BYOB [in a box]

19 Jan


Whether your beverage of choice contains alcohol or not, the Franzia box with its durable plastic bladder is the perfect solution to transport  drinks  to any occasion. The box is light weight, non-fragile, holds up to 5 liters and has a simple self-serve  spigot.

I recently just got back from vacation and this idea worked like a charm. I didn’t have the time (as this fun idea was a last minute thought before leaving on vacation) to follow the directions from the original post site, so I’ll tell you what I did and then give you a link to the primary source!


-box whine with removable spigot


-beverage of choice

-water for rinsing

My [last minute] Directions: please not this way has not been finely tune or researched –I didn’t have a whole lot of time

-empty the fluid from the original box with the spigot still on–the spigot is difficult to remove with 5 liters of wine inside

-remove the empty plastic bladder from the box

-remove the spigot from the plastic bladder–this part is kinda difficult so put some muscle into it

-rinse  the plastic bladder and spigot THOROUGHLY with water– repeat as many times as necessary to remove all of previous liquid  and wine smell

-place empty rinsed plastic bladder back into the wine box just in the same position as your removed it

-position the box to where the opening (from where the spigot has been removed) is facing the ceiling

-use funnel to pour your favorite beverage concoction into the plastic bladder opening

–  pop the spigot back into its original position (check to make sure you have it closed first) and  VOILA!— your favorite drink to go!

Directions from Primary Source: see the the link from the primary source below


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