Sock Bun Tutorial: go from dizazz to pizazz in 5 minutes! & Bendable Jewelry!!

10 Nov

Sock Bun Tutorial: go from dizazz to pizazz in 5 minutes!

Hey friends!

Today I am going to share with you my favorite go to updo and fun new accessory. First the sock bun.. As you can see from the pic above, the sock bun can take you from a disaster hairdo and really add some pizazz in about 5 minutes. This is my go to style for work because it keeps the hair up out of my face (and out of bodily fluids, lol), while still looking like I put some sort of effort into my hair (of course, your will soon discover, you don’t even have to brush you hair before doing this, which is perfect for rolling out of bed to go work your 12hr shift in the E.R =)

First make your sock do-nut.  First, choose a tube sock color similar to your own hair color.  Cut the toe off of the tube sock  and roll the sock down over itself starting from the cut toe portion so it looks likes a do-nut:

jewl 5

Next the sock bun is especially great with dirty hair, so if you hair isn’t dirty, go ahead and spray a tad of hair spray and a bit of some tease action to give your hair texture (it will hold better this way, trust me… if you have fine, silky hair like myself, its hard to make it work otherwise.)

Now, put your hair in a pony tail. I usually go Kim K. style, right on the top of my head. Then put your hair through the do-nut.

diz 3

Once you have your hair coming through the top of the do-nut, and this is the tricky part that takes much practice, you are going to start folding your hair over the do-nut and tucking in snugly underneath.

diz 4

Finally, keep rolling the sock do-nut down as you continue to snugly put the loose hairs back underneath the do-nut until the bun sits nice and tight on the top of your head.

dis 2

F.Y.I, this takes practice.. even if you are super good with hair. I personally had to try the sock-bun process about 8 times before getting my first sock-bun to work. However, with each attempt it gets easier  and now I can throw this thing up in 5 minutes or less depending on how unruly my hair is that day =)

Now, my new favorite multi-purpose accessory, BENDABLE JEWELRY

The finance and I went to a craft show yesterday (yes, he actually willingly came =) and came across this sweet lady, Gina, and her awesome skill.


When she began to demonstrate the versatility of this cool piece, I couldn’t pass it by. For instance, you can use it as:

A necklace:

jewel 1

A bracelet:

jewel 2

a head band, my personal preference on how to rock it!

jewel 3

A scarf accent:

jewel 4

and so much more. As you can see in the scarf picture, she sells accent pieces that clip on the bendable jewelry to change the look up or add some more pizazz! Oh and did I mention it was only $15, sweet deal!

jewelry collage

I don’t believe Gina has an actual store and I think she usually sells at weekend craft shows or online, so definitely check her out at Gina’s Jewels! She is so sweet and innovative, I loove it!

This could also make a great, unique Christmas present without breaking the bank!

Happy Sunday,

Kelley =)


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