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Quizlet: a creative, mobile study stool for Students and Teachers!

21 Aug

For all of you who aren’t already aware of this, I am a chronic student. I like to collect degrees because I am fortunate  enough that others (thanks mom, dad and grand-parents) have given me the gift of free education =) and I am currently working on obtaining my masters degree to be a family nurse practitioner (FNP). One study tool that I recently discovered, (THANKS aunt Tracy!!) which is quite convenient and effective is Quizlet.

So what exactly is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a free website that provides learning tools for students (and teachers), including flashcards, study and game modes. It was created by high school sophomore in 2005 and now contains over 400 million study sets. All of the material is user-generated. You can study other user generated material or create your own!

Why do I like it?

I like quizlet because it has a FREE mobile application where I can get a quick study sesh in anywhere I have my phone such as  work, before I got to bed, dog park, the stair-master… ect. I create my own “study set” on the computer and then sync it up with my phone.  If you have a struggling student on you hands, home-school or teach, this application is a great tool to make learning easy, convenient and dare I  say fun with the games?!?! Maybe not fun exactly, but perhaps engaging and much more entertaining than the old book and high-lighter routine.  The quizlet application will also read out loud the study material which is PERFECT for anyone with a learning disability or the over-achieving kindergartner with minimal reading skills.

Also, if you just like to learn and are interested in a certain topic, you can search the Quizlet data base of other user-generated material to study!

Let me know what you think! Do you know of any other applications that aid in studying? I still have 2 more years to go so I am open to any suggestions =)

Kelley S.


Sony Alpha SLT A57

23 Apr

Sony Alpha SLT A57

Hey Everybody,

Your looking at my new totally AWESOME Sony Alpha SLT A57 tax return present to myself…. AND I LOOOOOVE it. Why did I choose this camera….?!?!? because it’s the best bang for your buck..check out the reviews!—– (4.5 out of 5)

Below are a few of my personal profesh pics starring Rollie!

rollie 4

rollie 2

rollie 3

rollie 5


rollie 1

rollie 6

What did you do with your tax return money? The rest of the money that I did no spend on the camera, I spent on a  COSTA RICAN VAY-CAY =)

Spotify-your music EVERYWHERE

17 Jan


For all of you who have not heard about this AWESOME mobile music system—then tune in NOW =)….and i’m not paid to say this, i just like to share the things I love!

Spotify is a mobile music mecca that allows you to access [and aquire]  tunes from your phone, computer, tablet and even  home entertainment system! This application also allows you to build, share and save playlist so you can listen when you offline too!

How it works: know what you like–Awesome, hit the search button and find it.  Not sure what music you like, but know who you like–connect with friends or see what your favorite celebs are listening too. Feeling something new– no prob,  let spotify do its thaang and play something for you depending on the genre you choose or even suggest some jams fresh out of the recording studio! There is also the smart radio option that learns what you likes to hear… AND plays similar songs. When you find a song or playlist  you like, star it and you will soon have your mucis of choice for every mood.

Spotify is great for when you….

-are commuting to work

-getting your workout on

-dancing around you house… and maybe singing too =)

-having friends over

-wearing your party pants


-and the list goes on and on cause music is a plus+ everywhere

BEST PART… it’s FREE or you can upgrade and pay a bit more for no ads…

check it out:

What do you think is the best part about Spotify? Is there something else out there that is better? I love your thoughts & comments =)

Old Camera, New Trick– Exposure

14 Jan

Canon SD

I have an old camera, Canon PowerShot SD 630 Digital Elph from 2006! I thought is was on its last leg (which I could probably still use a new one), but I realized my camera settings were all jacked up and I have learned a few tricks regarding exposure (how light or dark an image will appear when captured) that have greatly improved the quality of my pictures (even with an ancient camera) from Cambridge in Colour and Darren Rowse online!

Also, Camera Phone users: most smart phones, like my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Droid, have the ability to adjust the expose when taking a picture. On my phone specifically, do they following:

-select camera

-view the left side bar of options on the screen

-select the 2nd button from the bottom (the box with the +/- symbol) and adjust the exposure value accordingly!!


UNDERSTANDING EXPOSURE–by Cambridge in Colour:

Achieving the correct exposure is a lot like collecting rain in a bucket. While the rate of rainfall is uncontrollable, three factors remain under your control: the bucket’s width, the duration you leave it in the rain, and the quantity of rain you want to collect. You just need to ensure you don’t collect too little (“underexposed”), but that you also don’t collect too much (“overexposed”). The key is that there are many different combinations of width, time and quantity that will achieve this.

In photography, the exposure settings of aperture, shutter speed and ISO speed are analogous to the width, time and quantity discussed above. Furthermore, just as the rate of rainfall was beyond your control above, so too is natural light for a photographer.

1) Aperture: controls the area over which light can enter your camera (affects depth of field)

2) Shutter speed: controls the duration of the exposure (affects motion blur). A camera’s shutter determines when the camera sensor will be open or closed to incoming light from the camera lens. The shutter speed specifically refers to how long this light is permitted to enter the camera. “Shutter speed” and “exposure time” refer to the same concept, where a faster shutter speed means a shorter exposure time.

3) ISO speed: measures the sensitivity of the image sensor (affects image grain/noise). The lower the number, the less sensitive your camera is to light and the FINER the grain. Higher ISO settings are generally used in darker situations to get faster shutter speeds (for example an indoor sports event when you want to freeze the action in lower light) – however the cost is noisier shots.  Primary source by Darren Rowse:

i 100

ISO 100

is 3200

ISO 3200

iso 100

Left: 100 Right: 3200–pics by Darren Rowse

When choosing ISO, consider the following:

Light – Is the subject well lit?
Grain – Do I want a grainy shot or one without noise?
Tripod – Am I using a tripod?
Moving Subject – Is my subject moving or stationary?

If you have plenty of light and have a stationary object and/or using a tripod, generally go with a lower ISO rating

On the other hand, if you have a dark setting or moving object, you purposefully want noise/grain and should increase you ISO setting to shoot with a faster shutter speed.

The following is a great link for anybody else who has a Canon Powershot SD 630!

I hope what I have found helps you

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