10 + Tips & Tricks on Hosting A Baby Shower

23 Mar

lauren 6

Hey Friends! (click on any pics to enlarge =)

This weekend I hosted a couples baby shower for my bestie since the 2nd grade, Lauren George! How great is she you might ask?!!? Well for starters, the weekend before she accompanied me to VEGAS for my bachlorette partay 6+ months PREGNANT and hung in there with the best of us! Check it out…

So needless to say, I had to throw a baby shower that was equally as awesome as her!   Here is how I went about it…

1) Pick a theme and run with it

-From the get go I decided I wanted to go with a Sunshine theme for two reasons. 1) Lauren is one of the easiest going, happy people I know and I felt like a sunshine theme was super fitting. 2) When I found out Lauren was pregnant I wasn’t sure if she was having a girl or boy yet so sunshine/yellow was a pretty neutral color. I started working on my fun crafts/projects to be discussed below over my christmas break from grad school so I had lots of time to D.I.Y =)

Need some ideas for your theme:?!?! Check out Buzz Feed’s 25 of the best baby shower themes EVER

2) If you are on a time crunch or not very crafty, search the web for EASY printable decor!

-Although I had some time and I am crafty, I am always game for easy cute decor.  I found this super cute gray and pink sunshine themed printable set at I simply printed out the banner, cut on the dotted lines, and taped the individual pieces to a piece a ribbon and Voila!


baby shower collage

Click here for the FREE Gray & Pink Sunshine Banner, Labels, Game and Invites!!

I also printed out some gray and pink sunshine labels from that worked very well with my color scheme! Just print, cut, fold & DONE =).

3) D.I.Y Tissue Paper Curtains

– As you can see in my house tour my everyday curtains are Burgundy and were really clashing with my yellow/pink sunshine color scheme.  So I decided to make my own inexpensive curtains and here is how I did it.

-First, select a few different color of tissue paper and cut into stripsDSC02762

curtains 4

-Next, get some fishing line or clear string. Then fold the strip of tissue paper in half, open it up back up, locate the middle, and place a line of Elmer’s Glue halfway above the middle line and glue the tissue paper on to the fishing line. Repeat until the desired length of your curtain.

curtains 2

4) Make Tissue Pom Poms

pom pom

The pom poms are something that is easy and super cheap which  I have done previously and discovered from Martha Stewart. They really add a pop of color and to the whimsical aspect of baby showers!

5) D.I.Y Gallery Wall

lauren 1

– I recycled my old painting with a twist master pieces and did a little D.I.Y art projects. I have terrible handwriting, so anything that involved lettering bust out the super easy stencils =)

shine on

– The two paintings in the center  are also just on a left over piece of scrap wood from my deck that I literally duck taped a piece of fabric to. I could have used a staple gun, but duck tape is so quick & sturdy… plus makes no wholes in the fabric so I can use it for something else later!

photo gallery 1

-The wooden picture frame I purchased at Michael’s and painted pink (don’t forget too use your 40% off coupon at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby) and I believe the white letter “A” came as is from either Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Not only did these make great decor pieces, but Lauren got to take them home to decorate for Baby Annabelle’s nursery! LOVE DUAL PURPOSE =)

6. D.I.Y Late Night Diapers


-I love this idea because “Late Night Diapers for Shitz and Giggles” gives breast feeding mom’s a way to indulge on a late night (with laughter) without having a drink. For Lauren’s shower, I had each guest sign in on a diaper and write a funny poop joke =) It was a hit!!


-Just simple purchase a basket (i got mine 40% off at Michael’s), buy two different patterns of scrap book paper, sharpie on the label and hot glue onto the basket. Then of course purchase some diapers and bust out your favorite poop jokes. I have quite a few that come to mind from working  in the E.R. so if you need any more suggestions, write me a comment and I can share many more =)

7) D.I.Y Banner

lauren 3

For the banner, I used yellow ribbon and small baby pink clothes pins from Walmart . I  found the 12×12 scrapbooking paper at Hobby Lobby & Michael’s  and was able to cut three triangle banner pieces from each sheet. Then of course write your desired phrase such as “Sweet Baby Girl” pictured above.

8) Paper Pin-Wheels


– Paper pinwheels are another fun and easy way to add a pop of color! Check out the how to here at Crafty After All

9) Onesies and Bib decorating

lauren 4

-Not only do onesies and bibs make for cute decor, but they are even more fun when your guest get to decorate them for the expecting parents & babe! I bought some fabric paint for those who were feeling crafty, and some easy iron on pieces for people who wanted to make something quick and easy. The plain onesies came from my local dollar store and the plain bibs came from Hobby lobby!

lauren 5

-Daph definitely made a baby shower favorite =)


9) Baby Jeopardy Game

Baby Jeopardy

-When throwing a baby shower, games just make things more fun. My fiance’s favorite game show is Jeopardy, so I enlisted his help on a personalized version for baby Annabelle.


Sweet Anna (we asked questions about famous Anna’s)

Belle of the Ball (we asked questions about famous royalty e.g. kate middletone, princess Di, Grace Kelly)

What’s that baby (we asked questions about what different animal babies are called e.g sheep=lamb, kangaroo=joey

Hey Babe (we asked questions with the answer containing the word babe e.g Babe Ruth, the movie Babe).

10) Poopy Diaper Game

This game was a slightly gross success



– Basically we melted a different type of chocolate bar into 5 different diapers and guest had to guess which candy bar was in each diaper by the smell alone. Eric G, expecting dad to be, won this game as he is an avid chocolate lover!

11) D.I.Y table cloth

After searching many party stores for a cute table cloth, I finally just purchased 3 yards of cute gray and pink chevron fabric, 40% off of course using my Hobby Lobby daily discount and draped it over my crusting wooden table


-Also, I rummaged around the house for a cute cake pedestal and what better than a Victoria Secret box that I recently save from the bachlorette partay??! =)

table cloth

12) Customize your Serving-ware

Instead of using boring old napkins, customize them with one simple step. Find a stamp that goes with your theme (I found mine at Michael’s ) and stamp your napkins, cups or whatever you may choose.

napkin 3

13) D.I.Y Invitations

Invites can be expensive and with a little work in the good ole fashion Paint program on the computer and, I was able to create the baby shower invites pictured below!

Lauren's Baby Shower  Invite 2

Daphne (another hostess =) then printed off the invites and sent them in a black envelope and addressed them with a silver paint pen. They turned out pretty darn cute!

invite 1

14) Easy RSVP Application

Lastly, to keep track of all the party goers, I used a FREE online tool called RSVPIFY. This tool allows people to rsvp from their phone or computer and add a note for the expecting padres if they choose! Very simply and easy =)

15) When hosting a couples shower, it helps when you have an AWESOME fiance who is cooking the gourmet sliders and he setup some march madness for all the guys to stay entertained, Thanks LOVE =) 


Overall, baby Annabelle’s pre-party to life was a success!!




Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Kelley S. =)


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