8 Easter Day Activities/ Crafts!

7 Apr

8 Easter Day Activities/ Crafts!

Gooooood Morning Everybody!

Easter is coming up and the fam and friends are getting together! Here are 8 great ways to keep the festivities going throughout the day for all age groups!

1) Dyeing Eggs!


yes, those are some eggs we dyed a couple of years ago and regardless if your profesh or not [clearly we are not] it is always lots of fun!) Check out Martha Stewart’s Methods  (her foiled eggs pictured above) which is what we did… we used some crayons and rubber-bands to easily jazz up the eggs and create fun patterns. But of course, if ya want to fance it up Martha has a lot of other options for ya!


2) Delish Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs

I love theses bad boys and they couldn’t be a more appropriate app on Easter. Check out all these different options linked out!

Deviled Eggs with Gulf Blue Crab and Celery Seed

Avocado Deviled Eggs (these are SOOOOO yummy!…although I am slightly obsessed with avo)

Wasabi and Sesame deviled eggsClassic Deviled Eggs

Classic Deviled Eggs


3) Jelly Bean Jewelry

egg 2


4) Let the Easter egg hunting continue… in a healthy way with Egg and Go Seek


My youngest brother Steve’s favorite part about Easter was the hunt. My sister and I would re-hide the eggs in the house several times putting an Easter twist on Hide and Go Seek.  However, instead of more chocolate and candy, a healthy option would be to stuff the eggs with a healthier option likes grapes or gold fish. When Steve was really young, we didn’t even have to re-hide the eggs with anything because he loved the Egg and Seek  game so much! Or you can also save your plastic eggs and send them in your child’s lunch like pictured above from Sweet Little Thang

5) Bake & Decorate Easter Cookies

egg 3


6) Easter Games (Egg toss, Egg Race)

egg 5

If you got a group of people you can always play some classic egg games.

-Grab a partner and toss an egg between you. With each toss, each pair of partners takes away from each other. The last pair with an intact egg wins!

-Egg race. Players place a spoon in their mouth with an egg on the end. Whoever makes it pass the finished line first with an intact egg wins!

7) Tie Dye Easter Eggs

egg 4


I use to make these all the time when I was younger… They are easy, fun and only require 3 elements! Did I mention you hang them up in the window and they are even more beautamis with the sunlight shining through them!!

-WASHABLE markers

-coffee filters

-water spray bottle (if you don’t have this you can fold the filter up in a triangle and hold the tip underneath a slow dripping faucet until the colors began to bleed together.

8. Coloring! Downlaod some of these free printable and have a coloring contest!

egg 1


egg 3


Free Easter Printables

I hope you all have a Happy & Fun Easter!!

Kelley S. =)


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