How To Protect Your Deck!

3 Sep

How to protect your deck!

Hey Everybody,

I hope you all had a lovely labor day weekend! Personally, I visited my mom for the weekend and on labor day I decided to stain my deck. I loooove being outdoors and my deck has been one of the best investments I could have made… it makes me so happy sitting outside checking out my greenbelt and drinking coffee. I use it all the time, but one thing I contemplated before building was the maintenance/rotting worries. I considered a ugly non-natural concrete slab for a quick second, but couldn’t resist the beauty of nature and wood grain =)

Luckily, I discovered a product that preserves, protects and prevents wood from rotting while beautifying at the same time called Deckscapes.

As you can see above, the picture on the left is my deck before staining, and the picture on the right is spiced up after staining(transparent color, Spice Chest to be exact)! I love the oil-based Deckscape stain for the following reasons:

1) you only need one coat for total coverage, the directions even stress this

2) a little goes a long way (1 gallon covers approximately 250-300 sq/ft of smooth wood)— SWEET!

3) options, options, options…Deckscapes semi-transparent stains are available in 24 colors

4) stain contains products that inhibit the growth of mildew (yay!)

5) provides waterproof shield (when the water falls on the deck and it is beading up, your good to go.. if not it’s time to re-stain)

6) formulated to be scuff-resistant with UV protection that helps prevents fading

How long does the stain last?

Personally, the majority of my deck gets direct sunlight and unfortunately a little drizzle at least three times a week related to some sprinkler action. It has been 1 year since I stained my deck and although the water was still beading up on the surface, I decided to re-stain the deck for beautification purposes and because I had some free time. A fresh coat of paint just looks goooood. How long would the water have continued to bead up if I had waited longer…. not sure =/

How Did I Prepare My Deck Before Staining?

Although Deckscapes has some products available for washing your deck before staining, I did not find this necessary as I stained my deck from the get go with Deckscapes and my wood was in good condition. I simply did the following:

1) sprayed deck with water-hose and did a quick scrub to remove pollen/dirt with industrial broombroom(if I would of had a power-washer, this would have been an even easier process and I could have ditched the broom).

2) Allow deck to COMPLETELY dry

3) Start staining!

4) Enjoy your results!house deck

Is there anything else you do to your deck to keep it looking good?

Kelley S.


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