Scrapbook Online!

7 Aug

Scrapbook Online!

Something you ought to know about me, scrapbooking is one of my favorite hobbies! You might  be thinking dorky or hopefully share my enthusiasm = AWESOME, but either way I continue to love it especially that I found a way to do it online. I create a scrapbook every year and work on the book throughout the year. My BF and I just got back from Costa Rica in May (pictured above) and I was able to open my project, add my photos, design my pages and save until our next adventure later in the year!

The Walgreens photo book program is an simple 5 step process 

scrapbook 2

(click pic to enlarge)

1) upload/select photos from your walgreens account

2) choose a cover

3) pick backgrounds

4) personalize book

5) review and place order

Some benefits to scrapbooking online at Walgreens (and no I’m not being paid by Walgreens to say this =) include:

-no cleanup/ mess (you should have seen my old disaster zone dedicated to scrapbooking)

-highly customizable (the Walgreen’s program allows you to use their page layouts, or create you own by dropping and dragging pics/text)

-ability to mix and match book cover, themes, page layout and text

-store/ import your photos and save projects… you can work on your projects anywhere you have access to the internet!

-Walgreens often offers Photo Books coupons ( I never pay full price =)

-SAVINGS!! when it is all said and done, I save so much money & time with the online Walgreens program versus creating a book at home (all you intense scrapbookers know how much scrapbook supplies can run, especially the really fun stuff)

 NOTE: I have only used one other online scrapbook program from Snapfish, but did not like the program as much because it was not as customizable ( I really didn’t like that I could not resize photos or create my own page layouts)

How to utilize Walgreen’s Photo Program:

scrapbook 3

(click pic to enlarge)

The picture above is a screen shot of my current Walgreens photo scrapbook. I store all of my albums online ( in the event anything happens to my home, at least my fun memories are saved and accessible on the world wide web) and can easily pull over the photos I would like to use in my book by clicking on  the “photos” tab highlighted in orange in the picture below and then clicking on “get photos”.

scrapbook 4

(click picture to enlarge)

Walgreens has many book covers to choose from or you can create you own customized one from the “Covers” tab. The program also allows you to choose from many themes which you can mix and match if you so choose.

The layouts tab is nice as it has pre-designed page layouts that you can drop and drag photos into, or as I mentioned earlier you can create your own layout by resizing/adjusting photos.


Once you have created a photo book project and uploaded your desired pictures to Walgreens, the program gives you the option to have the entire book randomly filled with all of the pictures! It takes only seconds and looks profesh!

To start working on your very own photo book now, go to Walgreens. First, create an account and then upload you pictures to the photo section. Once you are in Walgreens Photo section, you will see the tab for “Photo Books”  and there you can choose your size. I usually make the 8.5 x 11 classic option.

Check out these other fun photo GIFT OPTIONS from Walgreens!

If you have any questions, just let me know!

Happy Scrapbooking,

Kelley S =)


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