About Me


Full Disclosure =)

       I created this blog purely for the purpose of sharing my personal experiences on different pins, posts, products and places I have tried with the world. This blog is written & edited solely by me, Kelley Bouchard.  I do not claim to be an expert on anything I post about, but I do promise to share my honest opinions, experiences, findings and beliefs on everything I Pinvestigate. I do accept free samples & sponsorship from companies at times in order to Pinvestigate, but again all my reviews and post are my own=) I will always note on any post in which I have accepted a sample or sponsorship of any kind. Any product claims, statistics, quotes or promises I will generally reference or link from the source, but this should always be independently verified with the manufacturer, provider, company or party in question.

Side Note:  

  I especially like to pinvestigate things involving food (who doesn’t right),  d.i.y projects/crafts,  home, healthholiday and happiness! I hope what I have p[investigated] helps you in some way and that you will share your thoughts and opinions with me as well!

       Although I am a nurse by profession, I am also a…coffee enthusiast, chocolate obsessedwanna be wine connoisseur, (secret/ not-so-secret scrapbooker), canasta card player, trying to keep it cr@fty diy-er, [Texan native], wife with an awesome hubster and a shih tzu!

pin 2

rollie 2

Fun Facts:

–Apparently in Japan, 90% of mobile phones are waterproof because youngsters use them even in the shower–can anybody actually confirm this?

–If you go to Google and enter  ‘do a barrel roll‘, the entire page will rotate completely–Seriously, do it!

–Miami installed the bank automated teller machine (ATM) specially designed for rollerbladers. I’m so jealous because I love to rollerblade =)

–Texas is the only state in the US that allows its residents to vote from space… Hey-o NASA!!

–For most people, no matter how hard you pinch the skin on your elbow with your own fingers, it doesn’t hurt–go ahead, try it!

–In 2012, there were over 160 babies named “khaleesi” in the US, inspired by [AWESOME] TV show, Game of Thrones. –loove this show =)

–A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continually from the bottom to top–just another reason ya gotta love champs!

I would love  to connect with you on any of my social media sites!

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 I  also love your personal opinions, feedback and comments!

Thanks for stopping by Pinvestigation,

Kelley =)


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