Improv Comedy Clubs

19 Feb

impov 2

The Improv Comedy Club consistently makes for a fun(ny) night out on the town! My love and I recently went for Valentine’s day to see Pablo Francisco and it’s always a great atmosphere were you are served food and drinks to your table if you prefer. The tickets aren’t crazy expensive $22 and the food is reasonable as well.  Some of the comedians that stop by the Houston, Tx club this year consist of: Paul Mooney, Joe Koi, Carlos Mencia & Richard Lewis!


Improv History:

The Improvisation was founded in New York City by Broadway producer Budd Friedman. Budd hoped for a place where Broadway performers could meet after their shows, an intimate setting where performers could simply eat, drink (coffee, at first, as the Improvisation did not have a liquor license) and, most importantly, sing. The Improvisation quickly gained attention as the gathering spot where young Broadway artists would hold sing-alongs into the wee hours. Budd has a very vivid memory of Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli singing, accompanied at the piano by Peter Allen. (Google them if you aren’t sure who these legends are!)

You should definitely check it out for some good laughs!


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