Interior Black Doors

24 Feb


As a home owner on a budget, I am always looking for great ways to spice up a room with a cost effective D.I.Y trick.  I got inspired by a picture on pinterest pinned by Today’s Creative Blog about painting your interior doors black to jazz things up a bit! I love the contrast of the black doors with the white molding =)


best black door

I started small (with the pantry door) since black can be quite dramatic and difficult to cover up in the event I didn’t like my turnout. …buuut I have to say I was very pleased with the results and plan to do all of my interior doors black =)

First things first, you must figure out what the original paint (latex or oil base) is on your existing doors. This is very important because you will have a DISASTER if you try to paint latex over oil..

QUICK TRICK if your not sure what the existing type of paint is on the surface:

Rub a corner of the painted area with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. If the color comes off it is latex– this my friends is how I found out the original white paint on my pantry door was oil based and so I chose Rust-oleum Satin finish  pictured above

NEXT: I rubbed on deglosser in a circular motion with  a rag all over the door and let it dry for about 30 minutess


Then I removed the door knob on the pantry door and began painting the pantry door with Rust Oleum Satin Finished Paint

black paint

Finally, let the paint completely dry and then put on another coat and Voila…

black door

Happy D.I.Y =)


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