Best Protein Shake: aka delicious and no powdery after taste!

18 Jan

Best Protein Shake: aka delicious and no powdery after taste!

Hey Friends,

So I’m not a big breakfast person before work and I have discovered something that is delish and nutrish!.. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Belgium waffle or huevos rancheros, but I just don’t have the time for that before work nor do I really want to waste the cals on it either.

I am also aware I usually don’t get my daily dose of protein I need, but I’m not a fan of most protein drinks mainly because of the nasty protein powder after taste. However, I recently went to my local Nutrition Depot and told the guy my goals (maintain/ loose a little weight, meet my daily protein needs, curb hunger,basically every girly requirement of a protein drink we all want).

Next, the sales guy asked me probably the most important question that made me confident in his skillios… Do you love peanut butter?!?!? Um yes please, who the heck doesn’t (and if you don’t, well they have other flavors, but peanut butter is BY FAR THE BEST.. my 2nd would Be Banana and Strawberry comes in a close 3rd).

He led me to the peanut butter flavored Protizyme section and the supplement facts are pretty legit:

Supplement Facts
Serving Size  1 SCOOP (35 GM)

Cals per scoop: 135

Protein: 24 Grams

Dietary Fiber: 1 Gram

(you can check out the rest of the million of goodies packed into the this tasty delite here)

Also, im not the only happy customer, the drink has received a 4.5  our of 5 star review

Here is how I mix up the drink:

–1 scoop of powder

–1/2 to  1 whole banana

–6 oz of water

–3/4 cup of crushed ice (i like mine a little chilly =)


Blend everything well together and garnish with a piece of banana if your feeling festive!

One last thing… if your goals don’t happen to be so girly as mine, the bottle comes with directions with four different goals in mind and how to prepare the drink for each goal!

– A weight loss solution

-As part of a weightlifting, strength and condition routine

-As part of an endurance routine

-As part of an optimal health and wellness lifestyle (note: I only drink this in the morning, not 2-3 times a day like the bottle says, but I have still dropped a few LBS–bonus  =)

Oh, I also recommend you got to a local store where I get my 2lbs bottle for 36.99 and not 44.99 like the online price I have linked out! Also, I am generally a chocolate lover, but the sales guy said the chocolate and vanilla flavors sort of taste like icing (sounds way to sweet for my style in a drink) so I have not tried those flaves yet!

I hope you find this peanut butter banana goodness as yummy as I do!

Kelley =)


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