L’oreal telescopic Mascara

8 Jan


(click on pic to enlarge)

I LOOOOOVE L’oreal Telescopic Mascara & believe it is the BEST small investment ($7-10 depending on where you buy) you will make for a big eye-opening WOW factor! I have to give much of the credit to my old roomate, Caitlin, for her discovery our freshman year of college and have been receiving complements on my lashes ever since. I have turned all of my family and friends on to this fabulous inexpensive secret and I hope you love it too!

I will say the first few times I applied it I had some issues because you cant have too much mascara on the wand before you apply the first layer. The beauty of the wand is that it initially combs and separates your lashes, then it thickens with a second pump and application!

Here is how I apply:

1) Curl lashes first

2) while looking slightly down, apply mascara to upper lashes from the top approach starting from the outside in


(I spin the wand back towards myself while brushing wand away from my body encouraging the curl/ flare out effect)

3) give your wand one more pump of mascara and apply second layer to upper lashes from the bottom approach

mascara 2

4) Let dry for a minute or two so you don’t get those annoying black dots on the tops of your eyelids BEFORE applying one application to bottom lashes

5) Voila, you should have beautiful doey-eyed lashes!

I would love to hear what you think about L’oreal telescopic and if you use something that you think is better!

Kelley S. =)


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