7 easy tips to being LOVE-STRUCK with your bedroom!

1 Nov

7 easy tips to being LOVE-STRUCK with your bedroom!

Hey friends!

Today I am very excited because my friend Jessica Christian, from across the pond (that’s right –York, United Kingdom), will be sharing with us 7 easy tips on how to LOOOVE our bedrooms as my guest blogger today =)

Not only does Jessica have the design eye, but I love her European flair and creative post at her blog,  4 INTERIOR DESIGN.. Did I mention her fabulous English accent even comes out in her writing. Seriously, read in the post in an English accent to get the full affect =)

How to be Love-struck With Your Bedroom

Everyone deserves a bedroom that they can fall in love with, but not everyone can afford to remodel a bedroom all in one. Make small, but significant changes to your room’s décor until you feel that you have achieved the look you desire. It does not have to be expensive, but do be prepared for the whole process to take some time, as you set aside a little money every month for your bedroom décor.

1) The Power of Bed Spreads

Your bed dominates the bedroom and, as such, is the immediately obvious focal point. Make the most of this by making sure that your bedspread is stylish, eye-catching and colorful.

blog pic 1

2) Pillow Display

Arrange a wealth of pillows and ornamental cushions on your bed to create an inviting aura in your bedroom. Choose bedding and linen that follow the theme of your room and allow cushions and throws to weave harmoniously around the theme too.

blog pic 2

3) Mix and Match Colours and Textures

Rather than opting for one colour throughout your room – which can be daunting and off-putting – choose a variation with two or three shades of the colour. You can even use a colour scheme of up to three completely different colours! Use several different fabrics in the room too, changing from cool crisp linen and cotton to richly textured knits. The different materials add depth to the room, and the emphasis can be changed as the seasons shift from cool to warm.

blog pic 3

4) Soothing Colours

As the primary function of your bedroom should always be rest and relaxation, try to utilise softer, more soothing colours than you would employ elsewhere in the home. If you crave vivid, vibrant colours you can use them in small touches here and there, rather than spreading them lavishly throughout the room.

blog pic 4

5) Tactile Sensations

The bedroom is an intimate place, where you can let your guard down. Use features that affect as many of your senses as possible – smooth silky fabrics as bedding and curtains, with thick plush carpeting underfoot; purchase potpourri or natural air fresheners to infuse the room with a light fragrance; and perhaps, have your favourite relaxation CD permanently in place, ready to lull you to sleep with gentle music. Create a look of luxury in your room and you will reap the benefits as you settle down every night, embraced by the comfort of your room.

blog pic 5

6) Comfortable Chair/ Signature Piece

Every room is transformed when you add in a comfortable chair or a lively signature piece. The extra piece of furniture subtly changes a plain bedroom into a masterful suite! Speaking practically, having a chair or small sofa in the bedroom is an excellent idea as it gives you somewhere to sit other than the bed, perfect for reading, browsing the Internet or even checking emails.

blog pic 9blog pic 6blog pic 10

7) No Clutter

Put your foot down with the family! Do not allow anything to be put into your bedroom unless it belongs there and fits in with your décor scheme. All too often bedrooms become crowded with broken lamps, bulky and rarely used exercise equipment and many other bits and pieces. This most commonly happens when guests come to stay and the spare room needs to be emptied out; the problem arises when the items are not put back again afterwards! Refuse to allow anything to be left in your room without a deadline for removal and make sure that your rule is adhered to!

blog pic 7

Thanks again Jessica for sharing your wisdom on how to create a fabulous, relaxing, retreat at home!

Happy Decorating =)

Kelley =)


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