Oven Roasted Tacos, Ole!

6 Aug

Oven Roasted Tacos, Ole!

Hey friends!

Tonight I made a quick, delish, Tejano dish… a pinvenstigation success and a great pininterest find! First things first, web cred must be given to the pinner’s blog  who shared such a yummy treat, Mommy? I’m Hungry.

Ingredients: Prep time: 15 minutes-ish, Cook time:10-12 minutes, Servings: 12 tacos

– 1lbs of ground turkey or beef (I used turkey!)

-1/2 small onion diced

-1/2 small can of diced green chilies

-1/2 packet of taco seasoning ( I thought I had this and did not, so I threw in my preferred amounts of chili power, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, dried oregano and some cumin)

-4 oz can of tomato sauce

-8 oz of refried beans

-1 cup of jalapeno jack cheese

-12 taco shells

Toppings, Toppings, Toppings: (sadly I thought I had some of these toppings already in my fridge, but they were no longer fresh, so I had the tacos with just salsa on top and they were still so crunchy good and delectable!)


-sour cream


-salsa ( I have a really great recipe for homemade salsa, just let me know if your in need of it!!)



-taco sauce

Directions: pre heat oven to 400 F

1) brown the ground turkey and onions with taco seasoning in a large skillet (drain any fat if neccesary–my 99% lean turkey meat didn’t need draining)

2) mix in chilies, beans and tomato sauce in to the brown turkey and onions mixture in the skillet and let simmer…for about 3-5 minutes

3) Place taco shells into a baking dish large enough to hold 12  taco shells and spoon skillet content in to the taco shells.

4) Sprinkle desired amount of Jalapeno Jack cheese on top of each shell and then place pan into oven on middle rack to cook for 10-12 minutes


Kelley S.


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