Hydrangea Wreath

3 Jan


The Hydrangea Wreath:
I give this crafty home decor find from Miss Lovie’s blog a 4/5 stars for the following reasons:

-creative and cute idea (the picture above is how my own personal wreath turned out)
-easy to make (less than 1 hour)
-Miss Lovie gives good directions on how to assemble the wreath
-this project was a one stop shop for me ( @ Hobby Lobby) and I’m all about consolidating errands =)

-the wreath was about $40 dollars to make which is not neccesarily a super bargain, but it is custom… And as my sister would say, “Creating Really Awesome FREE Things (@ her C.R.A.F.T. blog) are always the best! Although I love, love, love my wreath, it is slightly pricey for a DIY vs. just buying one.

Has anybody else made this project? What where you thoughts and suggestions? What would you rate this project?

you can find out how to do this project at the following site:

Happy Home Decorating,


One Response to “Hydrangea Wreath”

  1. eric bouchard January 4, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    I wasn’t crazy about the letter choice, but it made the door look nice and festive for the holidays.

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