— Poutine Americano Style–

20 Jun

Easy Poutine Americano Style and the Curd Cheese Substitute!

Hey There!

For those of you who don’t know, I just recently married my Canadian love (may 10th) and for his birthday (may 28th) he requested some of his favorite Canadian Cuisine, Poutine (pooh- teen). For all of you non-Canadians out there, Poutine = french fries, brown gravy and curd cheese and is SUPER DELICIOUS!! Any time we go to Canada this is a MUST meal and it is rather difficult to make when you are missing one of three ingredients… yep, that funky yummy curd cheese

Any who, I was determined to make this meal happen but of course could not find curd cheese so I tried a blind test (large curd cottage cheese substituted for the real deal) on the hubster and his Canadians bros and momma… Moral of the story, PINVESTIGATION SUCCESS =) (they all thought the large curd cottage cheese  was actually legit  curd cheese and gobbled down the Poutine!)–they still don’t actually know I really used cottage cheese except for the hubby cause I had to tell somebody about my success.. hehehe

Here is what you need.

1) Bake some frozen fries per directions (Poutine is normally  made with skinny fries (not like the steak fries pictured above) but I was working with what I had at the grocery store and at the time  they were out of skinny fries

2) Order St. Hueber Poutine Gravy Mix —-this really makes the dish

3) Take LARGE curd cottage cheese, place in a strainer, run water over cheese to get all of the watery cottage cheese juice out… set aside in a bowl


1) Bake fries per package directions and separate out into bowls

2) Make the St. Huber’s Poutine gravy mix and pour desired amount over french fries

3) Sprinkle desired amount of Strained large curd cottage cheese on top

and…… Eh Voila–Easy Poutine Americano Style =)

If you are wondering what the rest of the hub’s b-day din consisted of….. I made smoked salmon, cream cheese spinach crepes with capers and home made apple pie —all of which I am proud to say were a hit!

All of you Canadians out there who try this please let me now how you feel about the curd cheese substitute or  if you have discovered an even better substitute so I can test it out on the hubster!!









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