Favorite Things in 2014

2 Jan


Happy Happy New Year!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite things from 2014. The list isn’t in any special order, but rather all the things that I love and/or use everyday of my life

So, here are just a few of my favorite things  in 2014=)

1) Spotify: I ❤ this music app and my ipod has officially gone extinct!

2)Wireless bluetooth speaker>> I own the Fluance because it was cheaper than the Bose but still had awesome reviews (I’m sure the Bose one is niice too). I hook the speaker up to my spotify app on my phone and jam out on a regular basis around the house !

3) Roku: this year we cancelled are ridiculous cable bill along with the bazillion channels we never watched and scored the Roku. This little device is a simple way to stream all your other favorite apps: Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO, Showtime, ESPN ect.

4) Keurig: one of my favorite wedding presents (thanks, Jordan). Although I love me some french pressed coffee, you can’t beat the ease and convience of the Keurig. Especially when you intend on only making one cup of coffee

5) Mizuno Wave  Inspire 10: I picked up these little gems on cyber monday for $58.33 and they are the lightest pair of running shoes I have worn yet. I wear them almost everyday and do not regret my purchase for a second!

6) Amazon Prime: between the speedy free shipping (on most purchases), shows and movies we watch from amazon via the Roku, I don’t know how we ever lived without this fabulous service. You can literally find, watch or buy just about anything you ever wanted and all from the comfort of your home –yay!

7) Walgreen Photo Center (& app): So I know everybody else might not share their love for Walgreens photo center like I do, but I am scrapbooker at heart and I love their speedy prints, discounts and simple personalized projects and photobooks . Check out how to make a quick and easy photo book here. Their current photo discount today is an extra 15% off everything. Also don’t forget to download their photo app so you can send those pics you snapped from your phone to be printed up in an hour =)

EXTRA 15% OFF w/code CHEERS15.* Excludes store pickup orders. Free shipping at $25. Shop now.

8) Weather Tech (car floor liners): we bought a new car this year  and these things have really come in handy. Whether that gallon of milk accidentally spills or just overtime dirt and grass accumulate, you just pick these bad boys up out of the car, hose them down and your done. I can only imagine how wonderful these things would be if you were toting around kids all day.

9) The Vitamix: I know I know, it seems crazy to spend a minimum of $ 370+ on a blender and it took me a while to f jump that hurdle, but I don’t regret it. Between all the protein shakes and smoothies I drink, this thing gets daily use with professional grade smoothie action. Besides making a delishes Jamba Juice quality drinks, The vitamix can also make: peanut butter (other nut batters), frozen deserts, aid in food prep, flours (e.g almond flour), dough ect. The Vitamix also comes with 5-7 year full warranty (depending on model). You could always purchase yours at bed bath and beyond with those frequent 20% off coupons that are always being sent in the mail (that’s what I did =)

10) The Kendra Scott Birthday Discount: I just wanted to share with the world that during your birthday month, the Kendra Scott store gives you 50% off one item (must show your i.d & sign up for their mailing list). I sprung for the Rayne Necklace in Tiger’s eye=)

tiger's eye

11) Hotwire: The hubster and I never pay full price for any hotel (or trip) these days. Not only that, you can set up specific alerts and hotwire will email you about the dealios. Our latest spontaneous weekend trip,  included 90$ flights to New Orleans and just under $100 room fair at at four star hotel>>> SCORE

eric & kelley 1

12) The Cortex 4-in-1 Curling Wand: The cortex 4 -in-1 is a great clipless curling wand because it comes with 4 different size barrels that attach and detach- GENIOUS! The best part for me is that the curls actually stay all day long unlike most other product I have tried and of course it takes up less storage space =)

Fahrenheit Professional 4-piece Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron Set

13): Dahlia Divin Perfume: This stuff just smells fabulous, end of story=)

14) BiBi & Compagnie Chapelier (a hat store): While I was honeymooning in Quebec City, I found the ultimate hat store and my favorite honeymoon souvenir=) I especially loved the little old couple who owned the shop and if you ever need a fancy or fun hat, you should check out their website! I still have that Kentucky Derby I need to check off the old bucket list & I know where I’ll be purchasing my hat!

hat store

So, those are a few of my favorite things in 2014, tell me what yours are!!!

favorite things in 2014!!

Whoop for 2015!



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