Top 10 places to register for your wedding (or house warming party)!

21 Jan

Top 10 places to register for your wedding!


As some of you might have already read/heard, I’m getting married=) And although I am a very non-traditional bride and don’t plan on having a big wedding or even having a bridal shower , I have always thought the idea of going through a store with a registry gun shooting bar-codes as if I were  in an intense game of laser tag would be super fun.

Registering is basically like making an excessive wish list of of junk you don’t necessarily need per say (technically we can still eat off of the blue chicken plates from the college days), but would looove to have!  So over my  break from grad school since I have been slightly bored/ don’t know what to do with myself,  I decided I wanted to make my own excessive wish list of stuff just for fun=)  Now I didn’t actually go into the store laser tag style since I don’t plan on actually getting anything from the registry, but the online experience was fast, easy and satisfied my online shopping habit/ new addiction =)

Also…. through my mindless web surfing, I stumbled upon the top 10 places to register for your wedding (according to Real Simple Magazine!— I just loove this magazine)

ok, now for your TOP 10….drum roll please…….

1) Bed, Bath & Beyond: 

Registering online is smart, since each of the more than 960 stores have registry consultants who can help you figure out what to select & you can make changes or updates anytime on their website

Return policy: Your registry itself serves as a receipt, meaning you can easily return items for either store credit or for a corporate check, says Audrey Stavish, bridal expert at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Discount: For 90 days after your wedding date, you’re eligible to use a 10 percent completion discount on both a one-time online purchase and a one-time in-store purchase.

Perks: Enroll in the Start-to-Finish incentive program and you’ll receive free gifts for registering for certain items and more free stuff when your guests purchase it (for example, you’ll get a Santoku knife for registering for $500 worth of Calphalon products, and, if guests purchase it, a wok set).

2) Bloomingdale’s

Return policy: Items can be returned for store credit, says Joanna Kartalis, registry director at Bloomingdale’s.

Discount: For six months after your wedding date, you’ll get 10 percent off remaining items, as well as periodic special promotions that offer additional discounts. At the one-year mark, you’ll receive 20 percent off anything left on your registry.

Perks: The entire time your registry’s active, you’ll get 20 percent off all fine jewelry at Bloomingdale’s. Plus, you can take advantage of the company’s partnership with The Leading Hotels of the World. Staying in one of the hotels earns you a complimentary couples massage, dinner for two, champagne, membership in a travel club, 5000 Delta Sky Miles, and triple rewards points.

3) Crate & Barrel

Return policy: Merchandise can be returned within 30 days after purchase for store credit.

Discount: You can purchase remaining registry items for a 10 percent discount after the wedding on two separate occasions: once in-store and once online.

Perk: You can post your registry on Facebook or use a mobile web browser to register on your phone.

4) JCPenney

Return policy: Items can be returned with or without a receipt for a store gift card.

Discount: You’ll receive 10 percent off all items left on the registry for the year after your wedding.

Perks: You’ll receive a free wedding organizer and a free engagement portrait from a JCPenney Portrait Studio.

5) Kohl’s

Return policy: Merchandise with receipts can be returned for full monetary refunds. If you don’t have a receipt, you can receive store credit that doesn’t expire, says Vicki Shamion, vice president of public and community relations for Kohl’s.

Discount: You can get a 15 percent discount on all items remaining on the registry for 90 (best discount out of the top 10) days after the event.

Perk: You’ll receive complimentary announcement cards that offer a 15 percent discount for guests who visit a store and spend $50 or more on registry items.

6) Macy’s

Return policy: Items can be exchanged in-store for a Macy’s gift card, says Susan Bertelsen, group vice president of wedding and gift registry for Macy’s.

Discount: You’ll receive 10 percent off remaining registry items for 90 days post-wedding.

Perks: If you register with a Macy’s credit card, you are eligible for the Registry Star Rewards program. For everything you buy with your card, you’ll receive 10 percent of the purchase price in rewards dollars to spend on anything at Macy’s; for everything your guests buy off the registry, you’ll receive five percent of the purchase price in rewards dollars.

7) Pottery Barn

Return policy: You can exchange gifts or return them for store credit.

Discount: You’ll get 10 percent off any items remaining on your registry or any other items you decide to add during the six months after your wedding

Perks: The store offers Tuesday night registry workshops and private consultations to help you set up and manage your registry. You’ll also receive a welcome pack with a registry guide, announcement cards, and a registry checklist.

8) Sears

Return policy: Registry items can be returned for store credit. If an item was paid for in cash and a gift receipt was given, you can return the gift for cash, says Becky Cikoch, e-commerce product manager of gifting for Sears Holding Corporation.

Discount: There’s no discount currently offered (not so cool) on remaining registry items.

Perks: The company offers a Give Together feature that allows a group of people to contribute to a gift online (pretty cool!), so you can register for the new appliance you need―and actually get it.

9) Target

Return policy: Registry items can be returned for cash if you have the receipt and the gift giver paid cash. Otherwise, gifts can be returned for a store gift card.

Discount: After the wedding, you’ll receive a 10 percent off coupon for all remaining registry items

Perk: You can add items to your registry using your mobile phone.

10) Williams-Sonoma

Return policy: You can return items for store credit that won’t expire, says Lyndsay Lyle, bridal registry manager at Williams-Sonoma.

Discount: You’ll receive 10 percent off all unpurchased registry items, as well as any additional items you’d like to add for six months.


Did you remember to register for flatware??? Make sure to Check out Liberty Table Top Flatware! This company is the only manufacturer in the United States>> yay!! I dig their 1) durability 2) designs & 3) shine =)


Satisfaction Guaranteed>> If for any reason your purchase did not meet your expectations, Liberty Table Top will refund your full purchase price, no questions ask, within 30 days =)

I hope all of you brides out there find this helpful as I was certainly unaware of return policies, post-wedding discounts and perks!

Need more ideas?? Check out 15 awesomely useful gifts ideas!!

Kelley =)


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