Spotify-your music EVERYWHERE

17 Jan


For all of you who have not heard about this AWESOME mobile music system—then tune in NOW =)….and i’m not paid to say this, i just like to share the things I love!

Spotify is a mobile music mecca that allows you to access [and aquire]  tunes from your phone, computer, tablet and even  home entertainment system! This application also allows you to build, share and save playlist so you can listen when you offline too!

How it works: know what you like–Awesome, hit the search button and find it.  Not sure what music you like, but know who you like–connect with friends or see what your favorite celebs are listening too. Feeling something new– no prob,  let spotify do its thaang and play something for you depending on the genre you choose or even suggest some jams fresh out of the recording studio! There is also the smart radio option that learns what you likes to hear… AND plays similar songs. When you find a song or playlist  you like, star it and you will soon have your mucis of choice for every mood.

Spotify is great for when you….

-are commuting to work

-getting your workout on

-dancing around you house… and maybe singing too =)

-having friends over

-wearing your party pants


-and the list goes on and on cause music is a plus+ everywhere

BEST PART… it’s FREE or you can upgrade and pay a bit more for no ads…

check it out:

What do you think is the best part about Spotify? Is there something else out there that is better? I love your thoughts & comments =)


2 Responses to “Spotify-your music EVERYWHERE”

  1. eric January 17, 2013 at 1:39 pm #

    The premium version is also free if you get your BF to pay for it….

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