10 D.I.Y Valentine Day Cards!

6 Feb

10 D.I.Y Valentine Day Cards

Good Morning Everybody,

On this frozen Thursday morning I am suppose to be working on homework for school (but I am going to Corpus Christi the entire weekend for a school seminar so I am   slightly totally  over it) and thought I would post about some of my favorite type of Valentine Day Cards…The D.I.Y type of course =). One of my favorite things to give and receive are D.I.Y cards and I think they make the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day. Hey, it’s the thought that counts right ?!?!? =)

1) Personalize your card with a picture! My fiance knows that my favorite cards are the ones he makes himself! So being the sweet boy that he is, he made me this card card a few years ago with our picture and a short, sweet, poem on the inside. Looved it! Some sites you could check out to personalize your card with a picture include (my favorite) and (all you need is some construction paper, computer paper, and a printer)

valentine 3

2) Buttons: gather up all those old buttons your are’t using or stop by your favorite craft store to create a cute-heart shaped montage of love. (you could also use those pastel candy hearts with messages, M&Ms, sequence, pipe cleaners or whatever other fun small goodies you might find walking down the craft aisle)

valentine 1

3) Love Birds– forget the traditional card and paint a masterpiece on canvas. I painted over one of my existing “painting with a twist” creations and got some fabric from Walmart to make two love birds. You could also make this in a card format (if your not one for painting) and use cute scrap booking paper. Here is a free clip art tear drop to make the body of the birds. I used a smaller tear drop for the feather, a button for the eye, a fabric triangle for the beak and drew on the legs.

valentine 4

4) Mates 4 life– This next card is another of my fiance’s creations that he made one year for me at Christmas, but could have easily made a cute Valentine’s Day card out of it.  He chose to use a penguin because at that time we had recently read something about how certain species of penguins mate for life. Fun fact, check out the other species that mate for life

valentine 2

5) Glitter— Everybody loves to shine and this card is so simple. Create a heart or whatever design of our choosing out of glue or modge pode and then sprinkle on some glitter.  Sharpie an arrow through the middle and ta da… shine on =)

valentine 5

6) Totally felting it: this idea of creating a card from felt comes from the blog Bugs & Fishes.  “Owl Always love you”, perfect!

valentine 6

7) I love you a hole heart!  The “I love you  a hole heart” card idea comes from the blog, Inspired by familia, –very crafty!


8) Never Lego my heart— I looove this card idea because it makes me think of my cousin Cam and his lovely lego creations. Thanks Mommy Loves Coffee blog!

valentine 7

9) Key to my heart– we all got those old keys laying around that not only are we not using, but we don’t even know what the heck it opens any more. Put it to use and make it they key to you next valentine’s day care! Idea from one of my favorite magazines, Real Simple


10 Funny and mess free— everybody loves a good laugh and someecards not only accomplishes this, but lets you create your card of choice online without the mess! hehe

valentine 8

Share the love and stay crafty!

Kelley S. ❤

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