3-D Younique Mascara vs. Generic Mascara vs. Lash Extensions –What works best?

4 Aug

Hey Friends,

I don’t know about y’all but I have a had  one favorite mascara FOREVER, L’Oreal Telescopic, since I was introduced to it by my freshman roommate in college (Thanks, Caiter!)

Hooowever, I had been hearing a lot about this Youninque 3D mascara  business and was intrigued only to soon after be gifted some by my cousin-in-law=).

 masacara collage


Younique 3-D mascara definitely gives my lashes a dramatic, glamorous look!! This stuff makes my  lashes thicker and longer than even my favorite generic mascara & as you can see above might even be longer than lash extensions …hard to tell

The game-changer of the 3D mascara (even which my beloved Loreal Telescopic can’t do for people with minimal lashes) are the fibers that attach to the lash and help thicken plus lengthen far better and beyond what gobs of regular old mascara can do.

In addition, I think the 3D mascara might be preferable for those with blonde eye lashes even over lash extensions in the end because once lash extensions begin falling out, you start getting that mutli-color lash action going on…not ideal =/

However, I generally only  bust out the 3-D mascara a few times a week when I manage to hangup the weekend warrior outfit (a.k.a my awesome, cozy, robe) and look cute for hubster (so he doesn’t burn my weekend warrior outfit =) because on me it is definitely a dramatic look (cause I already have kinda long lashes) and personally that’s not what I am always going for.. Especially since my  job consist of me working in the E.R and wearing scrub-tastic gear (not complaining because I  love my comfy pajama like work gear, but being an E.R nurse is just not that glamorous).

I think the ideal end user for 3-D Younique mascara is somebody with short or thin lashes (or both!)… Or somebody who just wants to look glamorous everyday ; )


mascara collage 3

(click on pic to enlarge for better comparison)

For me, I love eye lash extensions BEST because they are hassle free, water proof and you wake up beautamis, BUT of course the downfall is I’m not crazy enough to $$$ pay for those stupid things on a regular basis ( I have only had them twice b/c of groupon and my wedding). If you do want to try these out , I recommend finding a Groupon or Amazing Lash Studio offers your FIRST full set for $79 if you tell them you were going to just buy the groupon (that’s what I did for the wedding)– and yes, that a dealio (regular $250 at the lash studio)–like I said CRAZYNESS

Ultimately, if DRAMATIC, GLAMOROUS LASHES are your ideal look, then I would tell you to  start stocking up on some Younique 3D mascara and make a friend (beauty consultant, a.k.a. not me cause I don’t sell it, but I do know somebody who does =) who can get you the goods at a not too shabby price ($29 a pop in  comparison to lash extensions that are $250+ ). Much better bang for your buck than lash extensions =)

Click HERE if you want some Younique 3D Mascara in your life =)

On the other hand, if your glamour status is more around my speed… I would still get Younique to bust out on occasion AND I would also make a Loreal Telescopic purchase because it’s very effective for the price  if your lashes aren’t too short or thin.. can’t beat  $7 dollars =)

Some of my other favorite makeup products =) I usually don’t stick with one brand, I use whatever works best!

Hope this helps (and let me know your thoughts)!!



2 Responses to “3-D Younique Mascara vs. Generic Mascara vs. Lash Extensions –What works best?”

  1. Kelli Smith August 5, 2014 at 2:02 pm #

    You have beautiful lashes without Kelley lol but yes I’ve bought the Younique and they definitely make them fuller and longer for someone like me that just has mediocre lashes 🙂

    • pinvestigation August 5, 2014 at 3:14 pm #


      I should have been consulting you on this beforehand. I forget you were once a makeup artist in your past life before nursing =) thanks for your thoughts and I’m not surprised you have already discovered this little gem!

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