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10 Must-Try Beauty / Body Products!

27 Sep

Hey Blog World!

Today I wanted to share with you a list of my  top 10 favorite beauty/body products that I use on a regular basis =) In no particular order… LET’S DO THIS!

  1. My favorite pinky/nude nail color that is perfect for keeping it profesh at work or any occasion… Bubble Bath by OPI

2. The best foundation I have used to date, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation

Why you may ask? Since moving to Colorado Springs, my skin is not only dry, but much more closer to the sun at 6,000 feet of altitude. This foundation has SPF 50+ (suhweeet), super moisturizing, looks good the entire work day (ain’t nobody got time to reapply am I right), and only takes one pump (at least that is what I prefer because a little goes a long way). The website notes 1 PUMP = moderate coverage, 2 pumps = full coverage & 3 pumps = ultimate coverage… (I also use their Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer & bronzer when I’m feeling fancy, but not everyday =)
Bye Bye Foundation

3. I loved this lotion before moving to Colorado, but  even more so now that my skin is exposed to a much dryer climate!! The best lotion, Gold BOND Ultimate Healing (yep, you read that right, GOLD BOND BABY) =)

4. Now I have said this before and I will say it again, the best (and one of the cheapest mascaras I have ever used) is l’oreal telescopic (I have a whole other blog post dedicated to the proper way to apply for best results 😉 Shout out to my freshman roommate in college, Caiter, for always volunteering to beautify me before heading out and being the first to give this a go!!

5. My favorite hair straightener, The Corioliss! This hot item is super quick for a straight do and it also makes a quick &  pretty curl because of  it’s rounded-edge barrel. Shelly, my roommate from back in the college days, introduced me to  the wonders of how a hair straightener can produce some major long lasting curls ( THANKS GIRL!!)… I’m talking all day>> the pic of me below is a recent example of my curls still in action by 5:30pm!! Oh, did I mention I still have the same one from my sophomore days of college =)

eric and kel 1

6. My favorite face wash, Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub! I have used all sorts of fancy stuff from pro active, to mary kay, ect., but at the end of the day I always come back to what is simple and does the trick for me.

Want to know a little secret?!? If you need something stronger like proactive but can’t afford it, try this little combo >>> A face wash that contains salicylic acid (keralytic effect) + a product that contains 2% benzol peroxide. Mix together in equal portions and Voila, you have an inexpensive, comparable face wash to that of Proactive

Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub, Oil-Free- 5 oz

7. Now this item I feel like never gets enough attention, but I personally love a good smile (which pretty much means good teeth) and ya gotta keep your pearly whites in check with a solid tooth brush! I have been cavity free my ENTIRE LIFE and I have been using a Phillips Sonicare tooth brush since my teens, I’m thinking highschool.

8.  I hate to admit this one, but I do think it does make a difference on what type of hair conditioner you use (potentially shampoo too, but I have only started paying premium for my conditioner). I recently pinvestigated this situation in May 2015 when I still had really long hair that was constantly getting knotted at the ends.  I finally had a “come to jesus moment” with my hair stylist at the time & she told me to quit being cheap and buy the good stuff…Well, she was right. I immediately noticed a difference with the first wash, but my nappy ends got better and better with each use. The fix, Keratin Complex Conditioner.. (annoying, I know…and now that I can’t just throw my hair up in a bun anymore since I chopped it off, I just have to suck it up)

Keratin Care Conditioner

9. As a nurse, good hand hygiene is a must,  but it really should be a priority for everybody. I wash my hands multiple times a day and would like to attribute the fact that I have NEVER had to take a sick day in my entire professional career due to my good hand hygiene skillios. With that being said, my favorite hand soap is Mrs. Meyer’s in Basil scent. I dig this soap because it contains aloe vera gel, olive oil and some smelly good essential oils that get the job done, moisturize and is quite refreshing!

Basil Hand Soap

10. Last but not least (however most recently discovered), Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in with spf 15 (I’m currently loving this in Fig). I like how this lip balm has SPF 15 ( are you starting to notice how I am really into preventing sun damage skin =), is moisturizing, and adds a fun but subtle color to the lip

BURT'S BEES Lip Shimmer Fig 1 unit

Now it”s your turn!! Please share/ leave a comment of what beauty/product you could not live without in 2015!! I’m always about trying out new things!!!

Happy Sunday,

Kelley B =)


Clarks Shoes =Happy Feet: the BEST work shoes EVER!

23 Aug

shoe 8

Happy Saturday Morning Friends!!

I wanted to share with you all my favorite pair of work shoes (brought to my attn by a bff, Daphne–thanks girl! =). Now I know many of us work long hours (eh hem like those 12 hour nursing shifts), are on our feet often (recently walked 22,000 steps per my fuel band in the E.R ),  have back problems (perhaps some hardware going on in your back or just old age) or if you are like me have all three flippin issues…=/ Moral of the story, it is imperative we ladies have comfortable&cute work shoes!!

My favorite brand of work shoes that are easy on the back and don’t look like they just crawled out of your grandma’s closet are Clarks! I currently wear the Esha Haven Ortholite slip-on shoes pictured above in the top right corner. They feel great on my feet and back, are light-weight and look pretty cute  with my favorite black scrubs=) However, if you not really into the nursing slip on/clogs, there are many other styles, patterns and shapes of shoes as you can see pictured above. [They also have men’s shoes too!!]

Also, if you are a nurse and currently wear Dansko or Sanita which I find both to be terrible heavy and loosely fitted, I would at least try on a pair of Clarks to feel the difference. My Clarks have gel souls which is one of my favorite parts=)

Lastly, Clarks has great customer service! My most recent pair of Esha Haven’s that are were just under a year old sadly started coming a part at the seam and when I called up customer service & explained the situation, they immediately shipped me a brand new pair and apologized for the  lemons I received —I didn’t even have to mail in my receipt or shoes for proof of purchase… if you are not satisfied, neither are they! ps. I found that the customer service line on their website wasn’t working, but this one sure did the trick: 1-877-361-7594!

Here’s to Happy Feet !


How to Tie a Scarf into a Vest

10 Aug


Happy Sunday Morning!!

I just discovered a new AWESOME trick and had to share the video from youtube!!! I really looove scarves, but they aren’t always the most practical accessory during the lovely Texas summer… eh hem the 94 degree temperature yesterday.

Let’s just say you don’t need any extra fabric around your neck, except maybe to pat the beads of sweat dry… or perhaps if you are literally trying to avoid being a redneck–which yes, is a real issue in Tejas, but it’s not just the neck you have to worry about. For instance, a sunburn to the tops of your feet from wearing flip flops (really sucky) or that suhweet raccoon eye look from wearing sunglasses when you haven’t put good ole SPF on

Anywho…NOW, you can rock a scarf as a cute light-weight bohemian-esk vest without fear of suffocation =)

Rock out with yo scarf out !!


3-D Younique Mascara vs. Generic Mascara vs. Lash Extensions –What works best?

4 Aug

Hey Friends,

I don’t know about y’all but I have a had  one favorite mascara FOREVER, L’Oreal Telescopic, since I was introduced to it by my freshman roommate in college (Thanks, Caiter!)

Hooowever, I had been hearing a lot about this Youninque 3D mascara  business and was intrigued only to soon after be gifted some by my cousin-in-law=).

 masacara collage


Younique 3-D mascara definitely gives my lashes a dramatic, glamorous look!! This stuff makes my  lashes thicker and longer than even my favorite generic mascara & as you can see above might even be longer than lash extensions …hard to tell

The game-changer of the 3D mascara (even which my beloved Loreal Telescopic can’t do for people with minimal lashes) are the fibers that attach to the lash and help thicken plus lengthen far better and beyond what gobs of regular old mascara can do.

In addition, I think the 3D mascara might be preferable for those with blonde eye lashes even over lash extensions in the end because once lash extensions begin falling out, you start getting that mutli-color lash action going on…not ideal =/

However, I generally only  bust out the 3-D mascara a few times a week when I manage to hangup the weekend warrior outfit (a.k.a my awesome, cozy, robe) and look cute for hubster (so he doesn’t burn my weekend warrior outfit =) because on me it is definitely a dramatic look (cause I already have kinda long lashes) and personally that’s not what I am always going for.. Especially since my  job consist of me working in the E.R and wearing scrub-tastic gear (not complaining because I  love my comfy pajama like work gear, but being an E.R nurse is just not that glamorous).

I think the ideal end user for 3-D Younique mascara is somebody with short or thin lashes (or both!)… Or somebody who just wants to look glamorous everyday ; )


mascara collage 3

(click on pic to enlarge for better comparison)

For me, I love eye lash extensions BEST because they are hassle free, water proof and you wake up beautamis, BUT of course the downfall is I’m not crazy enough to $$$ pay for those stupid things on a regular basis ( I have only had them twice b/c of groupon and my wedding). If you do want to try these out , I recommend finding a Groupon or Amazing Lash Studio offers your FIRST full set for $79 if you tell them you were going to just buy the groupon (that’s what I did for the wedding)– and yes, that a dealio (regular $250 at the lash studio)–like I said CRAZYNESS

Ultimately, if DRAMATIC, GLAMOROUS LASHES are your ideal look, then I would tell you to  start stocking up on some Younique 3D mascara and make a friend (beauty consultant, a.k.a. not me cause I don’t sell it, but I do know somebody who does =) who can get you the goods at a not too shabby price ($29 a pop in  comparison to lash extensions that are $250+ ). Much better bang for your buck than lash extensions =)

Click HERE if you want some Younique 3D Mascara in your life =)

On the other hand, if your glamour status is more around my speed… I would still get Younique to bust out on occasion AND I would also make a Loreal Telescopic purchase because it’s very effective for the price  if your lashes aren’t too short or thin.. can’t beat  $7 dollars =)

Some of my other favorite makeup products =) I usually don’t stick with one brand, I use whatever works best!

Hope this helps (and let me know your thoughts)!!



The cure to Chapped Lips!

8 Apr

Kiss your chapped lips goodbye with SUGAR LIP POLISH!

Hello Ladies & Gents!

I want to share with you my latest and greatest discovery that has cured my chap/crack-stick addiction and flaky, crusty lip issue with Sugar Lip Polish!

I’m not sure about you, but with recent polar vortex one day, hot and sunny the next day Texas weather, my lips have be crackalackin… I finally had to put an end to it one day out of desperation when I was walking through the mall and realized I left my crack-stick at home…NooOoOOOoO =(

I took it as a sign when this occurred right in front of Sephora ! When the sales lady took me to the section of my FAVORITE LIP GLOSS , I knew the polish made by the same brand had to be  LEGIT—and how am I just now discovering this?!?!? ! This stuff  exfoliates, moisturizes, buffs and gives your lips that silky smooth feeling =) Oh and did I mention this the polish is pretty tasty thanks to the brown sugar…don’t mind my inner fat kid’s sweet tooth and inability to resist tasting all my crack-sticks and now polish!

Check out the stats:

  • 100% reported healthier-looking, softer lips
  • 97% noticed smoother, more hydrated lips with improved texture
  • 94% felt it exfoliated and removed dry patches while making lips supple and revitalized

The downside… cause sadly there is always a catch… this stuff is kinda expensive at $ 22.50 a pop. I plan on trying to find/concoct a cheaper recipe (if you have one or know of one please share), but until then, I think its worth every penny especially since a little goes a long way and you use it about 2-3 time a week.

ALSO, if you haven’t tried my favorite crack-stick linked out above, your lips are missing out!!

Smooches =)

Kelley S.




2 seconds or less T-shirt folding Trick!

17 Jan

Learn to fold t-shirts in 2 seconds or less!

Hey fellow bloggers,

I know it has been a while , but I have to share my newest awesome trick I discovered on you tube!!! How to fold a t-shirt in UNDER 2 SECONDS!! Check it out:

Crazy cool right? Make sure you share this trick with your friends!

Kelley =)


Sock Bun Tutorial: go from dizazz to pizazz in 5 minutes! & Bendable Jewelry!!

10 Nov

Sock Bun Tutorial: go from dizazz to pizazz in 5 minutes!

Hey friends!

Today I am going to share with you my favorite go to updo and fun new accessory. First the sock bun.. As you can see from the pic above, the sock bun can take you from a disaster hairdo and really add some pizazz in about 5 minutes. This is my go to style for work because it keeps the hair up out of my face (and out of bodily fluids, lol), while still looking like I put some sort of effort into my hair (of course, your will soon discover, you don’t even have to brush you hair before doing this, which is perfect for rolling out of bed to go work your 12hr shift in the E.R =)

First make your sock do-nut.  First, choose a tube sock color similar to your own hair color.  Cut the toe off of the tube sock  and roll the sock down over itself starting from the cut toe portion so it looks likes a do-nut:

jewl 5

Next the sock bun is especially great with dirty hair, so if you hair isn’t dirty, go ahead and spray a tad of hair spray and a bit of some tease action to give your hair texture (it will hold better this way, trust me… if you have fine, silky hair like myself, its hard to make it work otherwise.)

Now, put your hair in a pony tail. I usually go Kim K. style, right on the top of my head. Then put your hair through the do-nut.

diz 3

Once you have your hair coming through the top of the do-nut, and this is the tricky part that takes much practice, you are going to start folding your hair over the do-nut and tucking in snugly underneath.

diz 4

Finally, keep rolling the sock do-nut down as you continue to snugly put the loose hairs back underneath the do-nut until the bun sits nice and tight on the top of your head.

dis 2

F.Y.I, this takes practice.. even if you are super good with hair. I personally had to try the sock-bun process about 8 times before getting my first sock-bun to work. However, with each attempt it gets easier  and now I can throw this thing up in 5 minutes or less depending on how unruly my hair is that day =)

Now, my new favorite multi-purpose accessory, BENDABLE JEWELRY

The finance and I went to a craft show yesterday (yes, he actually willingly came =) and came across this sweet lady, Gina, and her awesome skill.


When she began to demonstrate the versatility of this cool piece, I couldn’t pass it by. For instance, you can use it as:

A necklace:

jewel 1

A bracelet:

jewel 2

a head band, my personal preference on how to rock it!

jewel 3

A scarf accent:

jewel 4

and so much more. As you can see in the scarf picture, she sells accent pieces that clip on the bendable jewelry to change the look up or add some more pizazz! Oh and did I mention it was only $15, sweet deal!

jewelry collage

I don’t believe Gina has an actual store and I think she usually sells at weekend craft shows or online, so definitely check her out at Gina’s Jewels! She is so sweet and innovative, I loove it!

This could also make a great, unique Christmas present without breaking the bank!

Happy Sunday,

Kelley =)


Target Adds New Clothing Line!

18 Jul

bridal 4

So for those of you who don’t know, I LOOOOOOVE, Target (aka Tarje in my frenchy french accent). I made a recent discovery (thanks daph!!), that Tarje has a Bridal line (prom and special occasions too) with some really cute dresses (and a few not so cute)!

One of my bffs, Daphne, is getting married next summer and she wanted a simple, elegant and affordable dress that we could wear.  I won’t share the exact one we are getting as not to ruin the element of surprise, buts it’s pretty awesome..=)

If you are getting married soon, you should definitely check out some of theses pretty, re-wearable, and AFFORDABLE, dresses for your bridesmaids! Most are only 69.99 and the bridal line is only online!

Did I mention, the dress we got is super comfy (chiffon fabric),  has pockets (perfect place for my lip balm re-ap needs) and has silicone-like rubber material that helps keep the dress from falling and the girls inside when your jumping up and down to the that classic wedding song “Shout”!

TEVOLIO™  Women's Strapless Tulip Skirt Shantung Dress - Neutral Colors TEVOLIO™  Women's Strapless Tulip Skirt Shantung Dress - Neutral Colors

TEVOLIO™  Women's Halter Neck Chiffon Dress - Fashion Colors

TEVOLIO™  Women's One-Shoulder Rosette Maxi Silky Chiffon Dress -  Neutral Colors

check out some more styles here:

Do you know of any other websites that has cute, affordable bridal dresses?!?

Just one more reason to love Tarje,

Kelley S. =)


The Ultimate Facial Cleansing Experience with The Mia

1 May

The Ultimate Facial Cleansing Experience with The Mia

Did you know your skin is the largest human organ? Skin accounts for approximately 15% of the average adult human weight with a surface area between 1.5-2 square meters, 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, 60,000 melanocytes and more than a thousands nerve endings. Your skin also serves many purposes such as being the first line of defense against infection, regulating body temperature, moisture retention, removal of toxins and production of Vitamin D…. This is what went through my head when I decided that $119 is a small price to pay to keep my skin and more importantly my face, clean, polished & healthy. I also have a clarisonic toothbrush and my pearly whites have never had a cavity… I think Clarisonic might be on to something =)

I love being outside and tend to have dry skin…Before the MIA CLARISONIC, I always had dry flaky patches on my nose and cheeks with some big clogged pores on my nose. After using this thing twice a day for a week, my dry flaky skin ceases to exist and the pores on my nose appear smaller. I should have taken a before and after pic, but I forgot (whoopsies). This is me below 1 week after using the Mia!

face 3


  • Removes makeup 6X better than manual cleansing
  • Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
  • Cleansing helps products work more effectively
  • Gentle enough to use twice a day
  • Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • Minimizes the appearance of visible pores

Why I Chose the MIA vs the other Models

I went with the Mia because the only big difference was the warranty (MIA =1 yr MIA 2=2yrs) and the speed (MIA has one speed, MIA 2 has multiple speeds). At the time I was skeptical and didn’t feel that the Mia 2 had much more to offer. I am quite happy with my one speed Mia original with the normal head.

Before and After Cleansing with the Mia Clarisonic

face 4

Forehead before cleansing

face 5

LEFT: forehead after cleansing with clarisonic–RIGHT: after cleansing with hands

What do you use to cleanse you face? Do you love it? Why or why not?!? Personally, I am never going back…

Kelley =)

Style in Spring/Summer of 2013

18 Mar
~~~More BANG for your BUCK and still Stylish~~~
coral dress 2
I can’t put my finger on it, but I just love coral! It’s fun, vibrant and happy! Coral can also come in a variety of shades from the pink to orange-ish and depending on you skin tone, everyone can usually find a particular hue to rock! Coral can also be paired with lots of colors such as the classic nude/creme, pastel purple, jade and the list goes on!! The dress above (I lost the link cause I’m not buying it) is more than $75.00 bucks, but……
coral 1

get this dress without crazy price tag–bringing sexy to the V-back   only $27.80


((and if you are worried about your bra strap showing in the deep-v, I highly recommend (and own) a lacy bandeau top so you can keep the girls up in style. I bought mine at Francescas for $ 12.00.–this store has lots of fun stuff and you should definitely check it out!))

lua and kelley

One of my bff’s let me pick the color of my bridesmaid dress… of course, I had to rock the coral [2nd best to my favorite color, green] =) Also, who knew J. Crew sold bridesmaid dresses right?!? I wear this dress all the time and it is simple and classic!

crocjet 2

Have you been eye-balling a boho-chic crochet shoe look?!?! …. this style cost $54.00)

crochet sho

Oooor for a more reasonable price and a longer lasting durable shoe keep reading! We know TOMS donates shoes… but at , $9.87 (1/5 the price of TOMS) you can afford to send at least two pairs of the shoes plus shipping t0 other peeps in need!! NOW that’s smart & savy


The Peplum is  one of the most flattering fashions you’ll ever wear, much like the classic little black dress .However, unlike the slimming effect of  black apparel, the peplum promotes  the curves of your body [or creates some for those women without] and frames your silhouette by creating the illusion of an hourglass shape. $98.00

peplum 2

kelley and brooke

Buy this one $22.99–i own this and love it =) [It goes well with a nice jade bubble necklace from J.Crew]


yellow dress

Fashion Week 2013 Street Style of Paris:

TAKE AWAY TRENDS: High/low hem lines, peekaboo cutouts and the ‘80s revival trouser suit, (minus the shoulder pads).

Dare to bare a little skin in a fun, flirty sort of way….this dress above $76.70

This dress  ONLY $22.80  =)– And yes, I really do try what i recommend!!
pic 13

Fashion Week 2013 Street Style of Milan:–fun festive  prints!

 Look out for (head-to-toe) experimental print , bold silhouettes and clutches galore.

bold skirt

a fun bold skirt… $ 178.oo

fun bold skirt

or a fun bold MINI skirt $ 39.95


(it’s also easy to mix and match a black and white print with a more vibrant bold print like this from j.crew

print outfit

or something like this from anthropology

geo pants

at Neiman Marcus last call still… $81.75

bold dress

or you could try a geo bold print dress from forever 21 for  $24.80

bold dress 2

then there is this one for $24.80 as well!


“Whether it’s a scrap of navel on show, courtesy of the crop top trend, or stripy Bermudas in patriotic red, white and blue, here is a lesson in Summer style, no holds barred”. I did a little red, white and blue along with some fun different patterns with my favorite mustard colored purse! When it got chilly out, I threw on my chambray pearl-snap over the outfit to keep me warm.

daph and kelleyI’

I’m digging this trend because you can throw together almost anything that is already in your closet…I like to put together one larger patterned item (like the chevron skirt) with a  smaller pattern (like the plaid crop-top) cause its not too crazy. .. let’s face it, i live in Texas not NYC so i’m not as bold (nor on a sidewalk runway) as the ladies from the North

What are some of your favorite 2013 trends that I have left out? please share =)

Happy Stylin!


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