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10 Fun Facts about Colorado Springs (and the move cont…)

22 Aug

Happy Saturday!

We have officially been living in Colorado Springs for 3 weeks now and here are some updates from my previous post a couple of weeks ago, “The Move… Hello Colorado“. The casa is about 97% unpacked and I have learned quite a bit about my new home thanks to a neighbor who was kind enough to share some fun & need-to-know facts about living in the Springs… especially  if you are moving here from the south.

But first, remember how I told you the hubs and I literally purchased the cheapest  (reclining) couch in the furniture store… Well the couch actually looks pretty darn good, but the question of the day is how long until it falls apart?!? Our game plan is to use it for a year and then hopefully sell it after we buy a casa or move to a new local. I’ll let you know how our plan pans out in a year!!

Without further ado, our NEW COUCH!!



Moving on to some fun fact/ need-to-know tips in Colorado Springs

  1. You must make some adjustment to your recipes when baking at high altitudes. Colorado State University has some helpful tips for High Altitude Food Preparation, whether you be at 2,000 ft or 10,000 ft of altitude =)
  2. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), also a nuclear bunker inside of Cheyenne Mountain, has an annual tradition of tracking Santa’s route every Christmas. This tradition began when the Sears in Colorado Springs accidentally published  NORAD’s number as a hotline to Santa… the officer on duty at the time decided to play along (allegedly).
  3. The local zoo, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, is the only mountain side zoo located in America at an elevation of 6,800 ft. Our bus driver said that Spencer Penrose took up a love of exotic animals after being gifted a bear in 1916.  Apparently he later decided that he must build a zoo after one of his hotel guest got bit by a monkey and slapped him with a $10,000 lawsuit. Either way, our bus driver was quite entertaining =)

zoo collage

zoo 1

Make sure to buy the tickets to ride the lift in the zoo for some great views!!

zoo 2

4. If you do not own a 4-wheel drive vehicle (sadly we don’t), be prepared to buy (or rent a car ) with some Studded Snow Tires because you will most definitely slip-n-slide while driving in the ice & snow.  I hear at a minimum, you need regular  snow tires. Oh and don’t forget to leave one of these bad boys in your car (ice scraper)

5. Speaking of slipping and sliding, every summer (last weekend actually) Colorado Springs host an annual “Slide the City”. This massive slip-n-slide is 1,000 ft long, 24 ft wide, uses 8-10,000 gallons of water and apparently is one of the country’s best slip-n-slide due to the 7% hill grade (average 4-5%).

picture from Slide the City

 6. So far in the past 3 weeks, there has been a short bout of rain, thunderstorm  and/or lightning just about everyday. I did not realize this until now, but Colorado has a “Lightning Season”. The Rocky Mountains are notorious for afternoon thunderstorms during the summer months. In fact, Colorado had the third-most lightning-strike fatalities of any state, with 17 from 2005-2014. Another 15 were injured, according to the National Weather Service. However,  Florida is by far the most dangerous state for lightning, averaging more than 10 deaths per year. Regardless, these pretty but dangerous storms are fun to watch from the safety of you balcony =)


(pic from KRDO NewsChannel 13)

7. “Seven Falls” is really a series of 7 waterfalls that make up one massive looking waterfall (and yes, I was expecting to see seven individual waterfalls as this trip was a last-minute adventure that I did not previously research  =) Regardless, the waterfall is pretty impressive and there are many other fun walking, hiking and zip lining trails in the park.

Collage 2

8. Colorado Springs is home to The Broadmoor, a 2015 “Best Hotel” in the USA per U.S News Travel. The nice thing for us is that the hotel is open to the public (they actually own the Seven Falls too). The hubs and I grabbed some wine and cheese  after our hike up the Seven Falls and plan to go back soon to hit up their pool situation =) =) If you want to come visit us & plan to stay in style (aka, your not feeling our air mattress situation in the office), we will not be offended if you choose to fance it up at The Broadmoor) 😉



9. Here is a whole list of FREE THINGS TO DO IN COLORADO SPRINGS from the Colorado Spring visitor website with some printable coupons!! You can also visit to see what type of events are going on in the city on any given day


(pic by Jake Stewart)

10. Colorado Springs has an annual Labor Day Lift Off Hot Air Balloon Festival which I am super pumped about attending this year. Apparently the festivities begin bright and early Saturday, September 5th at 6:30am with the first wave of balloon inflations at 7am.  After all the balloons are launched, both Saturday and Sunday there are  Wings of Blue U.S air Force Skydiving Team demonstration, Ultimate Frisbee Exhibition, Paddle Boarding sesh on Prospect Lake and you can even purchase a ticket to take a ride in a hot air balloon =) Checkout the Top 10 Hot Air Balloon Rides Worldwide

11. This one is not a fun fact… In fact this tid bit is a very annoying but oh so true fact.  If you plan to drive around Colorado Springs, make sure you pay attention to the speed limit because it can change multiple times within a small stretch on the same stinking road. Seriously, I got MY VERY FIRST SPEEDING TICKET EVER  the first five days of being here and the speed limit changed from 40mph, to 30mph, to 35mph within a 2-3 mile stretch (I’m told it does not help if you still have out-of-state plates on your car either).  There is no southern hospitality when it comes to the Springs police force…. I just so happen to get the self-proclaimed “stickler of Colorado Springs”>>> not cool =/

Anywho,  I would love your comments on my couch situation… I probably should have taken a poll prior to potentially throwing away money, but I guess that is what pinvestigating is all about =)

1) can you guess how much we paid?

2) Does it look as cheap as the number you just came up with in your head (hehe) You can’t offend me, I’m already in love  with the poop brown reclining marshmallow that I get to relax on every night and not worry about spilling my red wine on =) =) 

3) If you too thought it was a good idea to purchase a super cheap couch in your lifetime, how long did it hold up for you? 

4) If you were able to sell that super cheap couch before it fell apart, about how long can my love affair last until things get ugly and it starts cramping my style?

I hope everybody has a Happy Saturday!!



The Move… Hello Colorado=)

9 Aug

Hi fam & friends!

I know its been a while since I have posted,  so here are some updates in our life and the world of pinvestigating (now including  places )!


Exactly a week ago yesterday, the hubs and I set off on a permanent road trip to Colorado Springs!! We decided on this just 5 days prior when I officially signed and accepted a job there. We rented a place site unseen from pics on the internet and it turned out well (soo far anyways =).. Crazy you may call us,  but you only live once! In the week that we have been in The Springs, here are some things we have done and discovered outside of unpacking

  1. At an altitude of 6,035, the struggle for some good ole O2 is real, however this makes The Springs the perfect local for the flagship US Olympic Training Center. The lack of 02 in comparison to Houston isn’t really an issue just walking around (unless going up an excessive incline or mucho stairs), but boy do I get winded much quicker running, hiking or mountain biking.  I also crave water like nobody’s business.
  2. We live near Garden of the Gods, recently ranked t No. 1 park (eh hem, great for walking mom when you decide to visit!!) in the country, ahead of New York’s Central Park (No. 2) and Chicago’s Millennium Park (No. 3) per trip advisor =) This is a great place to hike, bike or watch storms come in over the mountains =)1114
  3. The whole fam got haircuts..LOL =) We didn’t plan this on purpose, we all just happened to show up rather disheveled after a 2-day 15 hour drive. Rollie got some-what matted and constipated along the road trip (I’ll spare you the details), I kept getting shocked with the amount of static electricity due to the dry dry air, particularly after doing my long hair and the hubs needed one before we left.


3.  We have deer roam right outside of our balcony.  Ooooh Rollie bear, our big boned, clumsy shitzu is not so sure what to think of these things. He likes to bark at them if he is behind closed balcony walls, but they don’t seemed threatened one bit.


4. There are lots of Microbreweries in the area! We just so happen to visit the Bristol Brewery first which is located in an old school. I liked this place because it was a fun, relaxed atmosphere with great indoor and outdoor activities (game room, shuffle board, bean bags, ect.) and yummy food!

5.  The Mountains make for a great compass that you can see from everywhere, which is perrrfect for those of us who are directionally challenged.  Peace out Tom Tom! 43

6. Saturday we visited Cave of The Winds,  which has lots of fun things to do including: cave tours, Wind Walker ropes course, The Terror-Dactyl ride, the Bat-A-Pult 1200ft zip line, ect. Definitely must check it out if you come to visit us =)

29 2423

7. We  didn’t move a dining room table, so here is our current setup =)


8. We also recently purchased a cheap (like cheapest in the store) ,but oh so comfy for now) couch since we sold our couch before moving. We decided on this route since we only plan on renting our current place for a year and then we are going to sell the thing (if it holds up…we shall see). Once this things gets delivered today, I’ll post some updates later in the week to let you see the beauty =)

9. Apparently the BEST time to visit [us] Colorado Springs is March to May and from September to November.  However, the winter allegedly isn’t too bad either. ” Despite popular belief, Colorado Springs winters aren’t all that frosty when compared to the state’s other cities. In fact, average high temperatures generally hover in the 40s, and less-than-ideal snow conditions (for skiing) redirect winter travelers to major ski towns like Aspen, Telluride and Vail instead” per U.S. News Travel.


Those are all the updates I have for now, but I’ll keep you posted =)


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