Valentine’s Day Special Family Addition <3 !

12 Feb

Hi Family, Friends & Followers =)


baby 2

If you haven’t figured out the special addition aspect quite yet,  

click on the pic & take a closer look at those heart candy messages!



Love is in the air and we have a sweet treat to share!! Baby Bouchard is on the way, ETA August 2016!!!   recently moved up to July 2016 !! SUPRISED?!? (no worries, we love fun surprises too 😉

More deets ya say? Can you believe that out of the first 3 pregnancy test I took  I got ONE  yes and TWO questions marks (?). Literally  a QUESTION MARK  SYMBOL popped up twice (why is that even a reasonable option)??  And did I mention this was a fancy, digital  “First Response” preggo test….Has this ever happened to to you?  

Moral of the story, I suppose I should have just followed directions and waited to take the test first pee of the morning… buuuut even though I knew this fun fact, I was on the way to the airport to pick up friends to go skiing & celebrate my friend’s promotion that night with some hottubing and champs!! I felt like I kinda needed to know if a baby was brewing since my plans that night were not conducive for baby baking.

Anywho the next 2 were  positive and therefore I had to come up with a way to keep our secret since we had people planning to visit and ski the next 3 holiday weekends. Now why is the whole ski thing such an issue you may ask??

Skiing  leads to >apres ski (happy  hour) > hot-tubing = not so great for preggos & the nugget

My cover story over the Christmas holiday… explosive diarrhea. Yes you read that right, I told everybody who offered me up an adult beverage that I got salmonella food poisoning a few days prior (therefore I could not drink or eat questionable foods like sushi), had to send in a poop culture, and was taking an antibiotic 4 times a day that can cause liver damage (flagyl my friends). The best part, worked like a charm because NOBODY ever questions an explosive diarrhea poop disease 😉 And you know who your true friends are because everybody still chose to hang out with me even after my  lovely cover up story!

Now that this nugget is a confirmed healthy fetus, I would like to apologize to everybody who had to hear about my fake poop issues (Katie, cousins, fam )

I would also like to note that after the holidays, I gave the poop story up and settled for a more pleasant excuse of “I’m detoxing from alcohol the first month of the year”. That excuse probably only works in January when everybody tolerates everybody else’s ridiculous new years resolutions that most likely fall through by the end of January. Regardless, that one also worked well too =) You may be asking yourself why I did not just say I wasn’t feeling an adult beverage, but lets be realistic people…If you know me, I’m not about to turn down a yummy glass of red wine after a long day of work or champs at brunch unless something is up (liiiike growing a human-being for instance). I work in healthcare  and wine is my RX that keeps me sane =) Since I have had to cut myself off, I have slightly increase my dark chocolate intake to compensate =) =)

The Baby Announcement

How did I tell my Momma?

My mom does not like traveling, detest driving long distances and hates flying. She told me there were only a couple of reasons why she would ever jump on a plane from Texas to Colorado. So as a Christmas present I knew she would hate me buying her a ticket to Colorado, but looooove the news of a new grand-baby on the way (ahem, also a reason to get on a plane to Colorado 😉 ) . So, I whipped up this fake e-ticket, printed it out and sent it her way!! Although it was hard not telling her on the phone before the ticket arrived, the call I received once she figured out her terrible Christmas Present turned out to be the BEST PRESSIE of 2015 was priceless!!

Special Delivery Plane Ticket

Want the FREE PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT PLANE TICKET PRINTABLE?? (just click below and customize)

Baby Announcement FREE PRINTABLE

How did I tell the rest of the Fam?

Well, my creative photography side + MAJOR SWEET TOOTH came into play here. I opted out of the common heart-onesie idea or pair of baby shoes announcement and followed my gut… personalized Necco Valentine’s Day Heart Candy of course ;). What better way to spread the love and share some sweet news than with candy and a  heart-day card?!?  Okay so maybe a bit still cheesy, but festive fo sho!

baby 3



Fun Fact: As of Valentine’s Day, the doc is telling me that I am 16 weeks and baby B is about the size of an avocado (4 1/2 inches long  and 3 1/2 ounces). So far feeling great, clothes still fit &  don’t even really feel pregnant yet (knock on wood).

I hope everybody has an oh so very Happy  Happy Heart Day!!

Oh & stay tuned to the blog for more Baby B updates in the future!!

>>>Just 4 more weeks until we find out if Baby B is a BOY or GIRL !!








One Response to “Valentine’s Day Special Family Addition <3 !”

  1. Bouchard, Alex February 12, 2016 at 6:26 pm #


    This was hilarious/informative! I always read your email blogs with your accent for some reason. Anyway, makes em more memorable!

    Spoke to Eric last night about your destination plans. Hope you land in Houston but wouldn’t mind if you ended up in ATX, would be a great reason to get back up to hill country.

    Take care of the nugget!

    Love, Uncle Alex 😉

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