Gwyneth’s 3 Minute Arm Workout!– no weights needed!

8 Aug

Gwyneth's 3 Minutre Arm Workout!

I love Gwyneth Paltrow for a number of reasons:

1) Pepper Pots is awesome

2) She named her kid apple, I like to eat apples

3) She loves her hubby (Chris Martin), I love him too (Coldplay is great and I dig the piano)  =)

4) She has a rocking bod, I want to resemble her rocking bod!

As I aspire to be like Gwyneth I realized I can’t be Pepper Pots, I would never actually name my kid apple and Chris Martin is taken, so I figured I could work on numero cuatro– rockin bod, more specifically, toned arms!!

Meet Gwyneth’s Trainer, Tracy Anderson, and her 3 minute beginner arm workout.

and an extended version if you have mastered the beginners!

and a bit more intense with some weights!

The first few times I did this video, sadly I could barely finish–it buuuurns! But once you get the hangout of it, I will introduce you to some of the other videos I like and incorporate into my workouts!  I really love it because any time you have a spare 3 minutes, you can get a quick arm workout in! I do this randomly throughout the week =)

Feel the burn!

Kelley S.


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