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Master Bathroom Renovation Revealed

30 Jul

Buenos Dias Blog World!!

ToooooDAY is the DAY!! Baby Boosh’s due date ❤ (he is still happily baking as of this morning) & the Master Bathroom Renovation =  A SUCCESS STORY & completed just in time!!

If you will remember from last weeks post, I wasn’t so sure if my last minute master bath reno project that I pulled the trigger on at 32 weeks pregnant was panning out to be such a great pinvestigation after all… up until 3 days ago there was no functioning bathtub or shower, but at a minimum I did at least have a pot to piss in, lol!

In summary, my failed zika virus poo pooed Hawaiian  babymoon trip turned  babymoon+staycation Master Bathroom Oasis project ended up being a FABULOUS hormonally induced last minute decision!

SIDE NOTE: I’m not going to lie, baby boy has been very good to his momma thus far during pregnancy, heck my vision even IMPROVED, so although I may seem like a crazy ambitious pregnant girl  it’s most likely because this whole pregnancy thing has been the easy part=) I would probably NOT recommend taking on a renovation (even if you are hiring somebody like I did–ya, I’m not this handy peeps) into your 3rd trimester, living in a dust-filled disaster zone if your body does not do pregnancy/ raging hormones well…


Brown, Bulkhead, Brass and Seashell Sinks, Oooh My!

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The Master Bath Oasis Retreat

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Want MORE Deets on the Design Elements?

accent tile, fixtures, faucets, flooring, tub, counter top, wall color, etc…

Just leave me a comment and I would be happy to answer/assist =) =) Now that I will be on maternity leave, I have decided to dabble in design consulting from the couch, ha! Just kidding, but I would be happy to help!

Happy Renovating &

Stay Tuned for the Arrival of Baby Boosh!!!

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Decorating Small Spaces – 7 Tips I used in my Living Room Makeover

21 Nov

Hi friends!

Today I’m going to share with you how I turned my small, narrow, rented living room into a bright, cozy, inviting space!

Before…>>The  layout


1. Choose a Neutral Color Scheme 

Neutral, monochromatic, light shade color schemes will always prevail to darker ones  in helping a room feel more spacious! It’s a fact that lighter colors reflect more light (eh hem, picture the Rockies covered in endless amounts of snow and why you always come home sun-burned if your not prepared) where darker colors absorb it.  Feel free to add small pops of color for fun=)

Here you can see I went with creams, beige, brown, gold and some gray =)


another positive:  If you own your space, neutral color schemes (especially on the walls) are  helpful when it comes back around to selling your house! Again, your house will feel more spacious and the potential buyer is better able to picture their junk in your casa!

2. Let There Be LIGHT!

So we have already established that a brighter room feels bigger than a darker one. Therefor, try to incorporate items into your room that help increase or reflect light  such as: lamps, mirrors, clear glass or even durable plastic furniture, metal pieces & shiny objects. Tip: try to position these objects where they are able to reflect the most light (near a window, a mirror behind a lamp, ect).


You can see here where I could not resist a few pops of color  and I’m utilizing mirror + glass =)  In my next picture below and pic #7, you can  see where I even sneaked a hint of reflective fabric into my metallic diamond  Tarje Rug

3.Create Interest without the Clutter

I know I know, there is probably a bit more going on here in my living room than I should have put up, BUT mostly just on the wall. And to my credit, I moved from a larger home so I had A LOT of decorative  stuff that had to go into storage. Moral of the story, LESS= MORE especially in small spaces, but sometimes I like to bend my own rules 😆

If you have not noticed yet, I believe everybody’s home should reflect their own style and I tend to gravitate towards a variety of styles (depends my mood and my inspiration piece really). I like to create interest with different  fabric, textures, patterns, pieces, arrangements and furniture.

For instance, I have an old heirloom traditional mirror from Canada (noticed positioned to reflect light behind the lamp ;), a shabby chic white lamp, contemporary rug & chairs, traditional coffee table, a wall collage of randomness and a pillow obsession.


Do what works for you to reflect your style & avoid  being too “Rooms to Go”  literally matchy matchy. On the other hand, in order to maintain some cohesiveness throughout the room make sure the items you  choose have some recurrent themes like: coordinate with your color scheme, made of same material [hard wood, mirrors, metal], more than one certain style of item, ect)

My Pillow Obsession =)


Tip: If you are terrible at visualizing different pillows, fabrics ect,  in a room, buy them, try them and return the ones that don’t work (obviously inquire about the return policy first 😉 Oh, and don’t forget to buy one comfortable pillow for the hubster. It will generally be the cheapest one he prefers. In my case, he likes the long gray one from Ross for $7.00

4. Maintain Open Sight Lines

As obvious as it sounds, in order to maintain open sight lines, choose furniture or items that don’t obstruct the view. For instance, I think a recurrent problematic theme in small rooms is how to create more seating without making the room feel small. In my case, I chose armless chairs with low backs from Target and opted for some short fluffy stools that I found at Ross . Other things I considered included a bench, poufs & storage ottomans. I also incorporated items in the room that double as storage like my coffee table and the two wicker baskets in order to reduce the amount of clutter out in the open.


5. Emphasize the Positives About the Room

In my situation, the living room has two major pluses.

>> Almost an entire wall of glass sliding doors  that allows for a ton of natural light

>>Tall ceilings

You can see in the previous picture the amount of natural light that pours into the room through the glass doors… In order to take advantage of this light but still maintain privacy, white curtains were hung to allow the most light through when closed & were flanked by dark chocolate brown ones for interest. The curtain rod was already hung when I moved in, but if I was allowed to change it I would move it up higher  towards the ceiling to create the illusion of a bigger room.

Next, I hung some decor that draws the eye up, again creating the feel of a larger room


6. Minimize the Negatives About the Room

My living room came with some funky angles and niches that are not exactly equal. In order to offset this strange design, I tried to create the illusion of symmetry, by accenting this area with a balanced design  Same wrought iron pieces flanking the TV, same vases, same floral, same nights stands, ect. And of course, we are already addressing the small, narrow space issue of the room =)



7. Add a Few Small Memorable Items that make you SMILE!

One of my favorite small items in the living room is a 3-D connect four game. I secretly love this item because it is unique, we found it during a little weekend vaycay to Galveston and I beat the husband playing it 99.9% of the time =) 


Some more of my favorite small items include: photos (isn’t my newphew the cutest!!) a fun zip-lock glass candy bowl and a digital photo frame so I get a variety of pictures without taking up too much space =) =)





Happy Decorating,
Kelley B

Paint Your Builder-Grade Kitchen Cabinets DIY Style! >>>My Kitchen Makeover<<<

20 Jan

Kitchen Makeover 1

The finishing touches on my kitchen remodel finally happened today and I’m sooo excited, just in time before school starts too =) =)

        Are you ready to see how you can transform you builder-grade kitchen cabinets into custom ones?!?  Let me just go ahead and say, the husband and I started this project late friday night (mind you I worked 7pm-7am that friday and saturday night in the E.R) and did not finish until late monday night.  We worked like maniacs, but you must allow for sanding, priming, dry time, double coats, custom beadboard and cut out action sooooo…. it’s definitely a bit of a project BUT TOTALLY DO-ABLE!!! Things started progressing much quicker too once I discovered the BEST PROFESSIONAL CABINET PAINTING TOOL !!

What you need to your Paint Builder-grade Wooden Kitchen cabinets and Wooden Kitchen Table

kitchen unfinished

Whizz 4 inch mini foam roller (one for every paint color and/or person helping) I used two! = THE BEST PROFFESIONAL CABINET PAINTING TOOL!!

Mouse Sander w/ sander pads to fit the mouse ( I borrowed this so there was not cost here, thanks Kim!!)

Zinsser Bull’s Eye 1-2-3- Primer for all surfaces: I bought tinted gray primer since I was painting my cabinets black

Valspar Duramax Paint + Primer (Interior) >>>( in whatever colors you are choosing to paint your cabinets, so I purchased black and white. I only used 1/2 gallon of black for my entire kitchen including the table. I bought a quart of white paint for my island and of course had lots of left over! I loved working with this paint because it covered well and  I felt that it did not splatter near as much as paints I have used in the past (aka, thicker and easier to paint with)

Two-inch Natural Bristle angle paint brush (for the nooks and crannies)

–paint drop cloth (psst. I literally used left over christmas paper =) =)

–screwdriver and/or drill (for removing and hanging cabinets)

-towels (paper, microfiber, whatev) These are for wiping off the cabinets after you sand them!


blue painter’s tape: I was just very careful when painting the edges of my built-in cabinets in the kitchen, but if you are new to painting I would suggest taping off the edges so your kitchen walls don’t end up the same color as your new cabinets

Beadboard: if you want beadboard on the ends of your cabinets and islands to make them look custom<<< makes a HUGE difference >> this really makes your cabinets and island look custom!! (amount obviously depends on cabinets and/or island) I used about 40-48 sqft)

–jigsaw (I borrowed this, thanks again Kim)!

–finishing nails

–wood glue

paint pyramids— I have read these can be helpful to place your cabinets on when drying, but I just layed my cabinets on christmas paper in the garage =)

Project Timeline

Friday night:

-Remove all dishes, silverware, anything from the cabinet surfaces that is to be sanded and painted. Move to a separate room otherwise your dishes will get sand-blasted

-Remove all cabinets, drawers and hardware. Place hardward in ziplock baggies so you don’t loose them for later!


Sand every surface including the cabinets front and back. The primer I bought says you don’t have to necessarily sand before priming, but I wanted these cabinets to look profesh so the hubster roughed them up just a bit, but did not take them down to the grain. I also did not think gel stain would work on these builder grade cabinets because the middle surface is thinner than the edges (typical builder-grade style) so I didn’t want to run the risk of having the two different thickness/type of wood absorb the gel stain color differently–talk about a potentially disaster!!

Also  you might be contemplating.. Do I really need to do the backside of the cabinets, I mean nobody really see’s them>>>The answer would be yes, if you are going to paint like a profesh, don’t be a 50%er… I know, I know, I contemplated it too but once the project was in full swing, you already got paint in your hair so why not right!?!? Plus, it WILL LOOK GHETTO when you or your kiddos leave cabinets doors open and the backside is still that lovely oak color!


Wipe off all excess saw-dust with wet microfiber towel and then let cabinets dry or wipe dry.

Prime the front side of the cabinets using the foam roller going in the direction of the wood grain and using the 2 inch angle brush for the nooks and crannies.  Make sure when your done with one cabinet to look for drips and roll them out, otherwise that drip mark will be visible when you paint your top coat>> does not look as nice in the end with drip marks on your cabinets!


Let front side of cabinets dry completely. I laid my cabinets flat in the garage on some christmas wrapping paper left over from the holidays. You can also use painter’s pyramids, tarp, or lie them flat on the concrete (I did this when I ran out of Christmas paper) as long as you don’t mind some spillage as that can occur.

 Prime the back-side of all the cabinets and let dry. The foam roller is KEY to making your cabinets look professional, take your time and roll out any drip marks.  The husband primed the kitchen while I was working on the cabinets in the garage. At some point before going into work that night, I started painting the first layer of black top coat on a couple of cabinets.



Tip: every night after you are done painting instead of cleaning all the brushes for the night, you can wrap your foam roller and paint brush up in aluminum and stick it in the fridge=) In the morning, unwrap the foil from the paint brush and you are ready to go!


Finish the first black coat on the front-side and back side of cabinets. I had so many cabinets to paint, by the time I finished painting the last cabinet, the first one I painted was dry and ready for the final 2nd black coat on the front-side of of the cabinet. I also painted the first & 2nd black coat  in the kitchen between cabinet drying time




Finish the 2nd top layer front and back to the cabinets and to the kitchen. Once everything is COMPLETELY dry and touched up, start hanging cabinets then putting on hardware .

Don’t forget about those cabinet base boards. Instead of using blue painter’s tape, I shoved magazine pages in between the tile and wood to paint the cabinet edges that touched the tile. I painted the kitchen island white to help tie in the existing white appliances. Sure I think stainless steel appliances would look much better, but those just aren’t in my  budget =)


Note: If you are going to put beadboard on the edges of your cabinets and island, you can make a trip to Lowes to pick this us while everything is drying. The husband measured the island and ends of the built-in kitchen  cabinets with a diagram and I had my friendly Lowes’ lumber department associate cut the pieces to appropriate size.   The Lowes’ associate made most of the large cuts for me in-store, but we had to use the jigsaw for the power outlets and the small in-cut at the bottom of the island. If you are going to make cuts yourself, remember you want the breadboard all going the same direction (vertical as picture below).

Helpful hint: when using the jigsaw to make a power outlet cut in the middle of the board, here is a helpful video


To  attach the beadboard, we slathered on some wood glue and the hammered in some finishing nails. Length of finishing nails should depend on the thickness of your cabinets and beadboard that you pick out.

Other Kitchen Upgrades

(some occurred before painting the cabinets, some after )

–I painted the pantry door black. See how here and the type of oil-based paint I had to use that was different from the cabinets

–I painted the center piece of kitchen table black using the same steps I used for the kitchen cabinets

–I had granite installed and when I did so, I had the island extended to create more seating.

–The Kitchen walls got a coat of brown paint called “Steady Brown”. This is two shades darker than latte that is painted on the main walls so it gives the kitchen a nice subtle contrast. I also pained my niche and hallways this steady brown color. You can always checkout the rest of my diy home improvements by clicking on my “House Tour” tab above

–The husband and I installed a rustic metal orb  Chandelier  over the newly painted kitchen table(15% off)

–I spray painted the brass door knobs a hammered rustic brown color. Remove, take outside, place on newspaper and give two coats with this

–Added hardware to the cabinets. Adding hardware not only keeps you from putting your grimy fingers on the doors, but it creates interest, just like when you wear jewelry. Maybe not entirely necessary, but looks so pretty!

–Knocked out the center of two cabinets and paid to have glass installed. You can cut these out with a jigsaw if you want to do this too!!

 All in all, the materials to paint the kitchen cabinet, kitchen table,

 glass installation in two kitchen cabinets ($102),

new metal orb chandelier at 15% off ($138)

and new wreath for the pantry cost

less than $400


kitchen 8

kitchen 3

kitchen 7

I know this is quite the project and if you need any clarification on what I did, feel free to leave a comment. Also, if you have done this before and have any suggestions, please let me know how this could be done even better and faster in the future!!

Happy Home Improving!!

Kelley B.

10 Ways To Customize Builder-grade Bathrooms

17 Jan

 bathroom 40

       Don’t you just love your standard builder-grade bare bones bathroom.?!? neither! In fact, my starter home not only had builder-grade everything in the house, but ever worse a lack there of in the bathrooms…. a.k.a no linen closet, no toothpaste cabinet/ wall storage and my master bathroom even had carpeting>>>>> sCaRy, I know!!!!

So, here are a few tips and tricks to take your builder-grade bathroom to the next level.

1. Add some Unique wall storage/cabinets  

bathroom 3

I found this gem above at Hobby Lobby (of course used my 40% off coupon). Bonus: my friends who stop by are welcome to take a sprintz of perfume from my collection =)

bathroom 21

by DIY Playbook

2. DIY Framed Mirror by Saved By Suzy

bathroom 15

3. Make a feature wall

bathroom 16

wall art decal

You can also try some Wall Decals (super easy and not permanet), Stencil action, tile, pallet wood (pictured above by Mandy Jean Chic), or simply paint one wall a different color

4. Change out the cheap builder-grade hooks & fixtures 

bathroom 22

Remove those silver towel holders and racks and replace with some old door knobs or shabby chic diy-er!

by Not Just a Housewife

bathroom 20

by ArtsyVaVa

5) Buy Vanity Fixture Shade Boxes to cover your Hollywood Makeup Counter Light bulbs

bathroom 23

by HGTV Spa Retreat Bathroom

I have seen these vanity  Box Shades at Lowes, but when I went by my home depot they did not carry them =(

6.  Toiletries for your guest! Collect  or buy individual toiletries for your guest and incorporate them into your decor! (don’t forget to leave out a visible extra roll of toilet paper..we all know drip dry is not fun ladies!)

bathroom 27

bathroom 2

7) Add a chandelier (electric or a candle one) If you make it a candle one (much much easier, don’t forget you can buy battery operated LED flickering candles with timers–just got mine from Ross for around $10). You can see from my House Tour, I sort of loove my chandeliers. I have added some to my bathroom, guest room and deck (all candle of course because they are soo easy =)

bathroom 30

by Aiken House & Garden

8) Jazz up the window with a wrought iron piece, diy shutters or even some simple curtains

bathroom 1

I got this piece 50% off at Kirkland’s. I got sick of it hanging in my entry hallway and it just so happened to be a perfect fit in my bathroom window! Prior to my entryway, it served as a head board in college>> great purchase =)

by funky junk interiors

9) Get creative when you don’t have a linen closet

bathroom 31

by 11 Magnolia Lane (hello re-purposed wine rack!)

bathroom 6

^^ currently my situation

utilize every SQUARE inch of your bathroom!

10. Paint your bathroom cabinets!

bathroom 32

by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

bathroom 34

by: Primitive & Proper

I hope you find these tips helpful &  easy. I have already utilized quite a bit of them myself and hope to make all of them happen in the near future! Do you have any additional tips on how to upgrade the standard builder-grade bathroom?

Happy Home Improving!!

Kelley B =)


Guest Bedroom Makeover: design on a dime!

16 Sep

collage 1

Hey There,

I’m excited to share my long over due guest bedroom makeover, especially since it cost me less than $250.! How is this even possible you might ask?!?  Well, I reused, re-purposed & made some savvy shopping choices… specifically  @ Craigslist, Ross & Walmart.

guest bedroom

(previous situation)

For starters, I reused the left over green paint from my master bedroom to create a colored feature wall in the guest bedroom. That headboard which is actually an old plantation shutter screen was given to me by my aunt, but any type of room/screen divider could work as a nice headboard

Then, I busted out my old master bedroom queen size quilt that I was no longer using since I upgraded to a king size bed. I believe my mom originally found that at a garage sale of some sort.

Next, I recycled the old foot-board from my queen size bed and turned it on its side. From there I added a cheap door hanging mirror from Walmart and some cute key hooks from Ross. I attached the mirror with velcro and nailed in the key hooks=)

Oh and the rug  that you see… it is a 5×7 bargain find from Ross that I purchased for $49.99=)




The towels = Walmart’s Better Homes brand !

Next, one of my  favorite finds is this  shabby chic dresser that came from the one and only Craigslist for $95


If you are wondering about the fun accessories a top of the dresser… yep, they are  all from Ross. The little bird went for a mere $5.99, candles sticks $ 8 – $12, the picture frame $8.99 and the blue mirrored tray was $19.99. I also paid homage to one of my favorite tv shows, Breaking Bad, to help create a fun Wifi password for gues. I made the wifi art on!


Have you ever noticed I have a thing for chandeliers? Well, I moved the one from above my tub to top off this shabby chic look. I also painted this old wicker chair that use to be in my sister’s room way back in the day the same color as my feature wall.


Last but not least, final touches to the room included fun pillows from Ross that ranged from $6.99-$8.99


…and a d.i.y “be our guest” banner made from scrap book paper and washi tape =)


So what do you think? Any plans for your guest bedroom? Any savvy saving guest bedroom decor tricks you can share with us?

Happy decorating =)

Kelley B.


10 Laundry Room Ideas/Inspirations

26 Jul

Happy Weekend Everybody!!

This week I have been in a project/house beautification mode, but one room that always has been neglected for far too long is my laundry room =/. Maybe because it has always been  a disazz or perhaps cause it’s my favorite place to hide all of my junk that doesn’t fit in a drawer,  but either way it has issues…

So, I have been pinvestigating and found 10 awesome ideas/tricks to jazz up the Laundry Room… The only problem is I’m just no exactly sure which direction to go….any thoughts?!? What’s going on in your laundry room?!?

1) Stencil A Pattern by View Along The Way

Now I do have some experience with stenciling ( like my damask master bathroom wall which I am in love with), but maybe I should try something new?!?iUpdated Laundry Room on a budget at View Along the Way, washer and dryer, stenciled wall, turquoise room, painted floor, striped floor, how to paint a striped floor, how to stencil a wall, how to style a laundry roomor throw up some wallpaper! I have no experience with wallpaper but I might have to take a whack at it!!

2) D.I.Y Space Saver by Good Housekeeping

— I am always into crafts/beautification with a purpose !! This nifty idea would definitely be more useful and cuter than that awkward space/nitch everybody has in their laundry room that hides the old mop bucket..or maybe that just me?!?

3) Paint  a Trendy Pattern… like Herrinbone  by Remodelaholic

— I just love whats going on here.. a great  use of space (or lack there of kind like my issues) + awesome organization. I definite contender here =) Some other fun patter options include: chevron, houndstooth, honeycomb, quatrefoil & fish scale

or ombre anyone?
4) Shabby Chic it up by Eleven Magnolia Lane
–if you haven’t already taken my “House Tour” you will see I have quite the love for shabby chic that shows up in my bedroom and especially master bath.. (ps. dont ya love the quatrefoil stenciled wall here too =)
laundry room redo
5) Rustic and Re-purposed  by  Faded Charm
I’m totally diggin this look but my laundry room is just too small =(
 Farmhouse Laundry Room Katyelliott 3435 › 10 Country Laundry Room ...
6) Fun with Decals by IHeart Organization
Decals are always an easy, quick, mess free option to beautify a room.. I love how they turned out in my guest bathroom, but should I go for something else?!?
7) Industrial look

8) Bringing the Outdoors In

I’m liking this  over-sized sink here to soak clothes or bathe the dog!!

industrial... perfect for gardening

9) Texture-ize  with Beadboard/ Wood/Stone /Brick



10) Sheer Genius

–forgo the laundry room all together and add that space into your new awesome &  grandiose closet!!

Go ahead and take a rest on you chaise lounge that you can now fit in your huge closet from all that space your saved.. Oh and don’t bother rummaging through drawers cause you got class cabinets (kinda like window shopping) soo maybe a little over the top but would I go there…… um YES PLEASE, if I no budget =)

So, what’s your favorite?!?! Clearly # 10 isn’t happening (any time soon anyways.. a girl can dream right?!? =) I would love you thoughts and suggestions on what you have done!!

laundry 4

Have a wonderful weekend





7 easy tips to being LOVE-STRUCK with your bedroom!

1 Nov

7 easy tips to being LOVE-STRUCK with your bedroom!

Hey friends!

Today I am very excited because my friend Jessica Christian, from across the pond (that’s right –York, United Kingdom), will be sharing with us 7 easy tips on how to LOOOVE our bedrooms as my guest blogger today =)

Not only does Jessica have the design eye, but I love her European flair and creative post at her blog,  4 INTERIOR DESIGN.. Did I mention her fabulous English accent even comes out in her writing. Seriously, read in the post in an English accent to get the full affect =)

How to be Love-struck With Your Bedroom

Everyone deserves a bedroom that they can fall in love with, but not everyone can afford to remodel a bedroom all in one. Make small, but significant changes to your room’s décor until you feel that you have achieved the look you desire. It does not have to be expensive, but do be prepared for the whole process to take some time, as you set aside a little money every month for your bedroom décor.

1) The Power of Bed Spreads

Your bed dominates the bedroom and, as such, is the immediately obvious focal point. Make the most of this by making sure that your bedspread is stylish, eye-catching and colorful.

blog pic 1

2) Pillow Display

Arrange a wealth of pillows and ornamental cushions on your bed to create an inviting aura in your bedroom. Choose bedding and linen that follow the theme of your room and allow cushions and throws to weave harmoniously around the theme too.

blog pic 2

3) Mix and Match Colours and Textures

Rather than opting for one colour throughout your room – which can be daunting and off-putting – choose a variation with two or three shades of the colour. You can even use a colour scheme of up to three completely different colours! Use several different fabrics in the room too, changing from cool crisp linen and cotton to richly textured knits. The different materials add depth to the room, and the emphasis can be changed as the seasons shift from cool to warm.

blog pic 3

4) Soothing Colours

As the primary function of your bedroom should always be rest and relaxation, try to utilise softer, more soothing colours than you would employ elsewhere in the home. If you crave vivid, vibrant colours you can use them in small touches here and there, rather than spreading them lavishly throughout the room.

blog pic 4

5) Tactile Sensations

The bedroom is an intimate place, where you can let your guard down. Use features that affect as many of your senses as possible – smooth silky fabrics as bedding and curtains, with thick plush carpeting underfoot; purchase potpourri or natural air fresheners to infuse the room with a light fragrance; and perhaps, have your favourite relaxation CD permanently in place, ready to lull you to sleep with gentle music. Create a look of luxury in your room and you will reap the benefits as you settle down every night, embraced by the comfort of your room.

blog pic 5

6) Comfortable Chair/ Signature Piece

Every room is transformed when you add in a comfortable chair or a lively signature piece. The extra piece of furniture subtly changes a plain bedroom into a masterful suite! Speaking practically, having a chair or small sofa in the bedroom is an excellent idea as it gives you somewhere to sit other than the bed, perfect for reading, browsing the Internet or even checking emails.

blog pic 9blog pic 6blog pic 10

7) No Clutter

Put your foot down with the family! Do not allow anything to be put into your bedroom unless it belongs there and fits in with your décor scheme. All too often bedrooms become crowded with broken lamps, bulky and rarely used exercise equipment and many other bits and pieces. This most commonly happens when guests come to stay and the spare room needs to be emptied out; the problem arises when the items are not put back again afterwards! Refuse to allow anything to be left in your room without a deadline for removal and make sure that your rule is adhered to!

blog pic 7

Thanks again Jessica for sharing your wisdom on how to create a fabulous, relaxing, retreat at home!

Happy Decorating =)

Kelley =)


How To Protect Your Deck!

3 Sep

How to protect your deck!

Hey Everybody,

I hope you all had a lovely labor day weekend! Personally, I visited my mom for the weekend and on labor day I decided to stain my deck. I loooove being outdoors and my deck has been one of the best investments I could have made… it makes me so happy sitting outside checking out my greenbelt and drinking coffee. I use it all the time, but one thing I contemplated before building was the maintenance/rotting worries. I considered a ugly non-natural concrete slab for a quick second, but couldn’t resist the beauty of nature and wood grain =)

Luckily, I discovered a product that preserves, protects and prevents wood from rotting while beautifying at the same time called Deckscapes.

As you can see above, the picture on the left is my deck before staining, and the picture on the right is spiced up after staining(transparent color, Spice Chest to be exact)! I love the oil-based Deckscape stain for the following reasons:

1) you only need one coat for total coverage, the directions even stress this

2) a little goes a long way (1 gallon covers approximately 250-300 sq/ft of smooth wood)— SWEET!

3) options, options, options…Deckscapes semi-transparent stains are available in 24 colors

4) stain contains products that inhibit the growth of mildew (yay!)

5) provides waterproof shield (when the water falls on the deck and it is beading up, your good to go.. if not it’s time to re-stain)

6) formulated to be scuff-resistant with UV protection that helps prevents fading

How long does the stain last?

Personally, the majority of my deck gets direct sunlight and unfortunately a little drizzle at least three times a week related to some sprinkler action. It has been 1 year since I stained my deck and although the water was still beading up on the surface, I decided to re-stain the deck for beautification purposes and because I had some free time. A fresh coat of paint just looks goooood. How long would the water have continued to bead up if I had waited longer…. not sure =/

How Did I Prepare My Deck Before Staining?

Although Deckscapes has some products available for washing your deck before staining, I did not find this necessary as I stained my deck from the get go with Deckscapes and my wood was in good condition. I simply did the following:

1) sprayed deck with water-hose and did a quick scrub to remove pollen/dirt with industrial broombroom(if I would of had a power-washer, this would have been an even easier process and I could have ditched the broom).

2) Allow deck to COMPLETELY dry

3) Start staining!

4) Enjoy your results!house deck

Is there anything else you do to your deck to keep it looking good?

Kelley S.

Interior Black Doors

24 Feb


As a home owner on a budget, I am always looking for great ways to spice up a room with a cost effective D.I.Y trick.  I got inspired by a picture on pinterest pinned by Today’s Creative Blog about painting your interior doors black to jazz things up a bit! I love the contrast of the black doors with the white molding =)


best black door

I started small (with the pantry door) since black can be quite dramatic and difficult to cover up in the event I didn’t like my turnout. …buuut I have to say I was very pleased with the results and plan to do all of my interior doors black =)

First things first, you must figure out what the original paint (latex or oil base) is on your existing doors. This is very important because you will have a DISASTER if you try to paint latex over oil..

QUICK TRICK if your not sure what the existing type of paint is on the surface:

Rub a corner of the painted area with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. If the color comes off it is latex– this my friends is how I found out the original white paint on my pantry door was oil based and so I chose Rust-oleum Satin finish  pictured above

NEXT: I rubbed on deglosser in a circular motion with  a rag all over the door and let it dry for about 30 minutess


Then I removed the door knob on the pantry door and began painting the pantry door with Rust Oleum Satin Finished Paint

black paint

Finally, let the paint completely dry and then put on another coat and Voila…

black door

Happy D.I.Y =)


Wall Art Decals

14 Feb

wall art decal

I love trees and wanted to bring the outdoors inside soooo….today I transformed my bathroom with some Birch Tree decals from PopDecal at Amazon for only $ 68.00 bucks!!!

BEFORE: (sad boring walls)

bathroom 1

Supplies for application:

-painter’s tape

-plastic spatula


How to apply decals to wall:

bathroom 2

I found this very helpful video, DIY for Birch Tree Wall Decal Sticker, from youtube and instead of writing out instructions, you just need to watch it cause it is so very simple!



Decorating your home does not have to be expensive–check it out!

Bird Cage Shelf from Marshall Home Goods (my FAVORITE store): $16.99

Birch Tree Pop Decal from Amazon: $ 68.00

White Lantern from Hobby Lobby: about $15 bucks with their everyday 40% off one item coupon

Towel from Walmart: $ 8.00

What are some of your favorite home decor places to shop?

Happy DIY!


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