Sneak Peak of my Wedding Pics by Montreal photographer John Koo!

21 May


Hey Friends!

As most of you might know I recently had a destination wedding in Montreal, Canada (sooo much fun=). One of the many things I had to choose from afar was my photographer… at the time this seemed like a daunting task because I am very picky when it comes to my pictures, but I have to tell you I hit the jackpot with John Koo Photography. John took the time to call me up from Canada ( I emailed him, but he immediately called me to see what I was all about), discuss my plans (or lack there of as my wedding consisted of a total of 7 people [i was thinking, how hard can this be to plan a partay for 7 peeps] and I had some other distractions [e.g grad school and working full time]) and ultimately get a feel for what I was going for… (aka: awesome, creative, candid wedding photos).

With that being said, checkout some of the sneak peak pics  from our wedding

Thanks John =)

Kelley B.


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