D.I.Y. Febreze

27 Aug

D.I.Y Febreze

Hey Everybody,

Today I tried a simple, cost-effective, useful trick brought to us by homemade mamas, DIY Febreze. This concoction is quick and easy with only 3 ingredients.


– 2 cups of warm water

-1 tsp of baking soda

-1/4 cup liquid fabric softener of you choosing (that is the fun part)!


Mix all the ingredients into a plastic spray bottle (I found mine for 98 cents at Walmart) and give it a few shakes. Then start to spread the smelly goodness just as you would with your Febreze!

Total Cost:

Downey Fabric Softener: $3.98 (i chose a slightly more expensive one because I loved the scent)

Spray Bottle: $0.98

Baking Soda: I already had it!

Water: free =)

You can make approximately 20 bottles of DIY Febreze with one 1.23 L of fabric softener considering you run out of that first and already have baking soda on hand for just  $ 4.96

Total cost per D.I.Y Febreze mixture: 0.25 cents!!

(you can spread smelly goodness throughout your house for months cheaper than you can send 1 letter through the U.S post office service.. I went today and stamps are up to 0.50 cents each!)


Kelley S.







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