18 Jan

temp paper

Sooo, I know I’m claiming to be the investigator here, but the truth is I have not tried this product yet & I want to know what YOU think of it! Tempaper ( temporary repositionable wallpaper) seems like a wonderful idea for those of us who are constantly changing up the style of our home or non-committal.

Is Tempaper worth the price?

Is Tempaper easy to install?

How well does Tempaper keep when you continue to take down and re-apply?

Are there any similar product out there that work better?

Where did you use Tempaper?

I greatly appreciate your insight, thoughts, suggestions and comments =)


2 Responses to “=Tempaper=”

  1. Anonymous May 16, 2014 at 10:14 am #

    It is a pain to match the pattern up to itself. All the stretching and moving make its very hard to match the next pattern without getting a bunch of bubbles. It took my wallpaper guy 3 hours for a small entry room wall.

    Now we are moving and he is saying it won’t be able to reapply

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