Save Time, Money and The Trees by RENTING TEXTBOOKS!

4 Sep

Save Time, Money & the Trees by RENTING TEXTBOOKS!

So I hope this is better late than never info, but I wanted to share my secret with you about my school textbooks. I have been using Chegg to RENT my textbooks since 2010 and I have saved SOOO much MONEY$$$ =)

How I go about it..

By far through my experience, Chegg and Amazon are the best money-saving options out there. To be prudent, each semester I compare the prices from buying my textbook from Amazon or renting it from chegg and more times than not it turns out that textbooks are cheaper to rent from Chegg (still check cause sometimes you can own the book for less from Amazon).

Other reasons why I like Chegg:

1) Chegg sends you friendly reminders when it comes close to the due date of your book and allows you to print out a FREE return slip. I usually save the box my book was shipped to me in, slap on the return label and call it a day come end of the semester

2) Chegg has many textbooks available in an e-version which is even cheaper and lighter =)

3) Chegg gives back and has helped plant over 5 million trees ( I ❤ trees)

4) Chegg provides you with options: rent, buy, sell return or refund the wrong book.. all easy and hassle free!

I hope this coming semester you will try out my Chegg/Amazon price comparison and save yourself some money! Also make sure to surf the web before making a purchase as they often have coupons floating around such as this one, Get 5% off textbooks.

Happy Savings!!

Kelley S.


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