Gift Idea!—Christmas Ornament Customized

6 Jan

Christmas Ornament Customized

Last wedding season this was one of my go to gifts to give [idea found from Bridal Musings Blod–link below] along with the customized coasters from a previous posts on pinvestigation. I give this idea a 5/5 rating for thoughtfulness, price and originality.


– A mememto from the wedding (i like to use the save the date or wedding invitation)

– A clear glass/plastic bauble ornament (with a lid you can take off –i bought mine from Hobby Lobby)

– Scissors

– String and or ribbon to hang the ornament

– Any additional decorative touches such as glitter, ribbons and/or and “I Do” charm as seen in the picture above

How I made the ornament pictured above:

-cut the wedding invitation into this strips (I usually cut the strips according to size of the font/text size on the invitation so you can read the words on each strip)

-wrap/roll each individual strip around a pencil to make the paper curl or twist

-remove the top of the ornament and place each curled invitation strip into the ornament

-cap the ornament and decorate ( in the picture above I used ribbon that matched the invitation and picked up and wedding ” I Do” charm from Hobby Lobby.

This gift is not only great for weddings, but also anniversaries, birthdays, babyshower ect. This could also make for a fun day of crafting ornaments for your own personal christmas tree!

~ Kelley =)

ps. I love comments! let me know what you think or whatever goodies you filled your ornament with!!

Bridal Musing Blod:


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