The Engagement Story…

4 Nov

The Engagement Story...

Hey Friends,

Eric and I our engaged!!! =)=) And this is how it happened…

The bf, or should i say, fiancee (in my frenchy french accent) knows me pretty darn well.  I mean, we have only been dating for five and a half years so its to be expected that he knows my quirks, likes, dislikes and did I mention at times inpatient tendencies =) One thing that he knew for sure is I had a certain ring pinned on my secret pininterest board for quite some time (pictured below)

my ring with 4 prong and a skiny diamond band

but there were still some minor details that had to be decided when it came to this classic, timeless style I loved. For instance, size of the diamonds on the wedding band, how far the diamonds go around, the possibility of the pinched in effect near the diamond ect.

One of the many things I love about him is he knows I am particular and would thoroughly enjoy picking out my ring so he decided to include me in on the process… perhaps from a bit of encouragement from mi madre as well… and especially because he was being a pit pokey about  the process ( cough cough eh hem dating for 5.5 yrs and practically common law at this point since we live together =).

So, this past Saturday, 11/2/13, we planned to go ring shopping with the loose diamond he already had (apparently which he had been holding on to for quite sometime hidden away from me collecting dust..hehe  ) so I could pick out a band I loved and then have the ring made later.  We went into “Robbins the engagement ring store” which contains over 250+ styles and I pulled out my phone to show the lady my pininterest picture above. Susan Symers, the amazing sales lady, led me straight to the perfect band. I instantly loved it, but kinda wanted to see what the loose diamond would look like on the band.

Susan told me her favorite gemologist happened to be working that day and if I wanted, she could see if he could squeeze me in. Apparently this is pretty unheard of as there is usually a couple of weeks turn around time to make the ring, but Susan told me if I didn’t like for some reason, no worries.  So the ring creation process began,and man, it was it so stinking cool…

ring 2


about 45ish minutes in… the ring went to the steamer to be cleaned.

Then Susan brings the ring out (not in the box), hands it to Eric and says, go ahead and put it on her finger.  Once the ring hit my finger,  Eric quickly knew I wasn’t to keen on taking it off anytime soon (I mean, can you blame me?!?!? =).


As soon as I danced out the door with the ring on and got in the car, I asked Eric if he wanted me to go ahead and put in back into the box. At that point, his plans of a proposal in Thailand (we are going in December, yay) were basically thrown out the window and he asked me in the car. And that my friends, is how an unexpected day of ring shopping turned into our engagement day!! =)

Oh and you might be wondering about the details of my band and how I finally decided. Well, I ended up going with a mirco pave white gold band which I didn’t even know it existed until that day (clearly, totally meant to be).  Susan told me the  desired effect of the mirco pave is to obtain an area that looks like it is paved with diamonds, with as little as possible metal showing… and well,  susan was speaking my lingo =)

ring 4


ring 4

ring 5

And this is our selfy pic after we went to go see Eric’s mom (why I didn’t have her take a picture, I think I was still in shock) and toasted our unexpected engagement at a Mexican restaurant with a beer and authentic coke (we all know the ones imported from Mexico are sooo good). Also, I didn’t think about how I took the selfy with my left hand.. whoopsies =)

Happy Engagement Day to Us,

The future Mrs. Bouchard 😉


2 Responses to “The Engagement Story…”

  1. Anonymous November 4, 2013 at 11:45 am #

    Love your story Kelley. Congratulations and best wishes to you two for a great, fabulous life together. We love you. George and Barb

  2. Tracy R. Morris November 10, 2013 at 8:12 am #

    Now….I have the rest of the story!

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