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Specs & Sunnies on Sale!! Get the COUPON CODE HERE!!

19 Jun


Gooood Morning Blog World!!

I know, I know, it has been quite a while since I have posted, BUT I got some good news!! I just found a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE dealio at =) Whether you need some new specs like myself or some sunnies for the sunshiny summer days, this is quite the dealio!  And just in case you were wondering, Coastal and I have nothing going on together,… I really wish we did actually cause I

So if you want that twofer, or perhaps buy a pair for you and one for… oh let’s say FATHER’S DAY,  just got to and type in the COUPON CODE TWO4YOU  at checkout !!(some designer frames & exclusions apply)

>>>Did I mention that includes FREE SHIPPING =)

–Keep me posted on what styles you pick out and/or post a picture in the comment section =)

A couple of pairs I picked out in the past….

Derek Cardigan 7012 Blackout


Kam Dhillon 3068 Cathi Havana 

(pictured in my “About” page)

Shine on,

K.B =)


Save Time, Money and The Trees by RENTING TEXTBOOKS!

4 Sep

Save Time, Money & the Trees by RENTING TEXTBOOKS!

So I hope this is better late than never info, but I wanted to share my secret with you about my school textbooks. I have been using Chegg to RENT my textbooks since 2010 and I have saved SOOO much MONEY$$$ =)

How I go about it..

By far through my experience, Chegg and Amazon are the best money-saving options out there. To be prudent, each semester I compare the prices from buying my textbook from Amazon or renting it from chegg and more times than not it turns out that textbooks are cheaper to rent from Chegg (still check cause sometimes you can own the book for less from Amazon).

Other reasons why I like Chegg:

1) Chegg sends you friendly reminders when it comes close to the due date of your book and allows you to print out a FREE return slip. I usually save the box my book was shipped to me in, slap on the return label and call it a day come end of the semester

2) Chegg has many textbooks available in an e-version which is even cheaper and lighter =)

3) Chegg gives back and has helped plant over 5 million trees ( I ❤ trees)

4) Chegg provides you with options: rent, buy, sell return or refund the wrong book.. all easy and hassle free!

I hope this coming semester you will try out my Chegg/Amazon price comparison and save yourself some money! Also make sure to surf the web before making a purchase as they often have coupons floating around such as this one, Get 5% off textbooks.

Happy Savings!!

Kelley S.


Target Adds New Clothing Line!

18 Jul

bridal 4

So for those of you who don’t know, I LOOOOOOVE, Target (aka Tarje in my frenchy french accent). I made a recent discovery (thanks daph!!), that Tarje has a Bridal line (prom and special occasions too) with some really cute dresses (and a few not so cute)!

One of my bffs, Daphne, is getting married next summer and she wanted a simple, elegant and affordable dress that we could wear.  I won’t share the exact one we are getting as not to ruin the element of surprise, buts it’s pretty awesome..=)

If you are getting married soon, you should definitely check out some of theses pretty, re-wearable, and AFFORDABLE, dresses for your bridesmaids! Most are only 69.99 and the bridal line is only online!

Did I mention, the dress we got is super comfy (chiffon fabric),  has pockets (perfect place for my lip balm re-ap needs) and has silicone-like rubber material that helps keep the dress from falling and the girls inside when your jumping up and down to the that classic wedding song “Shout”!

TEVOLIO™  Women's Strapless Tulip Skirt Shantung Dress - Neutral Colors TEVOLIO™  Women's Strapless Tulip Skirt Shantung Dress - Neutral Colors

TEVOLIO™  Women's Halter Neck Chiffon Dress - Fashion Colors

TEVOLIO™  Women's One-Shoulder Rosette Maxi Silky Chiffon Dress -  Neutral Colors

check out some more styles here:

Do you know of any other websites that has cute, affordable bridal dresses?!?

Just one more reason to love Tarje,

Kelley S. =)

Style in Spring/Summer of 2013

18 Mar
~~~More BANG for your BUCK and still Stylish~~~
coral dress 2
I can’t put my finger on it, but I just love coral! It’s fun, vibrant and happy! Coral can also come in a variety of shades from the pink to orange-ish and depending on you skin tone, everyone can usually find a particular hue to rock! Coral can also be paired with lots of colors such as the classic nude/creme, pastel purple, jade and the list goes on!! The dress above (I lost the link cause I’m not buying it) is more than $75.00 bucks, but……
coral 1

get this dress without crazy price tag–bringing sexy to the V-back   only $27.80


((and if you are worried about your bra strap showing in the deep-v, I highly recommend (and own) a lacy bandeau top so you can keep the girls up in style. I bought mine at Francescas for $ 12.00.–this store has lots of fun stuff and you should definitely check it out!))

lua and kelley

One of my bff’s let me pick the color of my bridesmaid dress… of course, I had to rock the coral [2nd best to my favorite color, green] =) Also, who knew J. Crew sold bridesmaid dresses right?!? I wear this dress all the time and it is simple and classic!

crocjet 2

Have you been eye-balling a boho-chic crochet shoe look?!?! …. this style cost $54.00)

crochet sho

Oooor for a more reasonable price and a longer lasting durable shoe keep reading! We know TOMS donates shoes… but at , $9.87 (1/5 the price of TOMS) you can afford to send at least two pairs of the shoes plus shipping t0 other peeps in need!! NOW that’s smart & savy


The Peplum is  one of the most flattering fashions you’ll ever wear, much like the classic little black dress .However, unlike the slimming effect of  black apparel, the peplum promotes  the curves of your body [or creates some for those women without] and frames your silhouette by creating the illusion of an hourglass shape. $98.00

peplum 2

kelley and brooke

Buy this one $22.99–i own this and love it =) [It goes well with a nice jade bubble necklace from J.Crew]


yellow dress

Fashion Week 2013 Street Style of Paris:

TAKE AWAY TRENDS: High/low hem lines, peekaboo cutouts and the ‘80s revival trouser suit, (minus the shoulder pads).

Dare to bare a little skin in a fun, flirty sort of way….this dress above $76.70

This dress  ONLY $22.80  =)– And yes, I really do try what i recommend!!
pic 13

Fashion Week 2013 Street Style of Milan:–fun festive  prints!

 Look out for (head-to-toe) experimental print , bold silhouettes and clutches galore.

bold skirt

a fun bold skirt… $ 178.oo

fun bold skirt

or a fun bold MINI skirt $ 39.95


(it’s also easy to mix and match a black and white print with a more vibrant bold print like this from j.crew

print outfit

or something like this from anthropology

geo pants

at Neiman Marcus last call still… $81.75

bold dress

or you could try a geo bold print dress from forever 21 for  $24.80

bold dress 2

then there is this one for $24.80 as well!


“Whether it’s a scrap of navel on show, courtesy of the crop top trend, or stripy Bermudas in patriotic red, white and blue, here is a lesson in Summer style, no holds barred”. I did a little red, white and blue along with some fun different patterns with my favorite mustard colored purse! When it got chilly out, I threw on my chambray pearl-snap over the outfit to keep me warm.

daph and kelleyI’

I’m digging this trend because you can throw together almost anything that is already in your closet…I like to put together one larger patterned item (like the chevron skirt) with a  smaller pattern (like the plaid crop-top) cause its not too crazy. .. let’s face it, i live in Texas not NYC so i’m not as bold (nor on a sidewalk runway) as the ladies from the North

What are some of your favorite 2013 trends that I have left out? please share =)

Happy Stylin!



New Specs Just In =)

31 Jan

New Specs Just In =)

Hey Friends!

On Jan 21st I told you all about this awesome deal was running… First pair of glasses FREE. Well, mine just came in and they are as awesome as the dealio was and they even come with a FREE cleaning kit to keep your specs dirt free… I highly recommend them!!
~Kel =)


First pair of glasses FREE from Coastal!

21 Jan


Hey Everybody,

I thought I would share this super savings tip that my friend, Katie, told me about. Coastal is the best way to buy online eye gear and the best part, YOUR FIRST PAIR OF GLASSES Is ON THEM!!

Check out my new specks I just ordered=) I was almost about to go full Harry Potter style, but I decided to take it down a notch for my first pair =) to see what I was working with. I opted for a little less round and went more oval shaped–still kinda nerdy, but fun! AND….  I only had to pay about 13 dollars for shipping and handling—-SuuhWEEEET!


Derek Cardigan 7012 Blackout

One last awesome part about it all… If your not too sure how they would look on you, Coastal has a feature where you can upload your picture and virtually try the pair on=) –Love this tool!!

Let me know what you think =)


Shoe Discounts =) Share the Savings!

9 Jan

shoe mall

Attention Ladies (& Gentlemen who can appreciate a good shoe)!

       If haven’t ever ordered any shoes from ‘Shoe Mall’ you are missing out! I love this place and this is where I got my Frye boots 30% off on Cyber Monday! They came perfectly unharmed, free shipping, and saved $100 bucks =) They also have a 1 YEAR–that’s right, a 1 YEAR RETURN POLICY!

       I thought I would share the love and 20% savings memo going on through January 15th! Check it out:

Happy Shoe Savings =)


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