Avocado Chicken Salad> only 4 ingredients!

7 Mar

chicken salad


Buenos Dias Blog World!!

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted, but man has this last semester of grad school has been kicking my butt…  Any who, I wanted to share one of my recently discovered recipes that is  quick, easy and a healthy lunch or din din option!! Avocado Chicken Salad without MAYO is legit! I found this recipe on good ole pininterest from the Six Sister’s Stuff blog and definitely have to say this is a pINVESTIGATION success! Of course, I had to add a couple of my favorite goodies to the recipe =)


-2 cups of shredded chicken (I used the pre-cooked rotisserie)

– 1 large avocado (obviously take out the seed)

-1/4 cup diced up cilantro (remove from stalk)

-salt and pepper to taste

OPTIONAL>> I added some purple grape halves & walnuts to the mix =) =)

As you can see pictured above, I ate my avo chicken salad with some Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins  instead of bread from the original recipe=)

Oh and if you have leftovers like I did, the key to storing this yummy treat without the avo turning poopy brown is to place the leftovers in a air-tight mason jar>>> mine stayed nice and green for 5 day =)

Happy Saturday!

Kelley B =)

ps. if you have a similar recipe or one that you think is tastier (or even suggestions on extras I should add), please leave me a link in the comment section =)



2 Responses to “Avocado Chicken Salad> only 4 ingredients!”

  1. Jordan August 7, 2015 at 3:25 pm #

    I make mine that way, but I add lime juice and it keeps on from turning brown, and gives it a little tang which I prefer over the sweetness of the grapes! I got the recipe on Pinterest!

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