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10 Must-Try Beauty / Body Products!

27 Sep

Hey Blog World!

Today I wanted to share with you a list of my  top 10 favorite beauty/body products that I use on a regular basis =) In no particular order… LET’S DO THIS!

  1. My favorite pinky/nude nail color that is perfect for keeping it profesh at work or any occasion… Bubble Bath by OPI

2. The best foundation I have used to date, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation

Why you may ask? Since moving to Colorado Springs, my skin is not only dry, but much more closer to the sun at 6,000 feet of altitude. This foundation has SPF 50+ (suhweeet), super moisturizing, looks good the entire work day (ain’t nobody got time to reapply am I right), and only takes one pump (at least that is what I prefer because a little goes a long way). The website notes 1 PUMP = moderate coverage, 2 pumps = full coverage & 3 pumps = ultimate coverage… (I also use their Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer & bronzer when I’m feeling fancy, but not everyday =)
Bye Bye Foundation

3. I loved this lotion before moving to Colorado, but  even more so now that my skin is exposed to a much dryer climate!! The best lotion, Gold BOND Ultimate Healing (yep, you read that right, GOLD BOND BABY) =)

4. Now I have said this before and I will say it again, the best (and one of the cheapest mascaras I have ever used) is l’oreal telescopic (I have a whole other blog post dedicated to the proper way to apply for best results 😉 Shout out to my freshman roommate in college, Caiter, for always volunteering to beautify me before heading out and being the first to give this a go!!

5. My favorite hair straightener, The Corioliss! This hot item is super quick for a straight do and it also makes a quick &  pretty curl because of  it’s rounded-edge barrel. Shelly, my roommate from back in the college days, introduced me to  the wonders of how a hair straightener can produce some major long lasting curls ( THANKS GIRL!!)… I’m talking all day>> the pic of me below is a recent example of my curls still in action by 5:30pm!! Oh, did I mention I still have the same one from my sophomore days of college =)

eric and kel 1

6. My favorite face wash, Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub! I have used all sorts of fancy stuff from pro active, to mary kay, ect., but at the end of the day I always come back to what is simple and does the trick for me.

Want to know a little secret?!? If you need something stronger like proactive but can’t afford it, try this little combo >>> A face wash that contains salicylic acid (keralytic effect) + a product that contains 2% benzol peroxide. Mix together in equal portions and Voila, you have an inexpensive, comparable face wash to that of Proactive

Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub, Oil-Free- 5 oz

7. Now this item I feel like never gets enough attention, but I personally love a good smile (which pretty much means good teeth) and ya gotta keep your pearly whites in check with a solid tooth brush! I have been cavity free my ENTIRE LIFE and I have been using a Phillips Sonicare tooth brush since my teens, I’m thinking highschool.

8.  I hate to admit this one, but I do think it does make a difference on what type of hair conditioner you use (potentially shampoo too, but I have only started paying premium for my conditioner). I recently pinvestigated this situation in May 2015 when I still had really long hair that was constantly getting knotted at the ends.  I finally had a “come to jesus moment” with my hair stylist at the time & she told me to quit being cheap and buy the good stuff…Well, she was right. I immediately noticed a difference with the first wash, but my nappy ends got better and better with each use. The fix, Keratin Complex Conditioner.. (annoying, I know…and now that I can’t just throw my hair up in a bun anymore since I chopped it off, I just have to suck it up)

Keratin Care Conditioner

9. As a nurse, good hand hygiene is a must,  but it really should be a priority for everybody. I wash my hands multiple times a day and would like to attribute the fact that I have NEVER had to take a sick day in my entire professional career due to my good hand hygiene skillios. With that being said, my favorite hand soap is Mrs. Meyer’s in Basil scent. I dig this soap because it contains aloe vera gel, olive oil and some smelly good essential oils that get the job done, moisturize and is quite refreshing!

Basil Hand Soap

10. Last but not least (however most recently discovered), Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in with spf 15 (I’m currently loving this in Fig). I like how this lip balm has SPF 15 ( are you starting to notice how I am really into preventing sun damage skin =), is moisturizing, and adds a fun but subtle color to the lip

BURT'S BEES Lip Shimmer Fig 1 unit

Now it”s your turn!! Please share/ leave a comment of what beauty/product you could not live without in 2015!! I’m always about trying out new things!!!

Happy Sunday,

Kelley B =)


15+ Awesomely Practical Gift Ideas !

18 Nov



Check out some of these awesomely useful gifts that are great for any occasion!

Christmas – Birthday – Wedding – New Home- Baby Shower – Engagement – Anniversary – Just for the heck of it !


When I moved across country just a few months ago, I got a big reality check on what items I owned that are awesomely necessary and others that needed to say hello to my friend Goodwill, or even worse, la basura!! (that’s trash for all my Colorado friends who are not familiar with my TexMex background =)

Below are a few items that survived the journey and are 100% necessary to my activities of daily living!!

1. So this first must-have item assumes that most of my readers drink wine =) If you don’t, that’s okay because I’m sure you know somebody who does and being that I am  a wanna-be-wine-connoisseur (and more importantly work with sick people who can sometimes drive me cray cray), this item is not only useful but keeps me sane…

Without further ado,  The Stemless Wine Glass. I love these because you can put them in the dishwasher, they take up way less room,  you or your guest are less likely to spill the wine and it serves the purpose of containing my grapey goodness!! I could probably even go for some fancy seasonal silver ombre ones like shown below, I mean… they will always be put to good use!

2.  Personalized cutting/cheese board

This was one of my faaavorite personalized wedding gifts (thanks again Courtney!!) I loved it so much in fact that I gifted my mom one too (pictured below) …who apparently thinks it is too nice to actually cut on, but that is besides the point! Can you tell I was watching the Game of Thrones series when I ordered this =)  Anyways, who doesn’t like a little bit of cheese with their wine am I right?? These days  I’m currently into sharp white cheddar!! ps. You can often find dealios on these with Groupon!!

cutting board 1


Flatware is always a great, practical gift that most people never think about buying for themselves (eh hem, muah). And of course, how are you going to cut the cheese, on your new cutting board that you are enjoying with your wine?!? Can you picture my at home happy hour scene right now? This scenario could be yours too 😉

I was recently sent a sample flatware set from  Liberty Table Top and I am glad I decided to pinvestigate this situation. I use to think all utensils were made the same, but that is just not the case after using and comparing them side-by-side. When it comes down to flatware, there are only really three things I have discovered that matter to me…

1) Durability, 2) Style &  3) Shine

Just at first glance, do you have a favorite or the three??



Well, two of those spoons are from my mismatched college collection back in the day and the more stylish, shiny spoon on the far right is from Liberty Table Top’s Pearl Collection .

Liberty Table Top Flatware makes their utensils from the finest quality 18-10 nickel/chrome stainless steel and I’m assuming this is what makes the utensils soo shiny and lustrous =) =).


The nurse in me also enjoys the fact that all of the stainless steel is tested for lead and other toxic trace elements to ensure you know exactly what you are putting in your mouth 😉

>>>perfect gift for my future niece>> BABY LIBERTY SPOON TWO BACK… Did I mention Liberty Table Top is the ONLY  manufacturer of flatware in the USA (YAY!!)  I am really digging the complete Pinehurst  & Annapolis Collections

4. Keychain phone charger

I don’t think this needs any explanation.. We have all been in a situation where we are out and desperately need some more juice for our phone!. This little nugget is compatible with most smart phones and micro USB devices with a battery Capacity of 1,000mAh (which to be honest, I’m not sure how mAh equates to time…anybody??) Either way, I can think of more than a few times when this would have come in handy.

Keychain Phone Charger

5. The Crockpot

As simple as this item may seem, you gotta love it and definitely have to have it!! I mean, what else can you throw a bunch of rando items into before work, let sit for hours, than come home and your house smells aaaahmazing?!? Betcha didn’t know that Kohl’s even sales some with fancy designs eh?

Another handy idea, be the Betty Crocker influence you never thought you could be and give this away with a crockpot cook book! My hubster would love for my crock pot  repertoire to be expanded =)

6. Just click here for my FAVORITE things in 2014.. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of these gift giving goodies!!



7.  The hedgehog Serving dish 

For all of my entertainers out there, this is just too practical and cute to pass up! Also a great way to prevent spreading germs with multiple grubby hands reaching in one bowl 😉  Less dishes = successful Wine Down Wednesday meetup!

The Hedgehog Serving Dish, $25 | 28 Practical Yet Clever Gifts That Are Anything But Lame

8. The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Give the gift that keeps on giving ,  like a year member ship to a monthly wine club, kid’s museum, amazon prime subscription, dance lessons or subscription Box idea such as: Birchbox (makeup madness) Umba Box (fun crafts), Love with Food (snacks), For the Makers (fashion-forward jewelry projects), Kiwi Crate (moms +kids crafts), Craft Coffee, BarkBox (my pup’s dream box)

9. D.I.Y Medicine Cabinet

This is something nobody ever thinks about until they are not  feeling so hot, but boy will they be thankful for you when they need it. Last year I put together a little D.I.Y medicine cabinet for my family’s white elephant exchange that contained all of my favorite go to OTC meds and first aid gear like: Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl Dayquil/Nyquil combo back, BC Powder (the best for migraines and cramps!!>> side note. contains Aspirin so keep away from the kiddos), Pepto, Flonase, Zyrtec, Robitussin,  bandaids,  rubbing alcohol, gauze,  steri strips, neosporin, ect. (I forgot to take a picture at the time, but I just bought a plastic container from Walmart and stuffed it with the goodies mentioned above)

10. Face Mug

I know this may be a stretch, but if you loooooove warm home-made chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk like me… THIS IS AWESOOOME !! It helps control the amount of cookies you eat too because it can only fit about three meaning you have to get off your big bum to eat more =) I also think this would be great for some soup and crackers, popcorn and candies during a movie night or hot coco and peppermint chocolate bark!


11. Edible Ink Pens

The crafty side of me could not resist this clever pressie. Back to my love of cookies, it is even more fun to consume them when they are all fanced up & decorated! I suspect this could be a fun Elf on The shelf  or party game opportunity  as well…. 😉

Edible Ink Pens

12. Ghirardelli Chocolate Basket

Lets face it, unless you are a diabetic or allergic to chocolate, this present is IRRESISTIBLY awesome and great for all ages. And if you are one of those people who allegedly does not like any type of chocolate (dark, milky, white, peppermint, caramel, ganache, flavored, ect), than we just can’t be friends because you are clearly prejudice… although who am I to judge because I’m pretty much an addict !!

4-tier Trademark Metallic Tower

13. D.I.Y Coasters

I think we have already been through this with numero uno, but everybody drinks some sort beverage on a daily basis & ya gotta use a coaster to keep your furniture looking good. The other great thing about D.I.Y coasters… they are customizable, inexpensive, easy to make & cute!


14. Any of these 10 Awesome Beauty/Body Products that I use on reg! (some potentially good for stocking stuffers too)


15. Roomba, Scooba or cleaning service!! 

Did I ever tell you about the time I won a Roomba in college being in the audience on the Dr. Phil Show? What was even more epic, my roommate was in the audience as well so we came home with two dueling Roombas in our apartment!

Since then  my Roomba has died for unknown reasons (potentially the hard life with the suspect 20yr old shaggy apartment carpet), but I so desperately want another one. I’m also very interested in the Scooba (a robot that sweeps, pre-soaks, scrubs and squeegees hard floors, eliminating the need to sweep before scrubbing ). I will also admit I miss the ladies from my previous cleaning service and I would be delighted to have any of these options available again in the near future (wink, wink)!

16. The Book,   Creating Really Awesome Free Things: 100 Seriously Fun, Super Easy Projects for Kids

So I may be slightly biased on this one, but my seester is a master crafter & author of this fun craft activity book for kids. This would be a great pressie for kiddos, moms, teachers, your babysitter, soon-to-be-momm or does doting auntie of super fun nieces and nephews ring a bell =) =) Click the link above to place your pre-order now =) =)

Happy Gift Giving!!

sig 1

Favorite Things in 2014

2 Jan


Happy Happy New Year!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite things from 2014. The list isn’t in any special order, but rather all the things that I love and/or use everyday of my life

So, here are just a few of my favorite things  in 2014=)

1) Spotify: I ❤ this music app and my ipod has officially gone extinct!

2)Wireless bluetooth speaker>> I own the Fluance because it was cheaper than the Bose but still had awesome reviews (I’m sure the Bose one is niice too). I hook the speaker up to my spotify app on my phone and jam out on a regular basis around the house !

3) Roku: this year we cancelled are ridiculous cable bill along with the bazillion channels we never watched and scored the Roku. This little device is a simple way to stream all your other favorite apps: Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO, Showtime, ESPN ect.

4) Keurig: one of my favorite wedding presents (thanks, Jordan). Although I love me some french pressed coffee, you can’t beat the ease and convience of the Keurig. Especially when you intend on only making one cup of coffee

5) Mizuno Wave  Inspire 10: I picked up these little gems on cyber monday for $58.33 and they are the lightest pair of running shoes I have worn yet. I wear them almost everyday and do not regret my purchase for a second!

6) Amazon Prime: between the speedy free shipping (on most purchases), shows and movies we watch from amazon via the Roku, I don’t know how we ever lived without this fabulous service. You can literally find, watch or buy just about anything you ever wanted and all from the comfort of your home –yay!

7) Walgreen Photo Center (& app): So I know everybody else might not share their love for Walgreens photo center like I do, but I am scrapbooker at heart and I love their speedy prints, discounts and simple personalized projects and photobooks . Check out how to make a quick and easy photo book here. Their current photo discount today is an extra 15% off everything. Also don’t forget to download their photo app so you can send those pics you snapped from your phone to be printed up in an hour =)

EXTRA 15% OFF w/code CHEERS15.* Excludes store pickup orders. Free shipping at $25. Shop now.

8) Weather Tech (car floor liners): we bought a new car this year  and these things have really come in handy. Whether that gallon of milk accidentally spills or just overtime dirt and grass accumulate, you just pick these bad boys up out of the car, hose them down and your done. I can only imagine how wonderful these things would be if you were toting around kids all day.

9) The Vitamix: I know I know, it seems crazy to spend a minimum of $ 370+ on a blender and it took me a while to f jump that hurdle, but I don’t regret it. Between all the protein shakes and smoothies I drink, this thing gets daily use with professional grade smoothie action. Besides making a delishes Jamba Juice quality drinks, The vitamix can also make: peanut butter (other nut batters), frozen deserts, aid in food prep, flours (e.g almond flour), dough ect. The Vitamix also comes with 5-7 year full warranty (depending on model). You could always purchase yours at bed bath and beyond with those frequent 20% off coupons that are always being sent in the mail (that’s what I did =)

10) The Kendra Scott Birthday Discount: I just wanted to share with the world that during your birthday month, the Kendra Scott store gives you 50% off one item (must show your i.d & sign up for their mailing list). I sprung for the Rayne Necklace in Tiger’s eye=)

tiger's eye

11) Hotwire: The hubster and I never pay full price for any hotel (or trip) these days. Not only that, you can set up specific alerts and hotwire will email you about the dealios. Our latest spontaneous weekend trip,  included 90$ flights to New Orleans and just under $100 room fair at at four star hotel>>> SCORE

eric & kelley 1

12) The Cortex 4-in-1 Curling Wand: The cortex 4 -in-1 is a great clipless curling wand because it comes with 4 different size barrels that attach and detach- GENIOUS! The best part for me is that the curls actually stay all day long unlike most other product I have tried and of course it takes up less storage space =)

Fahrenheit Professional 4-piece Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron Set

13): Dahlia Divin Perfume: This stuff just smells fabulous, end of story=)

14) BiBi & Compagnie Chapelier (a hat store): While I was honeymooning in Quebec City, I found the ultimate hat store and my favorite honeymoon souvenir=) I especially loved the little old couple who owned the shop and if you ever need a fancy or fun hat, you should check out their website! I still have that Kentucky Derby I need to check off the old bucket list & I know where I’ll be purchasing my hat!

hat store

So, those are a few of my favorite things in 2014, tell me what yours are!!!

favorite things in 2014!!

Whoop for 2015!


3-D Younique Mascara vs. Generic Mascara vs. Lash Extensions –What works best?

4 Aug

Hey Friends,

I don’t know about y’all but I have a had  one favorite mascara FOREVER, L’Oreal Telescopic, since I was introduced to it by my freshman roommate in college (Thanks, Caiter!)

Hooowever, I had been hearing a lot about this Youninque 3D mascara  business and was intrigued only to soon after be gifted some by my cousin-in-law=).

 masacara collage


Younique 3-D mascara definitely gives my lashes a dramatic, glamorous look!! This stuff makes my  lashes thicker and longer than even my favorite generic mascara & as you can see above might even be longer than lash extensions …hard to tell

The game-changer of the 3D mascara (even which my beloved Loreal Telescopic can’t do for people with minimal lashes) are the fibers that attach to the lash and help thicken plus lengthen far better and beyond what gobs of regular old mascara can do.

In addition, I think the 3D mascara might be preferable for those with blonde eye lashes even over lash extensions in the end because once lash extensions begin falling out, you start getting that mutli-color lash action going on…not ideal =/

However, I generally only  bust out the 3-D mascara a few times a week when I manage to hangup the weekend warrior outfit (a.k.a my awesome, cozy, robe) and look cute for hubster (so he doesn’t burn my weekend warrior outfit =) because on me it is definitely a dramatic look (cause I already have kinda long lashes) and personally that’s not what I am always going for.. Especially since my  job consist of me working in the E.R and wearing scrub-tastic gear (not complaining because I  love my comfy pajama like work gear, but being an E.R nurse is just not that glamorous).

I think the ideal end user for 3-D Younique mascara is somebody with short or thin lashes (or both!)… Or somebody who just wants to look glamorous everyday ; )


mascara collage 3

(click on pic to enlarge for better comparison)

For me, I love eye lash extensions BEST because they are hassle free, water proof and you wake up beautamis, BUT of course the downfall is I’m not crazy enough to $$$ pay for those stupid things on a regular basis ( I have only had them twice b/c of groupon and my wedding). If you do want to try these out , I recommend finding a Groupon or Amazing Lash Studio offers your FIRST full set for $79 if you tell them you were going to just buy the groupon (that’s what I did for the wedding)– and yes, that a dealio (regular $250 at the lash studio)–like I said CRAZYNESS

Ultimately, if DRAMATIC, GLAMOROUS LASHES are your ideal look, then I would tell you to  start stocking up on some Younique 3D mascara and make a friend (beauty consultant, a.k.a. not me cause I don’t sell it, but I do know somebody who does =) who can get you the goods at a not too shabby price ($29 a pop in  comparison to lash extensions that are $250+ ). Much better bang for your buck than lash extensions =)

Click HERE if you want some Younique 3D Mascara in your life =)

On the other hand, if your glamour status is more around my speed… I would still get Younique to bust out on occasion AND I would also make a Loreal Telescopic purchase because it’s very effective for the price  if your lashes aren’t too short or thin.. can’t beat  $7 dollars =)

Some of my other favorite makeup products =) I usually don’t stick with one brand, I use whatever works best!

Hope this helps (and let me know your thoughts)!!



How To Protect Your Deck!

3 Sep

How to protect your deck!

Hey Everybody,

I hope you all had a lovely labor day weekend! Personally, I visited my mom for the weekend and on labor day I decided to stain my deck. I loooove being outdoors and my deck has been one of the best investments I could have made… it makes me so happy sitting outside checking out my greenbelt and drinking coffee. I use it all the time, but one thing I contemplated before building was the maintenance/rotting worries. I considered a ugly non-natural concrete slab for a quick second, but couldn’t resist the beauty of nature and wood grain =)

Luckily, I discovered a product that preserves, protects and prevents wood from rotting while beautifying at the same time called Deckscapes.

As you can see above, the picture on the left is my deck before staining, and the picture on the right is spiced up after staining(transparent color, Spice Chest to be exact)! I love the oil-based Deckscape stain for the following reasons:

1) you only need one coat for total coverage, the directions even stress this

2) a little goes a long way (1 gallon covers approximately 250-300 sq/ft of smooth wood)— SWEET!

3) options, options, options…Deckscapes semi-transparent stains are available in 24 colors

4) stain contains products that inhibit the growth of mildew (yay!)

5) provides waterproof shield (when the water falls on the deck and it is beading up, your good to go.. if not it’s time to re-stain)

6) formulated to be scuff-resistant with UV protection that helps prevents fading

How long does the stain last?

Personally, the majority of my deck gets direct sunlight and unfortunately a little drizzle at least three times a week related to some sprinkler action. It has been 1 year since I stained my deck and although the water was still beading up on the surface, I decided to re-stain the deck for beautification purposes and because I had some free time. A fresh coat of paint just looks goooood. How long would the water have continued to bead up if I had waited longer…. not sure =/

How Did I Prepare My Deck Before Staining?

Although Deckscapes has some products available for washing your deck before staining, I did not find this necessary as I stained my deck from the get go with Deckscapes and my wood was in good condition. I simply did the following:

1) sprayed deck with water-hose and did a quick scrub to remove pollen/dirt with industrial broombroom(if I would of had a power-washer, this would have been an even easier process and I could have ditched the broom).

2) Allow deck to COMPLETELY dry

3) Start staining!

4) Enjoy your results!house deck

Is there anything else you do to your deck to keep it looking good?

Kelley S.

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