Lauren’s Heart Pumping Kettlebell Leg Workout–30 min or less!

12 Sep

Lauren’s Heart Pumping Kettelbell Leg Workout–30 min or less!

Hey everybody!

Meet my bff and virtual trainer (sadly she lives in Austin away from me) Lauren. Lauren and I have been best friends since the second grade and she is a fitness goddess. I mean she is trained/ credentialed in just about anything/ everything I ever wanted to know about and her blog, Fun, Fit and Fabulous is where I go to spice up my workouts. I pretty much do the same boring old stuff until she post something new and fun=)

lauren's workout

Now, I will say I had to make one modification related to my gyms setup. Since the TRX machine was downstairs and the row machine was upstairs along with the kettlebells and free open gym space, I did pile squats with 10lb weight instead of TRX squat.

Also, 2 sets into the workout I realized I wasn’t timing myself so instead of doing the complete workout for time, I did my last 2 sets for time. My best time for a set was 3 minutes and 51 seconds… I thought it pretty good for my last set and first try at the complete workout, but I obviously cheated and took a few breathers in between each set…whoopsies =). I am also pretty sure I went a little skimpier than I should have on the kettlebell weight, but the number was rubbed off so I’m not really sure  what is was.  All I know is  there is no way I could have maintained this pace if I had done them all in a row.

After the KB leg workout, I was a sweaty hot-mess, but feeling good.

BONUS:  I liked the fact that the row machine engaged my back muscles as well as my legs since I have had corrective scoliosis surgery (yep, 2 titanium rods and all) and most of my muscle have experience some atrophy over the years.  Hello new relationship with the row-machine

After leaving the gym, I called Lauren to tell her about my successful workout she unknowingly coordinated=) She told me she normally tries to complete all 4 sets between 22 to 24 minutes in order to keep up the heart rate and really feel the burn!

DISCLAIMER: you should always listen to your body!   Adjust your workout pace to correlate with your personal fitness level in order to avoid injury or death ( can you tell I’m a nurse who has consented a few people in my day for surgery… death generally covers all the bases when it comes to potential risk/adverse outcomes, but I’m sure your legs will survive=)

Any questions?!??!

Please refer to my virtual trainer/bff, Lauren, at Fun Fit and Fabulous

Kel =)


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