Best Homemade Pizza–the key ingredient!

18 Jan

pizza 4

The best part about homemade pizza is you can make it anyway you like it and put whatever the heck you want to on it! My personal recipe for this pizza was inspired by my FAVORITE pizza place, Grimaldis.  I discovered the secret that transforms an ordinary pizza into an extraordinay one (by watching the pizzailo[man who makes the pizza] at Grimaldis)…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE– It’s all about the cheese. To be more specific, it is IMPERATIVE that you buy high quality, FRESH, Mozzarela cheese. You can go for the off brand stuff for everthing thing else except the cheese.


I like to buy Galbani PRECIOUS fresh Mozzarella cheese from HEB.

pizza ingrediants


– Pizza crust (I but the HEB Traditional Thin and Crispy Crust because 2 come in 1 package that way I can bake a pizza for now, and freeze one for later!) I have tried the pilsbury flaky one–not a big fan

-tomato sauce or puree

-FRESH (not off brand) Mozzarella Cheese approx 8-10 oz (depending on your preference of cheesyness) for 2 pizzas.

TOPPINGS: (below I have what I put on the featured pic above)

-pepperoni (i like the turkey pepperoni’s too)


-fresh mushrooms

-red and/or green bell pepper

parmasan cheese

-Italian seasoning

pizza 2


spread tomato sauce on to crust. (I like less sauce and put about 3.5 oz on each pizza)

-slice (not grade) cheese and place on pizza (there will be some uncovered tomatoe sauce and that’s okay)

-start topping the pizza: pepperoni, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, parmasan & some italian seasoning are nomally my go to choices

-repeat if you have a 2 crust and freeze one for an effortless meal later in the week!!— one of the best parts about this meal!


-read the directions on the package of crust you buy (HEB Traditional thin crust is 10-12 minutes at 450f)

pizza 4


Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions!! What do you like to top your pizza with? Have you found a pizza crust you prefer most?!? I love pizza and will always be perfecting my recipe!


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