5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Photographer+ Montreal Wedding Pics

30 Jul


Good Morning Ladies & Gents!!

The day has finally arrived ….. Our wedding photos are back & I’m ready to share below=) =) YAY!!!  But first, I want to tell you about….


( or really any photographer for that matter)

1) Communication..now this may seem overtly simply, but communication is key, especially when you are planning a wedding out of the country like I was. There are many different forms of communication such as in person, over the phone, text, email, social media, but the way in which a potential photographer reaches back out to  you matters.. at least it made the world of difference for me.. I will tell you that I filled out at least 10 Canadian photographers questionnaire on the same day, but only one actually called me when all of them asked for my number via their contact page. Now, did the  rest just email back because they didn’t want to pay the long distance fee or did they prefer email because it’s quicker (I don’t know), but the point is my photographer, John Koo @ John Koo Photography, knew it was going to take a phone call to see if we would be right fit for each other.

Now, I know what you might be thinking… “Seriously, it’s not like your are going to marry your photography”, but he was only one of 8 people sharing my wedding day & going to be all up in my face for a good portion of it….sooo it was imperative that we were on the same page and liked what each other had to say.

2) Style of the Photographer: again you might think nowadays anybody with a decent phone and an instagram filter can probably take a good picture, BUT you don’t plan on just having a good wedding… no you want a BADASS wedding with BADASS photos and there is always a certain style your going for. Even though Steven King is a  famous author you obviously aren’t ever going to be reading his next greatest love story, cause that’s just not his style and it would most  likely end up all Shakespeare and tragic.Whether it be traditional, modern, country or perhaps unconventional like myself, your photographer needs to be able to capture what you going for. I suggest looking through their online portfolios, reading about how they describe their own style and see if you feel like their pictures capture what they have described about themselves.

3) Price:  so price of course is always a factor and all I have to say here is that you might not fit into a photographer’s standard “Wedding Package”.  For instance, I did not plan on flying to Montreal to get engagement pictures or bridals taken, and my wedding of 8 including the photographer was not an all day affair. Now let’s just say even if my wedding would have been local, I still wouldn’t of gotten bridal portraits because I never planned on framing just a picture of me in my dress on my wall.. not really my style. So I would just like to point out that price should depend on your needs/wants.  Luckily, my photographer already knew I was rather unique bride after talking on the phone and John was able to tailor a game plan for the big day without breaking the bank. Obviously don’t forget to ask about your rights to the photos,  can they be re-printed or do you have to purchase from the photographer ect–cause ya know Walgreens isn’t going to print any pics with a professional photographers emblem on there…it’s called against the law too… or so they have told me before..whoopsies=/

Oh & with all that being said, at the end of the day.…  don’t cheap out on your photographer! There is no need to break the bank, but don’t choose a photographer just because he is the cheapest!! Unless you get a videographer, those are the only captured moments you have to look back on of your wedding day and you don’t get a do-over … Unless you get re-married and well, that’s much more money and heartache then getting it right the first time 🙂

4) Organization:  so I think my photographer was more stressed out about this than me (cause basically I thought I could pretty much wing the timeline with only 7 people in attendance including Eric and I– I liked to throw out phrases such as 6:30ish for the ceremony), but luckily John got the ball rolling. Apparently somethings a  good photographer should have written down, on file ect. that I never even thought of includes  how long is the travel time from each local (bridal suite, ceremony, reception), how will the bride and groom be traveling (is there room for the photographer to ride if you want pics in the limo ect), is there traffic to be expected around this time, who MUST you have photographed  on the big day to feel like the job was well done (groom and great aunt , 2nd cousin first removed & bride who you may or may not ever get to see again ect) phone numbers of the bridal party including their schedule, how long will it take to get everybody corralled and moved to the next local…craziness right.

Moral of the story, the fact that John had me fill out all these detailed documents made me feel good that at least somebody new what the game plan was suppose to be and that he was taking accountability for it..One less thing I had to worry about =),

5)Timing: this factor is short and sweet.. How long do you have to wait after your photo sesh until you can start filling frames on the wall and sending out customized thank your cards with your sweet pics?!?!? Now, my contract clearly stated this element, but between working full time, going to grad school, doing clinicals for school and planning a wedding, I overlooked the fact that John gave himself a 3 Month cushion to beautify/edit pics… to his credit, I did get married during peak wedding season apparently —-5.10.14 <3— =) Now I’m not really sure what status quo is in this area, but I will say I am very pleased with the outcome and it was well worth the wait! However, if your not down for waiting that long , ya better talk this over beforehand! John did give me a few sneak pics quickly after so that sufficed for the time being

I asked John after the fact and he told me this: “The editing is about 2/3 of the time and shooting is only 1/3. There are different “editing strategies” and some photographers might only edit the top 100 or whatnot, however for me, I like to narrow things down and edit EVERY SINGLE photo. Also delivery times vary and during the peak wedding season, it can even take longer. Patience is key to get well edited photos that went through TLC” John Koo.

Wedding Crew:

web 6

(In attendance from left to right )

My Grandparents, Best Man, The Hubster, Me, Maid of Honor, Eric’s Grandma

The Deets:

Venue: Westmount City Hall, Montreal, Canada

Reception/Dinner : Maison Boulud at The Ritz Carlton, Montreal

Cake: Chocolate Mousse with Praline Cream by the Maison Boulud

Video of the area where we got married and took pictures!

(minus the first few pool shots of the Westmount Rec Center =)

Now Pictures!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


John Koo at John Koo Photography

(more pics here on his website)

The song I would of walked down the aisle to if I had ever gotten around to booking that string quartet….hehe

or if I would of booked the pianist…

What is the most fun song you have heard of or walked down the aisle to?!?!?

Happy Photographer Hunting!!

K.B =)


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