Orleans Candle—Best Candle Ever!

8 Jan


I received this gift [much gracias Aunt Maria Elena!] of smelly goodness at Christmas. The candle is made by “Orleans Candles” [link can be found below] and my favorite scent is Creme Brulee. I love this because it smells up my entire kitchen, living room, dining room and office [wear I’m typing this post at the moment enjoying the goodness]. The other great part about this candle is that it seems to last forever. I was gifted the 20 oz candle in mid december and burn this thing everyday. The featured picture above is my actual candle and I have hardly put a dent in it.

wax warmer
Even better, I went to the website http://www.orleanscandles.com/ and also found that this product can be purchased in wax melts, only ($4.00) a piece and placed in a wax warmer. I love this option because it’s flameless (safer) and I always forget to blow out my candles.
wax warmer
>>>>wax warner<<<< I originally got my wax warmer from Scentsy, but have found that the Better Homes brand from Walmart works just as well and is much cheaper!

Have you ever tried Orleans Candles? What about any of their other products like the oils and reed diffusers? What is your favorite scent? Do you know of any other candle brand that last forever, priced well, has a variety of products and smells amazing? I love your comments and reviews!!

Share YOUR thoughts!

Kelley =)


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