The engagement story continues…

6 Nov

So as many of you recently discovered, I just got engaged last saturday, 11/2 ( see previous post first as this is a continuation)!!! I accounted for how it all went down, the awesomeness, the unexpected and well as Eric might say, the informal proposal (aka not down one knee because we were sitting side by side in a car).

After he proposed in the car, he told me all about his actual plan to propose over a sunset dinner in Thailand with a hidden photographer ( I gotta get my pics for scrapbooking =) Although that sounded pretty romantic , I  have to give him some major creative brownie blog-world cred for his next move…

Three days after we got engaged, ( 11/5)  he went to go get my ring appraised for insurance purposes. When he came home, he put my ring back on my finger, gave me flowers and popped a bottle of  champagne to officially toast our fam ( i guess the beer and mexican coca cola wasn’t really legit). Buuut, right before we were about to cheers to us (cheesy… maybe, but i love it=)

He gets down on one knee and proposes to me again (properly) with the matching wedding band to my engagement ring…


and now my unforgettable, perfect, engagement story is complete ❤

The future Mrs. Bouchard =)


2 Responses to “The engagement story continues…”

  1. Tracy R. Morris November 10, 2013 at 7:51 am #

    I am so excited for both of you!!!!!

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