Clarks Shoes =Happy Feet: the BEST work shoes EVER!

23 Aug

shoe 8

Happy Saturday Morning Friends!!

I wanted to share with you all my favorite pair of work shoes (brought to my attn by a bff, Daphne–thanks girl! =). Now I know many of us work long hours (eh hem like those 12 hour nursing shifts), are on our feet often (recently walked 22,000 steps per my fuel band in the E.R ),  have back problems (perhaps some hardware going on in your back or just old age) or if you are like me have all three flippin issues…=/ Moral of the story, it is imperative we ladies have comfortable&cute work shoes!!

My favorite brand of work shoes that are easy on the back and don’t look like they just crawled out of your grandma’s closet are Clarks! I currently wear the Esha Haven Ortholite slip-on shoes pictured above in the top right corner. They feel great on my feet and back, are light-weight and look pretty cute  with my favorite black scrubs=) However, if you not really into the nursing slip on/clogs, there are many other styles, patterns and shapes of shoes as you can see pictured above. [They also have men’s shoes too!!]

Also, if you are a nurse and currently wear Dansko or Sanita which I find both to be terrible heavy and loosely fitted, I would at least try on a pair of Clarks to feel the difference. My Clarks have gel souls which is one of my favorite parts=)

Lastly, Clarks has great customer service! My most recent pair of Esha Haven’s that are were just under a year old sadly started coming a part at the seam and when I called up customer service & explained the situation, they immediately shipped me a brand new pair and apologized for the  lemons I received —I didn’t even have to mail in my receipt or shoes for proof of purchase… if you are not satisfied, neither are they! ps. I found that the customer service line on their website wasn’t working, but this one sure did the trick: 1-877-361-7594!

Here’s to Happy Feet !



2 Responses to “Clarks Shoes =Happy Feet: the BEST work shoes EVER!”

  1. thatchicfashionblog August 23, 2014 at 7:15 am #

    Thanks for sharing this! I have been hearing that if you want to be comfortable and walk around all day, Clark’s is the way to go! So, I genuinely thankyou for you’re take on this! I’m actually going to look more into this:)

    Oh and I followed youu:)
    Xoxo, Nessa

    • pinvestigation August 23, 2014 at 1:42 pm #

      Hey Nessa, thanks for visiting Pinvestigation and the follow! =) Let me know how you like your clarks and what style you end up choosing! I currently own the Esha Haven and the Velley Lounge (bottom left shoes in the pic) which I love both!

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