Coasters Customized

3 Jan


Customized Coaster make the perfect, useful, inexpensive gift! I originally found this idea on pininterest from ‘A Couple of Craft Addicts’s blog. Since I made my first set, I have tweaked how I like to make my coaster &  give this crafty gift a 5/5 stars for price, thoughtfulness & a little DIY handy work!

How To

–Gather some pictures (generally from Facebook) that you want to use on the coasters (you can even use fancy scrapbook paper if lets say… your friends isn’t too photogenic)

–buy some small square tiles from a home store. I generally like to use the Travertine tiles (at lowes or home depot which look nicer) that are approximately 4×5″

–cut the pictures or paper to fit the small tiles leaving enough room that the tile makes a  border around the picture

–With the tile sitting on newspaper, modge podge your cut-out down to the tile. I like to put modge podge on both the back and front of the picture

–let dry and then take outside to spray with a clear acrylic coating for extra water resistance! I generally do this 2-3 times for good measure

–This last step is optional, but I like to cut out a square piece of felt smaller than the tile and modge podge to the back of the tile to help prevent scuffing any furniture surface.

And Voila, you have customized coaster!

Kelley =)



2 Responses to “Coasters Customized”

  1. Lua Parsi January 3, 2013 at 8:03 pm #

    Love this Kelley!

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