom!! (amount obviously depends on cabinets and/or island) I used about 40-48 sqft)

–jigsaw (I borrowed this, thanks again Kim)!

–finishing nails

–wood glue

paint pyramids— I have read these can be helpful to place your cabinets on when drying, but I just layed my cabinets on christmas paper in the garage =)

Project Timeline

Friday night:

-Remove all dishes, silverware, anything from the cabinet surfaces that is to be sanded and painted. Move to a separate room otherwise your dishes will get sand-blasted

-Remove all cabinets, drawers and hardware. Place hardward in ziplock baggies so you don’t loose them for later!


Sand every surface including the cabinets front and back. The primer I bought says you don’t have to necessarily sand before priming, but I wanted these cabinets to look profesh so the hubster roughed them up just a bit, but did not take them down to the grain. I also did not think gel stain would work on these builder grade cabinets because the middle surface is thinner than the edges (typical builder-grade style) so I didn’t want to run the risk of having the two different thickness/type of wood absorb the gel stain color differently–talk about a potentially disaster!!

Also  you might be contemplating.. Do I really need to do the backside of the cabinets, I mean nobody really see’s them>>>The answer would be yes, if you are going to paint like a profesh, don’t be a 50%er… I know, I know, I contemplated it too but once the project was in full swing, you already got paint in your hair so why not right!?!? Plus, it WILL LOOK GHETTO when you or your kiddos leave cabinets doors open and the backside is still that lovely oak color!


Wipe off all excess saw-dust with wet microfiber towel and then let cabinets dry or wipe dry.

Prime the front side of the cabinets using the foam roller going in the direction of the wood grain and using the 2 inch angle brush for the nooks and crannies.  Make sure when your done with one cabinet to look for drips and roll them out, otherwise that drip mark will be visible when you paint your top coat>> does not look as nice in the end with drip marks on your cabinets!


Let front side of cabinets dry completely. I laid my cabinets flat in the garage on some christmas wrapping paper left over from the holidays. You can also use painter’s pyramids, tarp, or lie them flat on the concrete (I did this when I ran out of Christmas paper) as long as you don’t mind some spillage as that can occur.

 Prime the back-side of all the cabinets and let dry. The foam roller is KEY to making your cabinets look professional, take your time and roll out any drip marks.  The husband primed the kitchen while I was working on the cabinets in the garage. At some point before going into work that night, I started painting the first layer of black top coat on a couple of cabinets.



Tip: every night after you are done painting instead of cleaning all the brushes for the night, you can wrap your foam roller and paint brush up in aluminum and stick it in the fridge=) In the morning, unwrap the foil from the paint brush and you are ready to go!


Finish the first black coat on the front-side and back side of cabinets. I had so many cabinets to paint, by the time I finished painting the last cabinet, the first one I painted was dry and ready for the final 2nd black coat on the front-side of of the cabinet. I also painted the first & 2nd black coat  in the kitchen between cabinet drying time




Finish the 2nd top layer front and back to the cabinets and to the kitchen. Once everything is COMPLETELY dry and touched up, start hanging cabinets then putting on hardware .

Don’t forget about those cabinet base boards. Instead of using blue painter’s tape, I shoved magazine pages in between the tile and wood to paint the cabinet edges that touched the tile. I painted the kitchen island white to help tie in the existing white appliances. Sure I think stainless steel appliances would look much better, but those just aren’t in my  budget =)


Note: If you are going to put beadboard on the edges of your cabinets and island, you can make a trip to Lowes to pick this us while everything is drying. The husband measured the island and ends of the built-in kitchen  cabinets with a diagram and I had my friendly Lowes’ lumber department associate cut the pieces to appropriate size.   The Lowes’ associate made most of the large cuts for me in-store, but we had to use the jigsaw for the power outlets and the small in-cut at the bottom of the island. If you are going to make cuts yourself, remember you want the breadboard all going the same direction (vertical as picture below).

Helpful hint: when using the jigsaw to make a power outlet cut in the middle of the board, here is a helpful video


To  attach the beadboard, we slathered on some wood glue and the hammered in some finishing nails. Length of finishing nails should depend on the thickness of your cabinets and beadboard that you pick out.

Other Kitchen Upgrades

(some occurred before painting the cabinets, some after )

–I painted the pantry door black. See how here and the type of oil-based paint I had to use that was different from the cabinets

–I painted the center piece of kitchen table black using the same steps I used for the kitchen cabinets

–I had granite installed and when I did so, I had the island extended to create more seating.

–The Kitchen walls got a coat of brown paint called “Steady Brown”. This is two shades darker than latte that is painted on the main walls so it gives the kitchen a nice subtle contrast. I also pained my niche and hallways this steady brown color. You can always checkout the rest of my diy home improvements by clicking on my “House Tour” tab above

–The husband and I installed a rustic metal orb  Chandelier  over the newly painted kitchen table(15% off)

–I spray painted the brass door knobs a hammered rustic brown color. Remove, take outside, place on newspaper and give two coats with this

–Added hardware to the cabinets. Adding hardware not only keeps you from putting your grimy fingers on the doors, but it creates interest, just like when you wear jewelry. Maybe not entirely necessary, but looks so pretty!

–Knocked out the center of two cabinets and paid to have glass installed. You can cut these out with a jigsaw if you want to do this too!!

 All in all, the materials to paint the kitchen cabinet, kitchen table,

 glass installation in two kitchen cabinets ($102),

new metal orb chandelier at 15% off ($138)

and new wreath for the pantry cost

less than $400


kitchen 8

kitchen 3

kitchen 7

I know this is quite the project and if you need any clarification on what I did, feel free to leave a comment. Also, if you have done this before and have any suggestions, please let me know how this could be done even better and faster in the future!!

Happy Home Improving!!

Kelley B.

10 Ways To Customize Builder-grade Bathrooms

17 Jan

 bathroom 40

       Don’t you just love your standard builder-grade bare bones bathroom.?!?..me neither! In fact, my starter home not only had builder-grade everything in the house, but ever worse a lack there of in the bathrooms…. a.k.a no linen closet, no toothpaste cabinet/ wall storage and my master bathroom even had carpeting>>>>> sCaRy, I know!!!!

So, here are a few tips and tricks to take your builder-grade bathroom to the next level.

1. Add some Unique wall storage/cabinets  

bathroom 3

I found this gem above at Hobby Lobby (of course used my 40% off coupon). Bonus: my friends who stop by are welcome to take a sprintz of perfume from my collection =)

bathroom 21

by DIY Playbook

2. DIY Framed Mirror by Saved By Suzy

bathroom 15

3. Make a feature wall

bathroom 16

wall art decal

You can also try some Wall Decals (super easy and not permanet), Stencil action, tile, pallet wood (pictured above by Mandy Jean Chic), or simply paint one wall a different color

4. Change out the cheap builder-grade hooks & fixtures 

bathroom 22

Remove those silver towel holders and racks and replace with some old door knobs or shabby chic diy-er!

by Not Just a Housewife

bathroom 20

by ArtsyVaVa

5) Buy Vanity Fixture Shade Boxes to cover your Hollywood Makeup Counter Light bulbs

bathroom 23

by HGTV Spa Retreat Bathroom

I have seen these vanity  Box Shades at Lowes, but when I went by my home depot they did not carry them =(

6.  Toiletries for your guest! Collect  or buy individual toiletries for your guest and incorporate them into your decor! (don’t forget to leave out a visible extra roll of toilet paper..we all know drip dry is not fun ladies!)

bathroom 27

bathroom 2

7) Add a chandelier (electric or a candle one) If you make it a candle one (much much easier, don’t forget you can buy battery operated LED flickering candles with timers–just got mine from Ross for around $10). You can see from my House Tour, I sort of loove my chandeliers. I have added some to my bathroom, guest room and deck (all candle of course because they are soo easy =)

bathroom 30

by Aiken House & Garden

8) Jazz up the window with a wrought iron piece, diy shutters or even some simple curtains

bathroom 1

I got this piece 50% off at Kirkland’s. I got sick of it hanging in my entry hallway and it just so happened to be a perfect fit in my bathroom window! Prior to my entryway, it served as a head board in college>> great purchase =)

by funky junk interiors

9) Get creative when you don’t have a linen closet

bathroom 31

by 11 Magnolia Lane (hello re-purposed wine rack!)

bathroom 6

^^ currently my situation

utilize every SQUARE inch of your bathroom!

10. Paint your bathroom cabinets!

bathroom 32

by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

bathroom 34

by: Primitive & Proper

I hope you find these tips helpful &  easy. I have already utilized quite a bit of them myself and hope to make all of them happen in the near future! Do you have any additional tips on how to upgrade the standard builder-grade bathroom?

Happy Home Improving!!

Kelley B =)


12 Tips That Save Time & Money When Changing Your Last Name!

11 Jan


I believe Congratulations are in order if you are checking this post out =)

 Or if you are new & just visiting, Hi!!!

       The husband and I tied the knot on 5-10-14, but I am only just now getting around to changing my name! The process was a bit better than I eexpected because I got some helpful pointers from the seester & with her experienced insight, I discovered some additional time and money saving tips along the way. Once you have noted these helpful tips, go visit my sister’s blog (link below) for the nitty gritty instructions !


1) You can make an appointment at the social security office (in most places), but you need to call ahead  of time (no online scheduling) to do so. It feels great when you walk into the social security office with a minimum of 20 people waiting in line and you head straight to the front!!

2) You can fill out your social security form online for your legal name change (form SS-5) , than print and bring to your appointment

3) At some post offices (like mine), you can make an appointment to RENEW/ UPDATE your passport! Remember, once you change your legal name on your driver’s license you can’t travel with your passport that has your maiden name on it out of the country.

4) You can fill out the application form for your passport online or print the form (The form is called DS-82 & fill in with black ink only). NOTE: when filling out the form online, you CANNOT actually submit the form online)

5) If you are RENEWING/UPDATING a previous passport, you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE PASSPORT FEE FOR A NAME NAME CHANGE  IF you do so in the same year you were married (at least in Texas, different states may have different laws). However, some places charge your a processing fee which is not waived. (passport fee= $110 in savings!)

6) If you don’t want to bother with the passport office or pay the processing fees (I saved $25 here) & remember this only applies if you are renewing/updating passport, fill out the form (online &/or print see Tip #4) & MAIL IT IN YOURSELF (make sure to follow the instructions on the form very carefully or they government will cash your check and say SORRY-  you messed up your form)!!.
       For instance, you must write your full NEW name on your check and date of birth (I had never been asked to do that before), along with stapling an updated passport pic and check to the form.  You will also have to mail in your Marriage License or a CERTIFIED COPY (this is the case whether you mail it in yourself or go to the post office, ect).  I mailed a certified copy because it’s not super easy to go get another copy from Canada).
7) I was  told by my friendly County Tax motor vehicle division window attendant, that it is not imperative for you to change your name on your car title (in Texas)… Allegedly you can wait up until  the point when you sell the car and just sign a simple form at that point with a copy of your marriage certificate in hand  (however, this did come from somebody punching the time clock at a government office). So if you don’t have a lot of time, I guess you can put this on the bottom of the list or just not do it.
8) Don’t forget in addition to going down to the social security office and DMV to change your name, there are MANY other places you need to consider:  vehicle registration, school/university, IRS, voter registration, passport, bank notification, investment account (Roth IRA, ect), frequent flyer miles, credit cards, insurance (health, house, auto) and any national certification you hold that requires you to keep a current license (e.g. registered nurse, dietician, ect). With this being said, you can’t change any of the things listed above without changing you social security card and driver’s license first!
9) If you do have a profession such as nursing where you have to continually renew your license, you besta contact them Pronto! For example in my case, “The Texas Board of Nursing {Texas Administrative Code 217.7)states that all nurses/applicants for licensure shall notify the board in writing within ten days of a change of name and or address by submitting a legal document reflecting this name change and/or providing the new address with his or her license number. They technically could suspend your license if you don’t do so =  can’t work = no paycheck =  not cool
10)  You can take a quiz  to suggest what exactly you should change your last name to based on your personality (hyphen it, take his, keep both, ect) I didn’t go with exactly what my quiz results suggested, but they made some good points.
11) A creative way to take your husband’s last name and keep your own…  have two middle names, your original and then put your maiden name after that (I didn’t hyphenate them either, just two separate  middle names). I mean some people have two first names, seems reasonable that anybody can have two middle names, at least I do now =) So I’m officially Kelley B O U C H A R D, but my full name (which how often do you really even sign that) technically consist of four names. Oh and if you plan on doing this, the social security officer told me there are only 16 spaces on the form for your middle name, so if you have a long maiden and middle name you will have to think of something even more creative!
12) Once you got these quick tip, head over to my sister’s blog for some detailed instructions on the last name change at C.R.A.F.T
Other things I considered when deciding on my new legal married name …
-I wanted the exact same last name as any future kiddos!
-I have been a Smith for 20+ years and wasn’t ready to completely part with it
-In Montreal where I got married, the women keep their maiden name and don’t take their husband’s name at all (interesting eh, I think I’ll keep mine too!
 I was also somewhat nervous about completely dropping Smith because I have lots of stuff in just my maiden name (house, car, IRAs,  EVERYTHING) so I just felt if I completely peaced it out it could potentially cause me some issues (whether or not that really be the case, i’m don’t know)
Oh and I do have a quick question for anybody with an answer… If you bought a house by yourself prior to getting married and the mortgage is in your maiden name, does this really need to be changed to? If so, what is the easiest way?!?
I hope this helps and if you have any other tips or places I should be changing my name,please let me know! I would also be very interested to hear how and what you decided to change your married name to !
Kel =).
psst: If ya want to check out some photos from my Montreal Wedding, click this way! Oh & if you just got engaged, check out the BEST PLACES TO REGISTER  =)

14 Valentine’s day Card Printables

10 Jan


       Valentine’s Day  is just around the corner and you know what the means, we need to spread the love <3! Whether it be cards for your child’s valentine’s day party, lunch  notes or love notes you want to leave out for the hubs before he goes to work, check out these 14 VALENTINE’S DAY CARD FREE PRINTABLES!!


       Print now and save time later! I hope everybody has a very happy heart day!

Much love,

Kelley Bouchard

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