Healthy Gluten-Free Pancakes

30 Apr

No Flour Pancakes

Flourless pancakes are all the rave on pininterest, but they can be a bit tricky to bake and keep together. I have tried a few different recipes/ techniques and I’m going to share with you how I got my flourless plate of pancakes to look as good as good as they taste!

pancake 6

Ingredients: 1 serving

pancake 1

1 banana (mine was very soft and even had a little brown soft spot)

2 eggs ( i have found that 2 eggs vs one works better as well as 2 whole eggs vs eggs whites)

a dash of cinnamon


1) pour all ingredients into a mixing bowl and blend thoroughly

pancake 2pancake 3

2) Heat skillet to medium-high (my stove is electric from 1-10 and I put the heat up to 6-7) and grease pan well with butter or spray (the batter is super sticky)

3) pour batter into pan and let cook until you are able to get the spatula cleanly (minimum breakage or residue should get on the spatula) under most of the pancake (approx 3 minutes).

pancake 4

4) flip and repeat step three… THEN I added some frozen berries, a small dash of powered sugar and lite syrup with a cold glass of milk!

pancake 5

ENJOY guilt free, high protein, flour-less, healthy pancakes!!

Kelley Bouchard


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