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Wall Art Decals

14 Feb

wall art decal

I love trees and wanted to bring the outdoors inside soooo….today I transformed my bathroom with some Birch Tree decals from PopDecal at Amazon for only $ 68.00 bucks!!!

BEFORE: (sad boring walls)

bathroom 1

Supplies for application:

-painter’s tape

-plastic spatula


How to apply decals to wall:

bathroom 2

I found this very helpful video, DIY for Birch Tree Wall Decal Sticker, from youtube and instead of writing out instructions, you just need to watch it cause it is so very simple!



Decorating your home does not have to be expensive–check it out!

Bird Cage Shelf from Marshall Home Goods (my FAVORITE store): $16.99

Birch Tree Pop Decal from Amazon: $ 68.00

White Lantern from Hobby Lobby: about $15 bucks with their everyday 40% off one item coupon

Towel from Walmart: $ 8.00

What are some of your favorite home decor places to shop?

Happy DIY!



10 Ways To Customize Builder-grade Bathrooms

17 Jan

 bathroom 40

       Don’t you just love your standard builder-grade bare bones bathroom.?!? neither! In fact, my starter home not only had builder-grade everything in the house, but ever worse a lack there of in the bathrooms…. a.k.a no linen closet, no toothpaste cabinet/ wall storage and my master bathroom even had carpeting>>>>> sCaRy, I know!!!!

So, here are a few tips and tricks to take your builder-grade bathroom to the next level.

1. Add some Unique wall storage/cabinets  

bathroom 3

I found this gem above at Hobby Lobby (of course used my 40% off coupon). Bonus: my friends who stop by are welcome to take a sprintz of perfume from my collection =)

bathroom 21

by DIY Playbook

2. DIY Framed Mirror by Saved By Suzy

bathroom 15

3. Make a feature wall

bathroom 16

wall art decal

You can also try some Wall Decals (super easy and not permanet), Stencil action, tile, pallet wood (pictured above by Mandy Jean Chic), or simply paint one wall a different color

4. Change out the cheap builder-grade hooks & fixtures 

bathroom 22

Remove those silver towel holders and racks and replace with some old door knobs or shabby chic diy-er!

by Not Just a Housewife

bathroom 20

by ArtsyVaVa

5) Buy Vanity Fixture Shade Boxes to cover your Hollywood Makeup Counter Light bulbs

bathroom 23

by HGTV Spa Retreat Bathroom

I have seen these vanity  Box Shades at Lowes, but when I went by my home depot they did not carry them =(

6.  Toiletries for your guest! Collect  or buy individual toiletries for your guest and incorporate them into your decor! (don’t forget to leave out a visible extra roll of toilet paper..we all know drip dry is not fun ladies!)

bathroom 27

bathroom 2

7) Add a chandelier (electric or a candle one) If you make it a candle one (much much easier, don’t forget you can buy battery operated LED flickering candles with timers–just got mine from Ross for around $10). You can see from my House Tour, I sort of loove my chandeliers. I have added some to my bathroom, guest room and deck (all candle of course because they are soo easy =)

bathroom 30

by Aiken House & Garden

8) Jazz up the window with a wrought iron piece, diy shutters or even some simple curtains

bathroom 1

I got this piece 50% off at Kirkland’s. I got sick of it hanging in my entry hallway and it just so happened to be a perfect fit in my bathroom window! Prior to my entryway, it served as a head board in college>> great purchase =)

by funky junk interiors

9) Get creative when you don’t have a linen closet

bathroom 31

by 11 Magnolia Lane (hello re-purposed wine rack!)

bathroom 6

^^ currently my situation

utilize every SQUARE inch of your bathroom!

10. Paint your bathroom cabinets!

bathroom 32

by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

bathroom 34

by: Primitive & Proper

I hope you find these tips helpful &  easy. I have already utilized quite a bit of them myself and hope to make all of them happen in the near future! Do you have any additional tips on how to upgrade the standard builder-grade bathroom?

Happy Home Improving!!

Kelley B =)



10 Laundry Room Ideas/Inspirations

26 Jul

Happy Weekend Everybody!!

This week I have been in a project/house beautification mode, but one room that always has been neglected for far too long is my laundry room =/. Maybe because it has always been  a disazz or perhaps cause it’s my favorite place to hide all of my junk that doesn’t fit in a drawer,  but either way it has issues…

So, I have been pinvestigating and found 10 awesome ideas/tricks to jazz up the Laundry Room… The only problem is I’m just no exactly sure which direction to go….any thoughts?!? What’s going on in your laundry room?!?

1) Stencil A Pattern by View Along The Way

Now I do have some experience with stenciling ( like my damask master bathroom wall which I am in love with), but maybe I should try something new?!?iUpdated Laundry Room on a budget at View Along the Way, washer and dryer, stenciled wall, turquoise room, painted floor, striped floor, how to paint a striped floor, how to stencil a wall, how to style a laundry roomor throw up some wallpaper! I have no experience with wallpaper but I might have to take a whack at it!!

2) D.I.Y Space Saver by Good Housekeeping

— I am always into crafts/beautification with a purpose !! This nifty idea would definitely be more useful and cuter than that awkward space/nitch everybody has in their laundry room that hides the old mop bucket..or maybe that just me?!?

3) Paint  a Trendy Pattern… like Herrinbone  by Remodelaholic

— I just love whats going on here.. a great  use of space (or lack there of kind like my issues) + awesome organization. I definite contender here =) Some other fun patter options include: chevron, houndstooth, honeycomb, quatrefoil & fish scale

or ombre anyone?
4) Shabby Chic it up by Eleven Magnolia Lane
–if you haven’t already taken my “House Tour” you will see I have quite the love for shabby chic that shows up in my bedroom and especially master bath.. (ps. dont ya love the quatrefoil stenciled wall here too =)
laundry room redo
5) Rustic and Re-purposed  by  Faded Charm
I’m totally diggin this look but my laundry room is just too small =(
 Farmhouse Laundry Room Katyelliott 3435 › 10 Country Laundry Room ...
6) Fun with Decals by IHeart Organization
Decals are always an easy, quick, mess free option to beautify a room.. I love how they turned out in my guest bathroom, but should I go for something else?!?
7) Industrial look

8) Bringing the Outdoors In

I’m liking this  over-sized sink here to soak clothes or bathe the dog!!

industrial... perfect for gardening

9) Texture-ize  with Beadboard/ Wood/Stone /Brick



10) Sheer Genius

–forgo the laundry room all together and add that space into your new awesome &  grandiose closet!!

Go ahead and take a rest on you chaise lounge that you can now fit in your huge closet from all that space your saved.. Oh and don’t bother rummaging through drawers cause you got class cabinets (kinda like window shopping) soo maybe a little over the top but would I go there…… um YES PLEASE, if I no budget =)

So, what’s your favorite?!?! Clearly # 10 isn’t happening (any time soon anyways.. a girl can dream right?!? =) I would love you thoughts and suggestions on what you have done!!

laundry 4

Have a wonderful weekend





D.I.Y. Damask Wall

21 Jan

bathroom 45

When I first bought my home, the previous owners had not done much with it….

old bathroom 3

The worst part about the boring, blinding white bathroom was the only thing that wasn’t white (minus the picture I hung up), the tanish-brown Berber carpet–not cool.  I knew when I bought the house that this room was going to need an overhaul and it all began with my inspirational piece, the candle chandelier (candle because apparently it’s a fire hazard and against housing codes to have an electrical fixture over your bath tub=)–smart thinking. I have always loved the idea of a chandelier over a tub because of the romantic,  shabby chic quality  it adds to a bathroom. Then, when I decided that I wanted a shabby chic bathroom, a  damask statement wall was definitely a MUST!

damask stencil


-blue painters tape (just a small amount to hold stencil in place)

damask stencil of choice (the stencil above is not the exact one I used, I borrowed my stencil from my mom who did her entire living room)– I have also been wanting to put up some birch wood tree decals in my guest bathroom.. I’ll get back you on how that goes

-paint color of choice (I used one of my FAVORITE Sherwin William colors, Latte with a mocha colored background).

-tape measure


-stencil paint brush



stencil  brush

(I used the foam one)


-paper towel (to wipe of excess paint on the stencil itself from previous use)


-measure the wall and find the center (I started in the center at the bottom of the tub)

damask 2

-tape the stencil flat against the wall and check with the level to make sure its not crooked–don’t get lazy on this part!

-dip your stencil brush in paint color of choice (dab the excess off) and while holding the stencil flush against the wall, dab paint directly onto the stencil filling in the entire thing while holding your brush WITHOUT any angle

see…NO angle, but the paper plate would be the stencil taped to the wall here =) no angle

and Ta Da!!! 1 stencil complete. Now you MUST wipe off excess paint with a paper towel before repeating the process until you fill the wall.  I put one inch in between each of my stencils allowing for 5 of them to equally fit width wise across the wall. Unfortunately I had an odd shaped wall, so as you can see in the picture above, the top row of my damask stencils are in half.

Please let me know if you have any questions of comments! I love hearing from you =)

Kelley =)

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